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May 22nd, 2013:


The plaster guys came yesterday to start the stucco process (woo hoo!). While the kiddos were gone at school, the guys put up some of the paper and chicken wire, then they assembled all of the scaffolding around the house so they could do the higher parts.

Should I be worried that the first thing each of my kiddos noticed when they got home was that they each had a very accessible platform just outside their bedroom windows?

Other things I’ve found out with the scaffolding . . . if I don’t shower before they guys get here in the morning, I can’t. All of our bathrooms have windows that are half clear and half that funky bathroom window stuff. When there is no scaffolding, you can’t see in the windows. But when there is scaffolding, someone can be RIGHT THERE.

Guess I’ll pretend to be camping again today and put on a hat before I head out in public :-)