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April, 2013:

Spring Babies!

Even though Mother Nature is trying to hold off on spring (yup – snowing again right now!), it’s definitely spring. How do I know?

The baby fox family has moved in under the neighbor’s driveway again! Three of the cutest little fox you’ve ever seen. In previous years, I’ve only seen them when they are a little older and redder and look like miniature versions of mom, but last weekend she let them out on the warm asphalt to give them breakfast (the remains of which I found in my yard . . . squirrel tail anyone?).

Excuse the crappy cell phone photo – we didn’t want to get too close and I didn’t have my real camera with me…

So cute in their natural grayish brownish camo coats. Always love the white tip on their tails :-) For reference, here’s a photo of them next to a piece of paper that was folded in half. That’s about how big they are! Mom came prancing across the road with breakfast and herded them back into their den.


Then the real fun started! After Princess’ riding lesson, we headed to a friend’s house to see their brand new baby horse! We watched most of the baby’s birth on webcam, but it stopped working for the actual birth . . . boo hoo! This baby is 2 days old and a total Mini Me to her mom, Honey :-) Mini Me will be named at a later date. Princess and I could’ve sat there and watched her run and play all day! She’s TINY!


 Love love LOVE her 3 boots – and she’s got the cutest white diamond on her face. She was so cute prancing around and hopping and then just dropping to the ground for tiny little power naps.

And if my Princess hadn’t convinced us by her actions that she is indeed cut out to be a vet, just Sunday night, we watched our friend’s other horse give birth to the baby . . . and this time she watched all of it – from first hoof to the big plop! She didn’t even cringe or go “eewwwwwwwww” as Hubby and Dude wretched and walked away :-) Our Friend kept saying that baby was HUGE . . . can’t wait to go see it and compare! It was also interesting to watch how a first time mom – Honey – reacted to her baby and a 16th time mom – Dally – reacted to her baby. Just like people! Honey was all over her baby and so protective, standing right over the top of her making sure she was safe – even out in the arena she was never far away and always between baby and people. But Dally, she’s an old pro. The minute the baby was born and she had finished cleaning her off, she laid down, neighed, and nuzzled her with her nose as the baby tried to stand :-)

So some awesome experiences for Princess this week – none of which convinced her she did NOT want a horse!

The Future of My Calendar

Being married to a pilot for the past 17 years, I’ve spent a fair amount of my time playing the role of the single working parent. I’d like to say that this reality has forged my need to have my calendar on-hand and updated at all times – but those who know me well know that I’ve always been this way. Very type A. When, why, where, for how long? I need to know!

But in all seriousness, I need to have a good updated calendar to make sure we can get where we need to be. Sometimes it’s just me and I’m outnumbered. When Hubby’s home, we can divide and conquer (which has been SO nice since he quit his job in December to work for our company!) My kids do a lot of stuff, but when there’s too much, they have to choose. Hubby and I do a lot of stuff, but when there’s too much, we have to choose. But we still keep a pretty busy calendar.

It’s April and I was chatting about next fall with someone. I flipped through my trusty calendar on my phone to see what day the kids started school and – IT WASN’T IN THERE! The HORROR!

So I promptly went to the district web site and downloaded the 2013-14 adopted calendar so I could update MY calendar. This is stuff I need to know!

I now know that my kids start school August 19th and are supposed to get out on June 4th – weather days will decide for sure. (FYI – they get a whole 13 school days off for winter break next year – 13 SCHOOL DAYS – plus weekends!)

I was on a roll! I loved having my calendar updated!

So I went crazy and printed the adopted calendar for the 2014-15 school year.

I entered all the important dates in my calendar (my kids’ last day of school is June 3, 2015 just in case you were wondering).

Then I had an ah ha moment. I had to redo my calendar for that year. And then I almost cried.

I had used the elementary and middle school calendars to update my calendar.

My kids will be in middle school and high school that year.

I decided to delete everything I’d entered for 2014-15 . . . because middle school and high school? Really? I choose to believe that will not happen so soon.

The Wheels On The Bus

I’m a typically healthy person. Don’t get sick often – it’s those hearty German genes my parents gave me.

But the past week – ICK! Mid-last week I got a nasty eye infection in my right eye. All day in my office working, I was itching my eyes thinking it was just allergies. Then I went upstairs to get ready for my daughter’s volleyball practice and OMG! Pink eye. Yup – I’m 40 and I got pink eye – WTH? I won’t go into the details of how it looked, but when Dude came home from school he said “Yuck! What happened to your eye?! That’s nasty!” Too late to go to the doc, so I dropped Princess off at practice with the assistant coach and waited in the car so I wouldn’t contaminate everyone.

Let’s just say that night of not sleeping with a nasty eye was – well, just icky. Again, no details for those with weak stomachs. Next morning, I wake up to an eye that is not only matted shut, but swollen shut. Ya – even after a nice warm shower to clear it up, still couldn’t open it. Let’s just say that if my no-tolerance-for-anything-gross-or-medical Hubby were home instead of in China, he would’ve run for the hills.

When Dude got up and saw my eye he actually gagged, covered his own eyes, and said “Dude! That is seriously gross! You need to fix that!”

I love my Dude – so honest 😉

9:00 a.m. meet with the doc. If you didn’t believe a 12 year-old boy’s account of my nasty eye, there was confirmation from the doc. He walked in the room, did a double-take, and said “Whoa – ick!” Love you, too, doc!

After an inspection of my lovely eye, he said “Well, it’s quite apparent that you have a massive nasty infection that is working it’s way to your other eye. No cocktail parties, birthday parties, or sporting events until tomorrow a.m. Don’t touch your kids or make their food. And disinfect everything in your house when you get home unless you want to be back here next week with the rest of the family.” Great! That’s what a single-mom-for-the-week wants to hear!

Then he promptly gave me a prescription for some new miracle eye drops that come in a teeny tiny bottle for one million dollars. Luckily, I had a prescription discount card that brought the price down to $20; however, the new drops are so rare, my pharmacist didn’t have it. It was Friday afternoon and she honestly looked at me and said “We don’t have it. But I can have it for you on Monday if you want to wait.” Um, seriously? Do you see this hideousness and pain and yuck and just – NO!!! I need it now! She had to call 4 other Walgreens to find one that had it.

Miracle drops is what it should be called – INSTANT relief when I put one drop in each eye. Still took 4 days for the swelling and outside redness to go away, but relief. That’s all I can say.

So my awesome lovely eye cleared up and all was good . . . until I got some sinus thing going. Yup, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat.

Why is it that when Hubby leaves for a week or so, the wheels seem to fall off the bus?

I would love someone to please put the wheels back on my bus!


Hello winter – er spring!

Seriously with the snow and cold and wind. The boys have practiced in 30 degree weather the past 3 official practices! It’s April! I guess we should be used to this living on the Front Range – you just never know.

In other news, Breckenridge got 12 inches of snow overnight before closing day – and we missed it! Oh well – there’s always next year.

In other other news, Dude’s baseball tournament got moved up to Fort Collins this coming weekend – yes, the Fort Collins that closed school just days ago for snow. The Fort Collins that was stuck IN Fort Collins because the interstate was closed up to Wyoming. Forecast says mid-50s, mild wind, and mostly sunny for this weekend . . . keeping my fingers crossed for a mild sunny baseball weekend. Here’s to hoping!

I love love love snow and cold, but after taxes are due, I’m pretty much done with it and ready for sun and warmer temps. Bring on spring!

Let the Games Begin!

It’s Friday . . . and our spring games begin tonight!

Princess and I have her first volleyball match tonight. We have 11 kids on the team again this year – 8 are holdovers from last fall and 3 new ones. I was so excited at practice last night! We didn’t really have to start over with anything – they all remembered how to pass and served awesome and remembered the little things we worked on last year like calling the ball and always facing the ball no matter where it is (harder than you’d think to convince a 4th grader that they should have their back to the net sometimes!). Can’t wait to move them forward this year and start overhand serving earlier in the season and possibly, maybe, even teach them how to hit :-) Yay!

The team consists of 9 girls and 2 boys . . . they voted their team name to be . . . da da da daaaaaaa . . . The Pink Panda Bandits! For the boys, though, we’re making our official team cheer just be Goooooooooooooooooooo Panda Bandits! The girls will wear pink bandanas and the boys get black ones – fun!

Dude has his first baseball tournament this weekend. He’s been doing well in practice and asking me to take him to the park more often to practice on our own – I of course won’t say no to that! He’s the 12th man on the team, but very happy to be on the team and getting better every day. Can’t wait for the tournament! It could be a tough one for them . . . the boys mesh very well and have a blast, but they need to learn how to get in the zone for the games. The couple of scrimmages they’ve had it took them a few innings to show up, and by then it was too late. They’re a very capable team and I can’t wait to see how they respond to the tournament environment. Fun fun fun! We lucked out and their games aren’t until 3:00 and 5:00 on Saturday – which is awesome since it’s an hour drive to get there. Sunday will probably be an early morning, but I’m so excited we get to sleep in one more Saturday!

Be thinking happy thoughts for the CBA 12U Green Hitmen this weekend!

Princess is also starting back up with horses – yay! A friend of ours has a very pregnant horse that was due a couple weeks ago . . . Princess has been watching the horse on the barn cam over the internet every minute between school and sleep. She will be so bummed if she misses it! We’ll be out there as soon as we are given a green light after that baby joins the family :-) No – it is not OUR baby . . . the foal will be our friend’s new reigning horse when it grows ups. We tried to get Princess riding again this weekend, but with her v-ball schedule, Dude’s baseball schedule, and Amara’s open times (this is her first weekend back in business), it just won’t work. But, Princess is on the schedule for next weekend and we can’t wait! She’s, as she says “Dying to jump something!” :-)

On another note, Princess is taking the month off from swim team. The pool is closed for a week later this month for it’s annual deep clean and maintenance, and with volleyball and baseball starting, we decided it was time for a break. We’ll get through the rest of the school year (or most of it anyway), finish Girl Scouts and volleyball, then get her back in the pool. She wasn’t very happy about it, but has been a good sport. This was her first week not swimming and she played and played and played until bedtime both Monday and Wednesday, which she couldn’t have done before. She never realized that she was missing swimming, which was awesome! And it was nice for me, too – not having to go anywhere :-) We also get to head to the Sky Sox game tonight after her volleyball game since she doesn’t have swimming. We’ve all been enjoying some much-needed down time and family time – including actually eating meals at the table.

So – we had a couple week break, but games are starting again this weekend. We’re looking forward to it!

Let the games begin!