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August 19th, 2013:

Thirteen – Part Deux

While Dude and his buddies were biking down the mountain, Robyn, J, Princess, Hubby, and I were having our own fun in the adventure zone! We started off with a ride down the alpine slide.

Princess and J had fun riding the chairlift together:

At the top, Princess waffled between going down by herself and riding with Me. Once we saw the sleds, it was clear she and I would not fit in a sled together. We could fit, but with her ridiculously long 10-year old legs, I wouldn’t be able to reach around her to the control handle.


After some chatting about how the sled stops unless you MAKE it go forward, she decided to ride alone. I must say, it still confuses me how she can be so adventurous on some things and completely terrified on others.


J went first, then Princess, then I followed her. We told the guy running the slide as well as those people behind us that she would go slow . . . but none of us realized just HOW slow she would go. Oh My!


She definitely went at her own speed! Which meant all of us behind her had to at her speed, too. I kept egging her on telling her she had to push forward and go faster, but she just wouldn’t do it. She crawled at a snail’s pace.

When we got to the bottom, there were 7 people right behind her! At least the guy running the thing asked for anyone who had bought a one ride ticket to raise their hand, and he let them ride again. Whew!

We did go up again – she insisted she’d go faster now that she knew the ride. And she did go faster, so it was all good. Still no speed demon, but she had fun and I was the only one who caught up to her :-)

After that 2nd ride is when I got “the call” and left the adventure park on the afternoon tour of the local Urgent Care with H1!

While I was gone, Hubby caught up to Robyn, J, and Princess and joined them for fun on the Gold Runner Coaster.

Here they are, ready to go! Princess rode with Hubby, because she knew she’d go too slow. She told him he could go as fast as he wanted . . . and he did! She was not pleased . . . this was her look to him after they got off the ride . . . her look of “seriously, Dad! That was too fast!”


They loved the coaster and wanted to go again, but this time she insisted on riding with Ms. Robyn instead :-) Thank you Ms. Robyn!


Next up, the bungee jumping trampoline thingies!


They did this a few times before meeting up with the older boys and heading over to mine for some gemstones. Princess got some nice ones!

After H1 and I got back from getting his stitches, I walked up the mountain a little ways to see the boys coming down the Alpine Slide for the last run of the day. I was delighted to see my beautiful Princess walking up to say hi :-)

 We got to spend the rest of the evening with the boys at the restaurant and the pool. Beer was good after this day!!!

We got up Friday morning and headed back to the condo to help get everyone packed up before our 10:00 a.m. check out time. Hubby was awesome and already had all the breakfast stuff from the week out, and the boys went to town finishing that off. I’m not sure how, but they did manage to find all of their stuff and pack it in their bags in time for us to leave. 5 teenage boys in the lockout portion of a condo = one giant smelly mess!!! Sheesh!

The plan was to eat the awesomest burritos ever at Dorothy’s in Fairplay for lunch before heading back to town. We had some time, so we decided to drive up to Kite Lake with Hubby and Dude. They were staying up there and tenting with the Scouts so they could hike three 14ers Saturday morning. The drive up there is always fun and beautiful – 7 miles on a small dirt forest service road. It’s worth it, though! You see a very old paper mill on the way, some other mines in the mountainside, and the most beautiful little lake, shaped perfectly like a kite, at the trailhead at about 11,500 feet above sea level.

Hubby and Dude got their tent out and set out to find their tenting spot with the boys. Then my lovely daughter and her buddy, J, come to me and Robyn and say “Miss Jodie? I think you have a flat tire!”

Um, what?!

Sure enough – I go around the rear passenger side (the SAME side that went flat and I had to fix in South Dakota in July!) and there is a steady stream of air leaking from the tire. A guy heard us talking about it and came over to check it out. He said he did have a patch that we could try. I mentioned that it had already been patched and plugged once, so thank you, but I think we’ll just put the spare on before we head back.

So Hubby came over and we wrestled with finding the jack (why can 2 vehicles never have the jack in the same place?), figuring out how to lower the spare (again, why is it never the same?), borrowing a untility knife to use the screwdriver, and changing the tire (the user manual was very helpful for this first time!). I was just thankful Princess and J noticed it while we were stopped instead of it going flat while we were halfway down the mountain or driving 75 down the highway!

We got the tire changed, finished helping them get their camp setup, and we all headed back into Alma on our way to awesome lunch in Fairplay!

Everyone was pretty exhausted from the fun days and long nights in Breck for Dude’s birthday . . . so lunch was actually pretty silent, except for the man at the table next to us whose eyes got huge when we walked in and he said to me “Oh my! I’m so glad I don’t have to feed all those boys!” :-)

Many burritos and Cokes later, Hubby and Dude said their goodbyes and headed back to camp while Princess and I took the boys home.

We had a great time up in Breck as a family earlier in the week and with the boys after they came. I hope it’s a birthday that Dude will remember for quite awhile!