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January, 2013:


Yes, I have schedules. If I lose my phone or the little calendar that magically lives within, the world might actually stop spinning.

This past weekend – the boys went on a Boy Scout outing to snowshoe up Berthoud Pass, play around, and snowboard back down. While they did that, Princess and I joined the Girl Scout co-leader and her daughter and picked up over 1000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, which Princess started selling yesterday (wink wink). All of you know which one of those adventures I would’ve preferred to be on, but I am known to sacrifice my Saturdays from time to time ūüėČ

Sunday, Dude and I made a run to town to get him new baseball cleats since his feet have grown¬†2 sizes since we last bought him cleats – AND, even though it’s January, they were having practice outside because it’s been so¬†late April-like here. Then¬†Princess made phone calls to sell cookies to people who require planning to get cookies to them, then we went out walking around the neighborhood. Yay to most people, whether or not they bought cookies! Boo to a few people who are just plain rude. Then I took Dude to baseball practice while hubby took Princess around a different block or two to sell more cookies.

Then we devoured left-overs before Princess and I headed out to deliver cookies to far away friends :-)

See what a silly little weekend looks like here?

I’m totally not complaining – I love spending time with my kiddos no matter what!

But then, at baseball practice, we got the tournament schedule. Ah yes, yet ANOTHER schedule! It’s just what I was expecting. And there are lots of new things on my calendar.

And THEN, Princess announced that she’d really like to do gymnastics again.

Um, what?! You are already swimming 3 nights a week for swim team, doing intramural soccer/hockey/volleyball/handball/badminton this month at school 2 afternoons a week, horseback riding on Saturday mornings, and doing Girl Scouts every other Monday.

I know that, Mom! But I really want to try gymnastics again! Can’t you please try to fit it into my schedule SOMEWHERE?!

Yes. I will try. But I’m 99.9% sure I will fail ūüėČ

Looking forward to posting some photos of the boys snowshoeing and snowboarding in the kind-of-but-not-really backcountry. Need to get a hold of Hubby’s camera card, first.

Oh, speaking of Hubby and schedules. He left this morning for the week. His first scheduled work trip in what feels like forever! He’ll be back Friday, right before his Dad arrives on his way to Arizona. Princess and I will be at a Girl Scout sleepover event with the troop in Denver Friday night.

This weekend looks pretty much like last weekend, Hubby leaves to drive his Dad to Arizona, and suddenly it’s NEXT Monday.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

At least MOST of this stuff we do is fun for all of us . . . makes it a lot easier when we’re looking forward to this stuff instead of dragging ourselves out of the house to do one more thing.

How does your schedule look?

A Special Talent

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a special talent when it comes to driving ūüėČ

I can Nascar up Ute Pass in an SUV like nobody else without even noticing the passenger using his very own invisible brake pedal and stearing wheel.

I can shave seconds, and sometimes minutes, off of a routine errand run when I have hours to complete it.

I can shave portions of hours off of trips to MN, just because.

But apparently my most specialist driving talent of all occurs in the school parking lot.

While going over a speedbump at the awesome speed of 10 mph, I can apply the break at just the right time so as to make¬†ONE of the front tires briefly catch air, which in turn causes the ABS to engage, thinking I’m skidding. I can then continue driving through the Kiss and Go area, pick up my kid, and drive all the way home with the right front tire making an awful scraping noise.

Yes, I got out multiple times to look around the tire area to see if something was stuck.

I drove forward and backward and in circles.

I put the vehicle into and out of 4-wheel drive multiple times before deciding I had no clue.

I managed to call the dealership just before the stroke of 5:00 Tuesday evening and set up an appointment to get my FunRunner fixed at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Little old female me managed to drive the FunRunner “all the way” to the dealership by myself, provide the play-by-play to the check-in guy, and sit around working on my laptop¬†for 75 minutes while they checked out my vehicle.

I then managed to pack up my laptop and go to the service counter where they assured me that there was no need to worry because my vehicle was just fine and that I had the very special talent outlined above. “It doesn’t happen often, but clearly, it does happen.” Next time I should just “find a safe place to pull over, shut the vehicle off, then restart it to reset the confused¬†ABS.”

Um. Thanks.

Service manager guy walks me to my vehicle, opens the door for me, and says “If HUBBY has any questions about any of this, tell him to feel free to give us a call so we¬†can explain it to him.”

WTH?! Are you SERIOUS?!

After those two thoughts raced through my head, but not actually out my mouth, I actually laughed out loud as I shut the door and drove away.

Travelling the Spring Away!

It’s official. Dude has been invited to play on a travelling baseball team this spring/summer.

“Baseball?” you say! “I thought he decided to give rugby a try this spring?!”

Um – he did. And I was happy. Glad he was willing to try something totally different. Glad it was a sport I know nothing about so I wouldn’t be compelled to volunteer for anything other than congratulatory fan. I quit the Little League Board of Directors (even though I said I’d stay on through registration since I’m the brainchild behind the new system this year and didn’t want to leave ’em hanging). I counted the dollars I wouldn’t have to spend a new glove, cleats, and pants since he’s outgrown all of his. I added up the hours I wouldn’t have to spend dealing with crazy parents who think that I actually know what’s going on with the league.

Then I answered the phone. It was the mom (K) of a boy in Dude”s class . . . a friend (S) he’s known since 2nd grade.¬† K said S was pulling out of Little League this year, too, for a number of reasons. He had tried out for and made a local travelling team. They had 9 on the team and were looking for 2-3 more boys. They’d love it if Dude wanted to come try out as well.

I wasn’t totally on board. Finally, free time!

Dude got sucked in by S and the other guys at school. He asked if he could at least try out.

Who am I to say no to a boy who wants to play one of my very favoritest sports in the entire world?

So he tried out last Tuesday.

He got invited to play on the team.

We filled out paperwork. We wrote out a rather large check (and have 3 more to write!). He wrote in his uniform sizes. He wrote in his position preferences. He filled in his top 3 preferred uniform numbers. We purchased a new glove and cleats (the only two items our rather large check does not buy us for the season).

We signed our lives away for 11-12 weekends between the end of March and July 5th, as well as every Tuesday night from 5:00-6:30 and every Sunday afternoon from 2:30-4:30 for practice – starting last week.

He’s happy as a clam.

I’m filling in the calendar – a little bummed by the schedule, but so excited for him to have this opportunity. It makes me happy every time I think back to my¬†summers on the competetive softball team¬† – the life-long friends I made, the places I got to go, the new friends we met on other teams, the awesomeness of spending weekdays and weekends with a bunch of girls and parents we loved.

BTW – Thanks Mom! Thank you for sacrificing 4 summers of your life so I could have that life-changing experience. You deserve a medal – and 8 summers to do whatever you want! :-)

Busy Brain

OK. So apparently it’s been quite a while (like possibly years) since I’ve had to actually budget my time.

How do I know this?

I know this because I can’t remember the last time I felt “stressed” about how I was going to finish a task. Everything on my To Do list was pretty much finishable in one sitting. So even though my calendar could have a bunch of items on it on any given day and my To Do list could sometimes grow to 2 pages because I deemed watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory MUCH more important than doing my “stuff”, I never got stressed about it because one morning¬†of discipline and I could knock out a good chunk of the list – if not the entire list.

But yesterday, for the first time in – well years – I had items on my To Do list that I couldn’t complete in one sitting. I have actual WORK to do! Things that will take weeks and even months to complete!

I guess that’s why you get hired for more than a couple hours to do most jobs – because they take longer than that ūüėČ

So last night I didn’t sleep well because I was trying to figure out how I was going to get all of this stuff done OMG what have I done WTH was I thinking?!!!

Then I “woke up” this morning and went – um duh! Just like everyone else on the planet, you’ll sit down at your desk in the morning (not afternoon after putzing around all morning going to the gym and making coffee and possibly writing a blog post) and work. You’ll finish what you can and the rest will wait until tomorrow.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

***I know it’s now 10:40 and getting dangerously close to not morning. But I had things to do this morning! Like get the car washed (which you have to do before 9:00 a.m. to get the discounted price!). Make coffee. Get into comfy clothes. Send emails about snowboarding this coming weekend and wondering if anyone can come play with us.¬†Updating my Facebook status. Reading other blogs. Writing my own blog post about how I’m not going to do exactly what I’m doing right now. Filling out paperwork for the kids’ upcoming sports seasons. Making eye exam appointments. Petting the dog. Petting the cat.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Spring Sports

Apparently, they are upon us, since I’ve received notices that registrations for spring sports are now open!


It’s negative one million degrees out this week!

Anyhoo – Dude decided to play Rugby instead of baseball this spring.

So how is it that he convinced me to let him try out for a travelling baseball team on Tuesday?

Get Back To Work! Part Deux

Amazing how things seem to just work out!

I quit my job with Convergent in July of 2011 because things were too hectic at home. Hubby was working super hard at both jobs, plus travelling to speak at conferences. The kiddos are getting older and we’re getting more involved in extracurricular activities. Something had to give, so I quit my job. Huge relief for the entire family!

Then Hubby gave his notice (finally!) and quit his job at Flight Options. His last day was December 31st. Yay! Now we’re both working at home for our own company, which is awesome! Except, we lose that one income. And even though I’ll be busier with our business now that Hubby is home to concentrate on his part (which comes before my part), I still won’t make nearly as much money as he did or work as many hours as I could in any given day.

And, quite frankly, my brain needs a new challenge.

So, I’m proud to announce that 15 months after being contacted by my former boss to possibly do some contract work for my previous previous company (software), we have approval to start the project. I’ve got a small orientation tomorrow morning, a mere 10 days after Hubby quit his job. It’s a short contract that will probably get me just to summer, which is awesome because then I can have more time this summer to play with the kiddos!

Wish me luck!

Get Back To Work!

It’s officially 2013. Hubby is officially 100% self-employed. He quit Flight Options 12.31.12 to put all of his time, effort, and brain power into our own company (woo hoo!). This is awesome and means that he will be home much much more. While this is great, it will also be a challengE.

Ever since we met in 1991, we’ve spent quite a bit of time apart. In college, we both worked, went to school full time, and had other commitments (he was a flight instructor and I played college softball and coached during the summer).

As the years have gone on, his circumstances have changed at work, allowing him to be home a bit more, but still gone 25-50% of the time.

During that time, I was laid off, started working for another company part time, and quit to work at home for our own company.

Home office for me.

Home office for Hubby.

Hubby not travelling unless he chooses to.

This will be different for us – being home together all the time.

We will handle it, but it will take some adjustments.

My first adjustment now that we work for the same company and send official company emails?

Not starting work emails with “Hey Hon” and signing off “Love, Me” :-)

He Set A New Record

My awesome wonderful Dude is just that – awesome and wonderful. And twelve. And a dude. So he forgets.¬†Or just too lazy – I’ll let you decide.

Exhibit A – Belts

The kid weighs nothing. He eats constantly, but also constantly moves and is outside or doing something; therefore, he weighs nothing. His waist is still the same size as it was when he was 8. When we buy him size 12 slim pants so they are long enough, he still needs a belt. And belts this kid does own! At least a half dozen – from camo to Boy Scout uniform to recycled Mustang seat belts to black dress pant belts random belts that came in pants or shorts. While he is great at putting a belt through the loops of his pants on any given day, he is completely incapable of removing said belts from his pants before putting them in the laundry basket – or on the floor NEAR the laundry basket.

In the past, when my kiddos have put their clothes in their baskets all wadded up or inside out, I strategically wait until they are long gone playing with their friends on Sunday before I call them back and make them “unwad” their clothes so I can wash them. I’d also done this with Dude’s belts. In due time, they stopped wadding up their clothes. I also started keeping anything I found in their pockets – money, hair bands, diamnds. They stopped leaving that stuff in their pockets.

But the belts. He just could not remember the belts no matter what I did. So, I started keeping them. I told him he could have them back the next time I did laundry and didn’t find any belts in his pants (I do all laundry every Sunday).¬†On New Year’s Eve, we were heading out to a party at some friends’ house and he’s panicking because “OMG where are all my belts!”

Um – in belt jail.

I NEED one back right now – my pants keep falling down!

Um – no. You can have them back on Sunday when I do laundry again. And I’m sure you won’t have any belts in your pants because you don’t have any more belts to put IN your pants!

So he stomps to his room – and his Boy Scout instincts kick in.

I walk into his room a few minutes later and he’s got all manner of ropes (he’s got tons from Boy Scouts) – climbing ropes, shoe laces, paracord – in all different colors and sizes. He’s sizing them around his waist. I had to giggle when he came out sporting a purple climbing rope belt for the evening :-) Resourceful – yes! May have a learned a lesson, too ūüėČ

At least one would think.

Exhibit B – Phones

Yesterday, he comes into my room with the phone in his hand. He’s calling his buddy, H,¬†to see if he can play. I said “You can go, but you better hang that phone back up or I’m taking away your cell phone!”

He asks what his cell phone has to do with the home phone.

I explained that if I can’t find MY phone when I want to use it, then he won’t have HIS phone to use at all!

He got it.

Or so I thought.

No less than 20 seconds later the door slams and he’s running down to H’s house.

I walk down the hall and the phone is sitting ON THE COUNTER NEXT TO THE PHONE HOLDER!

Yes, seriously.

So I marched myself down to H’s house with a smirk on my face. H’s mom answers and asks if I need Dude. I said “No, I just need his phone.” She says “That’s an interesting request!” And we both smile :-)

I walk down the hall and take Dude’s phone – ha asks why and I said “Dude! You set some kind of new record! I told you if you didn’t hang up the phone I’d take your phone and it took you no more than 20 seconds to NOT hang up the phone!” He smiled and handed over his phone, grumbling. H’s Mom and Dad both laughed and said “Oh, that is SOOOOO good!”

Dude will get his phone back when he proves he can hang up the home phone. Since nobody calls him on the home phone, it might take a while.

Hopefully, this time he’ll learn a lesson!

Oh Christmas Tree!


I give to you a list of my favorite things about our 2012 Christmas tree… in no particular order:

#1 – The white tinsel. Princess wanted tinsel on the tree this year. We had red and white. She insisted I do red and she do white. She is just over 4 feet tall, as is the white tinsel :-)

#2 – The quilted tree skirt that my MIL sent me.

#3 –¬† The fact that the tree was too tall for our house and we had to bend the top even though when we bought this artificial tree at the end of the season last year, we knew exactly how high our ceiling was and how tall the tree was.


#4 – The tree did not make my Dude stuffy and miserable for the entire Christmas holiday with alergies.

#5 – The annual kid picture ornaments.

#6 – The family “event” ornaments – Alaska floatplane, camper, yellow lab, hot air balloon, snowboarding Santa.

#7 – The handmade ornaments from the kiddos.

#8 – The skydiving Santa ornament. Can’t find it? Here it is!


#9 – No needles to vacuum after we took it down.

#10 – No daily watering and wondering if today will be the day the fireplace sets the real tree that has dried out on fire!

#11 – The candy canes that my kiddos insist we decorate the tree with every year. I’m certain this is because “it looks good” and not because they want to eat one every single day.

#12 – The Sock Monkey ornament. It just makes me giggle.

#13 – How warm and inviting it makes our family room look for an entire month.

#14 – The feelings of joy, happiness, love, and gratefullness we feel when we sit around it.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of love, happiness, and family!












Hittin’ The Slopes!

Yesterday, the Boedies logged our 3rd day on the slopes this season. One of the bonuses of both of us being self-employed and working for our own company РThursdays on the mountain!

We typically avoid the slopes during holidays, but Hubby was feeling a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders since quitting his “other” job, and I wasn’t ready to actually do any real work yet, so we packed up the kiddos and headed to Breckenridge for the day. It was CHILLY out there! When we got to town, the thermostat in the car said -24! Cold? Yes! But it was sunny and there was no wind, so we were good to go. At this point, I wish I had a photo of how differently the 4 of us dress for a day snowboarding.

No matter what the temperature . . . Hubby and Princess wear:

  • Long underwear
  • Another pair of Underarmourish pants
  • A 3rd pair of warm pants
  • A pair of super warm wool snowboarding/skiing socks
  • An underarmour shirt
  • A warm sweatshirt
  • Another warm wool shirt or sweatshirt
  • Snowboarding/Ski Boots
  • Toe warmers inside boots
  • Boarding/Ski pants
  • Boarding/Ski Jacket, with liner
  • Mittens
  • Hand warmers inside mittens
  • Head covering fleece gator thingy
  • Helmet
  • Goggles

Those two can single-handedly fill up the back of the SUV with their stuff.

Dude and I, on the other hand, were born polar bears. No matter the temperature, we wear:

  • Sweatpants (him) / running pants (me)
  • Underarmour
  • T-shirt
  • Regular boarding socks
  • Boarding pants
  • Jacket, without liner
  • Mittens – without hand warmers
  • Snowboarding boots – without toe warmers
  • Helmet – without fleece head cover gator thingy
  • Goggles

Hey – whatever gets you on the mountain, right?

Back to yesterday … -24 when we arrived, but sunny and no wind. Our oldest Colorado friend, E, brought his daughter, L, up to ski with us for the day. We had a blast! E was a huge skiier before Hubby and I got into it. Then he got married and had a daughter at the exact same time Hubby and I started snowboarding with Dude and Princess. This was the first time in the 17 years we’ve known E that we got to spend the day on the mountain together. It was awesome! L is 6 and sooooo cute in her little outfit! She and Princess had a blast cruising down the runs together, with E skiing right beside them trying to take pictures – most of which are blurry because the girls were going too fast! Fearless – I love it!

Dude had fun trying out all the little jumps and moguls on the sides of the runs while Hubby and I enjoyed cruising down the runs without injuring ourselves :-) For the first time I can recall, the Boedies didn’t head down to lunch at 11:00 on the nose. It was 12:30 before any of us even realized we were hungry! Then we looked at the lift line and realized everyone else had gone to lunch, so we couldn’t resist another quick run with such a short line during the Christmas holiday season.

After an awesome run with the mountain pretty much to ourselves, we actually decided to have lunch. A quick gondola ride and short 2 block walk to Subway and we were all refuelled and ready to go! We did one more run before calling it quits. The sun was setting behind the mountains, so half of the lift ride was FRIGID with no sun – and half the run was shaded, too. Hubby, Princess, L, and I all got our boards and ski’s off to head to the Gondola for the ride down, then realized Dude and¬†E¬†were heading up for one more run. E hasn’t gotten to “ski ski” as he puts it for at least 10 years. And we all know that the rest of us are just holding Dude back ūüėČ So they headed up for one last last frigid ride on the lift and run down in the shadows. Of course it was a race . . . the almost teen-aged snowboarder against the 40-something skiier.

Alas, my Dude was outsmarted yet again by the older wiser Uncle E. They had agreed to go through the moguls to see who could do them faster . . . but E was sucked in by the steep icy slope and couldn’t resist a bomb down the empty run while Dude navigated his way through the moguls as quickly as he could.

Had it been a warmer day, I’m sure the 4 of us would’ve been sitting at the bottom of that run while those two raced each other until they were kicked off the lift.

We were pretty chilly at that point, so we got a lift to the lodge on the shuttle for some hot tub time! After everyone was sufficiently thawed, E and L headed home while the Boedies headed to Dorothy’s in Fairplay for some bigger than your head bison burritos smothered in bison chili¬†– soooooo good!

We had a great day and can’t wait for it to snow so we can get back up there again!

What did you do on one of your last days of Christmas break?