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August 30th, 2013:

Earn My Business

This business tip brought to you by Jodie :-)

I’m getting quotes to have 100 course catalogs printed for our business to take to trade shows this fall. Full color cover with full bleed and black and white interior pages. Pretty easy job.

I got 4 quotes from local companies. Two were outrageous and 2 were almost identical in price.

So I decided I’d let them make the decision for me.

I sent the cover file to each company and asked for a sample. In the past, printers have had trouble printing the cover in good quality because it is PURPLE . . . very purple . . . think Barney purple. And apparently lots of solid purple is difficult to print.

Both printed a sample within a couple hours and invited me to come take a look.

Company #1 printed exactly what I’d sent them on a huge piece of paper with no editing or trimming. Company #1 said they could work more with the cover and would like to earn my business by showing me what they could do.

Company #2 printed exactly what I’d sent them on a huge piece of paper with no editing. Then they weren’t pleased with the result, so they messed around with the color and the printer until it was how they liked it. Then they trimmed the paper so I could see exactly how the cover would look trimmed to the correct size with the full bleed. It was beautiful . . . well, as beautiful as a purple course catalog cover can be :-)

Sorry Company #1 . . . Company #2 already earned my business by doing the work before I got there and showing me a quality finished product instead of one they could still work on for me.

Business tip of the day: the customer sample should be exactly how you’d reproduce the final product. If it’s not, you didn’t do your job and you will not earn my business.