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May 3rd, 2013:

So I Went to Buy Some Sunscreen

You’ve heard the saying – don’t go to the grocery store hungry. Don’t go to Sonic thirsty. Don’t go to the car dealership with a wad of money in your pocket.

Well – maybe not on that last one, but you get my drift.

I’m adding a new one.

Don’t go to Walmart sunburned after sitting outside for two whole days in the blaring hot high altitude Colorado sun with no atmosphere to block its harmful rays from your pasty white winter skin.

Ya – I did that. I went to buy some sunscreen for this weekend. Figured I should throw out the old and start fresh. One lovely blue bottle of 35 or higher SPF was what I was down for.

This is what made it into my cart…


Too much?

Wait! I can explain!

Take this one . . .

Totally and completely necessary . . . to protect my precious angels’ faces while they play baseball and roll around in the grass with their sibling friends during baseball games.

And maybe to keep me and Hubby from getting oh so lovely rudolph look when we wear sunglasses for an entire day.


And this one . . .

Spray sunblock (which I HATE for faces and bodies) totally necessary to protect my Princess’ hair part when she wants pigtails or doesn’t want to wear a hat.

It also works well for moms who forget a hat, then remember they also forgot to sunblock their face, so they put their sunglasses up on their head to avoid looking like Rudolph, only to find out later that sunglasses do not in fact protect your part from the sun. Rather, they seem to magnify the effect of the sun.

Yes. I burnt my part again this year, just as I’ve done the first sunny weekend of every spring since 1978. Don’t judge.


And these guys . . .

Two kids. Two bags to pack for week long trips to summer camp. ‘Nuff said.

Then there’s this guy . . .

Yes, he looks like the previous 2 bottles. But I got 33% more – FREE!!! And besides, my kids will never return home fromn summer camp with those bottles of sunblock in their bags. I needed a nice big bottle that I could keep my eyes on for the family for the summer. And it’s huge – just like the GIANT Good Night Moon book I couldn’t resist purchasing 9 years ago even though we already had two copies because it was just so BIG!


Then there’s this . . .

Lips! Gotta protect those lips from those harmful UV rays! And look – it’s SPF 50! It has to work better than that crappy SPF 15 stuff we used last weekend.


And finally, this . . .

A definite must-have for when you forget the lip sunblock all together or discover that the 15 SPF lip sunblock you used didn’t do any good at all and your lips are sunburned beyond all recognition and hurt so badly you can’t even drink anything, let alone try to open your mouth to put a fork in it.

Oh – and I threw in a value sized bottle of Claritin.

“What does that have to do with the sun?” you ask? Snow + sun = water = even more pollen floating around than we’ve already got = Dude and mom sniffling and sneezing and clearing throats 24/7. This should help.

And besides, the package was blue. It matched everything else in the cart. I couldn’t help it.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re ready for this weekend. Bring on that sun, Mother Nature!

Well, he could try…

I love my kiddos, and I had to giggle last week at Dude.

One of the moms of a teammate took a bad fall on some ice during our last snowstorm a couple weeks ago. She broke her leg so badly she couldn’t move, so she was stuck on the neighbor’s driveway for 3o minutes until some construction workers drove by and helped her. It was COLD that day! Poor G :-( She is a very active, fit, and generally awesome mother and person. She ended up having surgery to put plates and screws in her leg. She’s been on bedrest for 10 days . . . doc finally took her ginormous cast off and put on a regular one . . . which she’ll need for 6-8 weeks.

Did I mention this is her right leg? So she cannot drive. For 6-8 weeks. She has 2 boys who play on different baseball teams. Ouch!

Dude and I were talking about G and how much of a bummer it was and how teammate was pretty bummed his mom got hurt :-(

I was telling Dude how it might kinda suck if that happened. He said “Not really. I had my cast for that long and it wasn’t THAT terrible.”

I said “Dude. The broken leg and cast isn’t the end of the world. But imagine if I couldn’t drive anyone anywhere for 6-8 weeks. That’s like until the end of June!”

He got this awful look on his face and said “Yeah – that would not be good. I guess you could tell dad and he could try to do it.”

LOL! Try to do it . . . like he doesn’t know how to drive :-) HAHAHAHAHA!

***Disclaimer . . . Hubby has been AWESOME at being more involved in the kiddo’s activities since he’s home way more. He likes to take them to their activities and doesn’t want to miss anything . . . and I’ve FINALLY begun to let him do it, so it’s all good for everyone :-)