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December, 2012:

Bucket List

Even 12 year olds have bucket lists! Dude got to mark one item off of his list . . .


Boarding in his t-shirt. He was bummed he couldn’t do shorts and a t-shirt, but he didn’t bring shorts with last weekend (and it really was not that warm! One run was all he could handle!). He was feeling like quite the boarder with his Colorado Burton t-shirt and a Mountain Dew in his pocket đŸ˜‰

I Won The Lottery!

Not the one with all the money . . . a much better one! I won the 4th grade chaperone lottery :-) Princess and the rest of the 4th graders are going on a field trip to the Colorado History Museum Tuesday (she can’t believe that in Colorado history, the WOMEN had to do ALL the food!). Each classroom (3) was allowed 4 chaperones . . . so there was a lottery for the parents that volunteered. I won! Woo hoo :-)

I get to spend the day on a 1-hour bus ride to the Museum, a couple hours and lunch at the museum, then a 1-hour bus ride back with about 90 4th graders and this beautiful little lady.

It’s Alive!!!

Unfortunately, our Christmas tree isn’t alive, but my blog is :-) After a month of spam, server stuff, and me not having enough time to get back to it after Mr. Smart fixed it for me . . . we’re back online. I took the opportunity to update the rotating header banner with some new photos, which was fun! I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since our trip to Alaska – it was so fun going through those photos again.

Anyhoo – lots of fun stuff already happened and coming up for the Boedies before the end of the year! I’ll get to that stuff another day, but for now . . . our first fake tree, which we bought on clearance last year in January.



Poor Dude was so allergic to the real ones we cut down in the forest that his alergies were miserable. He hated that we had a fake tree and insisted we get a real one – he did not win the argument đŸ˜‰ We got a brand new awesome tree skirt that Hubby’s mom made. Princess put the white tinsel on – any guesses on how tall she is? Hee hee!

Happy middle of December everyone!