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August 4th, 2013:

Princess and Her Prince

After a show break for Girl Scout and Boy Scout summer camps, Princess was back riding and LOVING it! Prince had been working with the trainer and rode with the trainer in the show Princess missed for some practice. Princess’ trainer said she was totally ready to ride Prince in the show. So off we went to the barn to get him ready! We were excited, so we got there early to braid his mane and get him all gussied up. Everything was going great until Prince saw something . . . the neighbor guy was holding up a big blue blow up swimming pool and spraying it out with a hose. Prince would do NOTHING but look straight over at the guy and the pool. Then the guy put the pool down and we had a couple minutes where we could work on Prince again. Then Prince got a bit spooked again . . . turns out the guy had picked up a large blue tarp and was shaking it out. Prince does NOT like the color blue! So we gave him a break and let him wander around the pasture for awhile before walking him over to the fence to check out the big bad blue things :-)

The other girls finally arrived to get their horses ready and we headed to the show! Princess rode in the walk/trot flat class for warm up before riding in both jumping classes. She did great in walk/trot, but was always on the wrong diagonal, so she got 6th place. Then came the cross rail jumping. All the horses were refusing a couple of the jumps, so I was a bit worried. Prince and Princesses did great, until a lady in the far corner put up a blue camping chair with a canopy on it! Luckily, Prince didn’t notice it . . . but he did refuse one other jump. Princess did great getting him to go back and complete the jump and finish the course. She didn’t place, but was excited for the 2nd cross rail class. This time, they had to start from the other end of the arena . . . RIGHT in front of that blue canopy chair. Prince spooked when he saw it during the courtesy circle. Princess did AWESOME getting him on course and focused elsewhere. He refused the first jump, but after she got him going, he did AWESOME on the rest of the course.

I was so proud of my Princess for remaining calm and composed and for smiling the whole time she worked with her PITA horse :-) She got 5th for that ride – and I’m convinced it was because of her composure and how well she handled her horse. Now for some pictures of my beautiful Princess and her Handsome Horse.

Prince got a brand new maroon saddle pad, so we put maroon and white ribbons in his mane and also put maroon ribbons in Princess’ hair. They looked very sharp!