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July, 2013:

Summer Programming

Soooooo, the summer programming has been a little light.

OR, have you noticed that the ONE WEEK I actually posted stuff was the week my lovely Princess was gone at camp?


Well, I noticed that.

I also got a boat load of work done that week . . . IN JUNE!

I won’t say that I’ve given up on working for the rest of the summer . . . but it’s quite possible that we are vacationing in the mountains this week, and I realistically see no reason to get work done.

It’s also quite possible that all this stooooopid baseball tryout stuff is driving me CRAZY! Last tryout this coming Sunday. Can’t wait! Then we can move on with our lives . . . until practice starts.

It’s also quite possible that Princess and I are LOVING her horse leasing, which means more time out at the barn (which is NOT in my backyard but about 10 miles away) riding. Fun stuff . . . but the entire ordeal of getting on “horse clothes” and driving and saddling and riding and jumping and unsaddling and feeding and driving back takes awhile.

It’s also very possible that I have this ongoing dillusion that if I just finish this one last volunteer thing or run this one last errand TODAY then TOMORROW I will have an entire day to devote to working. Then Princess gets up and well… summer and swimming and shopping and baking cookies and that cutest little smile that I cannot ignore!

So ya – that’s what’s happening with my summer programming.

On another note . . . Princess has decided to quit Girl Scouts. I can’t say I’m disappointed. I was co-leader of her troop so I could spend time with her doing something she wanted to do. Turns out, she was doing it to spend time with me! She thought I’d be bummed if she wanted to quit . . . GOOD LORD no! I’m so glad we came to this realization that neither one of us really wanted to do it anymore BEFORE we had to recharter and got the troop going for the year. I did inform my co-leader a few weeks ago about our decision. Not sure if she’ll continue the troop, but we just got the recharter email over the weekend and it felt good to DELETE it.

There are many reasons I’m OK with her quitting Girl Scouts . . . and I won’t go into them here, but let’s just say I’m happy with our decision and can’t wait to find other things for Princess and I to do together (I actually see mucking stalls in our future . . . not kidding . . . she LOVES anything she can do as long as it gets her around horses). She likes things that I’ve never had any interest in, and it’s been great! I’m learning new things, which really, when was the last time you REALLY learned something new? This whole horse thing has been awesome for her, for me, AND for my brain!

Anyhoo . . . one less volunteer thingy on my schedule this school year . . . and let me tell you how happy I am about it!

Gotta go … time to sign me up to coach her fall volleyball team!

Then it’s off to the hot tub with my Princess (who amazingly is STILL sleeping!). I will NOT wake the sleeping bear . . . no way no how!

Enjoy your Monday!


Baskets and Bins and Cubbies, Oh My!

As noted in the previous post, I reorganized Princess’ room while she was gone at camp.

She LOVED it when she got home! All smiles and basically just passed out in her bed without even messing it up.

She found most of her stuff, but did ask a couple questions over the weekend – like where’s my computer power cord (um, no clue – didn’t see it, which meant it wasn’t in there because I took EVERYTHING out) . . . and where are my underwear. Necessary things 😉

She and I both did a GREAT job of avoiding the elephant in the living room . . . the GINORMOUS pile of stuffed animals that she owns!

Surprisingly, there isn’t actually an elephant in there . . . must be the ONLY animal she doesn’t own in a stuffed form 😉 For reference . . . see the big grey and white dog? That thing is about 3 1/2 feet tall. The sock monkey – 4 feet tall! So now you can see just HOW MANY friggin’ stuffed animals she has! The thing about them is that she knows where each and every one of them came from. She is very sentimental, so I was worried when I told her it was time to go through them.

I didn’t sit with her. I was doing other things downstairs. I basically told her that she needed to make 2 piles . . . animals she couldn’t stand to give up and a pile of those she wasn’t AS attached to. Somehow, she convinced Dude to help her :-)

An hour later she came down and said she was “ready.” I must say I was VERY impressed! The initial weeding went VERY well . . . much better than I’d anticipated.

Without any discussion, we sorted the donate pile into small, medium, and large stuffed animals.

Then we went through the “keep” pile. I told her she had to fit everything she kept into the one laundry-sized fabric bin and the rolling square bin from Target. She ended up deciding there were about 12 other animals she didn’t need – so into the donate piles they went. We put the donate animals into 3 large 30 gallon trash bags (they are all 3 FULL . . . I told you she had a ton of them!) and labeled them to be sold at the Boy Scout garage sale and BBQ fundraiser in July. With some stuffing, stomping, and pushing, she was able to fit all the keepers in the two designated bins (including the giant sock monkey). She took a couple choice animals out for her room and put the rest downstairs in the play area by the Lego table.

Then I mentioned we had to go through that Rubbermaid bin and see if the stuff in there could be donated. Without hesitating she said “You can donate all of it. I looked through there and took out a couple things yesterday.”

OMG – I almost fell over. Some things in there she has refused to even consider giving up! So off we went to tag and price each item for the garage sale.

****The garage sale happens simultaneously with the community garage sale. Anything that doesn’t sell we put right into the 4 giant Goodwill trucks that are in the parking lot waiting on Saturday afternoon.****

Anyhoo – after all the purging, she ended up with 11 – one one – empty bins and baskets. These were in her room just last week, full of “stuff.” ELEVEN! Kudos to my Princess!

The purging me would love to sell these items at the garage sale as well . . . but the OCD Organizer Me LOVES a basket or bin . . . because they hold things :-) And they’re cute . . . and fun . . . and have I mentioned that they help ORGANIZE things? I’m sure I’ll find some use for them (I already know a couple will go in the camper).

Now to find space in the storage closet for them until I find the perfect use for these empty gems.