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November, 2013:

We chose . . .

While walking the seedy side streets of New Orleans last week, Mom and I were faced with a decision…


We chose . . .



Enjoyed my time with Mom at the Spotted Cat in New Orleans :-)


Our efforts to start packing up our space have been thwarted . . . thwarted by the fact that we are going to the Bahamas over Turkey Break (need summer clothes) and that it’s been snowing a lot up in the mountains, just a couple short hours from our house (need snowboarding clothes). Princess has a birthday in December (need cake pans and decorating stuff). Family is visiting for Christmas (need a functional guest room and holiday decorations). We still have to work (need offices and desks and work stuff).

So nothing can really get packed.

The kiddos ran across their ski/snowboarding gear during their room sweeps. Princess tired hers on and I just about died laughing! The pants and jacket have been worn for 2 1/2 seasons. The pants were literally half way up to her knees. We can’t “get away with them for one more year.” The jacket barely fit – we were going to make it work for half the season. Dude had the same issue with his pants, which he assured me fit well (before he tried them on). His jacket sleeves went half way up his to his elbows.

His pants were too big for Princess, so she needed new ski pants no matter what. His jacket would fit her at the end of the season when she outgrew hers – yay – a win! Her gloves barely fit on her hands and her gators wouldn’t fit over her big melon. So she needed to be totally outfitted (have I mentioned they both got new skis/boards/boots/bindings in September – they both have grown so much this past year!). Dude needed new jacket and pants.

So we grabbed all the coupons we could find and headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Everything was so on sale (weird at this time of year!) and we had such good discounts that it was worth it to buy new jackets and pants for both of them. When you divide the cost by 2 years (which is how long they usually fit in their stuff), it doesn’t cost much at all.

I will also justify it by saying this was a really difficult year for many in our community with the fires and floods wiping out entire homes. We can now happily donate their jackets, snow pants, gloves, and winter boots to the local coat/hat/mitten drive so some kiddos in need can be warm this winter.

I’ve trained my children well. They both stopped by the clearance shoe rack on the way out of the store (Always always always stop by the clearance rack – you never know what you might find!****). They both found the exact tennies they’ve been wanting, in their sizes, for a great deal (they both did need new shoes – toes almost sticking out the ends!).

I had to giggle because when Dude came over to show Hubby the shoes, Hubby said “Dude. Those are the wrong size. Go see if they have your size.”

Dude said “These are my size. See…” and he slipped them on. Perfect size for thim.

Hubby was crushed!

Dude is now wearing the same size shoes as Hubby.

Hubby promptly told Dude to “Stop eating all the time!” :-)

And he thought I was sad for being all bummed when Dude was wearing the same size shoes as I am earlier this year!

Gotta love a good clearance rack!

****Do we sometimes buy stuff we wouldn’t get otherwise? Yes! But more often than not we find a great deal on things we’ve been looking for.


As many of you already know, we are moving! A whopping 2 miles from our current home, but still moving.

We love our house and would love to stay, but we need SPACE.

It seems silly to think that 4 people are outgrowing our home, which is plenty large with a great yard and awesome neighborhood. But, with Dan home working now, too and us running 2 businesses out of our home, we are bursting at the seams. I gave it a year (he came home to work January of 2013). I tried. I keep trying to purge “stuff” and rearrange things to make them fit better. I even thought that rearranging the kiddos’ rooms would somehow make our office space work better 😉 See – I really was willing to try anything (sorry kiddos!).

Alas, we were still bursting at the seams. So we started house hunting.

***But wait?! Wouldn’t it be less expensive to just rent some office space?

YES! But we’ve spent the last 10 years working toward THIS – toward owning our own business, feeling comfortable enough to quit our other jobs to do JUST THIS, and be able to work at home so we are here for our kids as much as possible while still being contributing professional adults.

And I like working in my jammies.***

We found a house we REALLY liked and was awesome and amazing and the right price (and had a barn in case we get a horse for the Princess). 2.5 miles from our current home. Why didn’t we buy it? Because we couldn’t get high-speed internet access there. Yes – you heard right. NO high-speed internet access available at that address – in the year 2013! It’s not like it’s out in a rural area, either! And since the whole reason for the move is office space and business . . . high-speed internet access is a must.

The hunt continued! We found a house in our neighborhood that was plenty big (too big actually!) and had a barn as well. We made an offer, but they weren’t willing to discuss it. Not crushed . . . the house would’ve been nice, but really was too big for us. We weren’t in love with it, which is why we weren’t willing to try hard to get it.

The hunt continued! We found a house we love! It had been on the market for 60 days. It’s 2 miles from our current home – 10.66 acres, plenty of square feet (we need to finish the rest of the basement to add another bedroom, bathroom, and office), great views of Pikes Peak, a giant pull through shed with barn doors, and trees that will be great for airsoft for the boys. We made an offer and they accepted it right away (literally within 2 hours). The sellers are awesome and accommodating and we’re so excited!

So we’re getting our space :-) Bedroom space. Office space. Guest space. Yard space.

We close on December 17th (not moving until mid-January when the basement will be finished). So I’ve started packing. We’ve got 10 years of STUFF in this house!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that has come out of my tiny office space. And most of it is stuff we need to keep (scrapbooks, office supplies, Scouting supplies). So I’ve moved it from one space to another (the guest bedroom) so we can move it right away after we close, before we move in. I think I’m going to enjoy this gradual pack, move, unpack system :-)

I packed quite a bit of the kitchen. It’s kinda weird. I thought I’d have way more stuff to donate, but my mind was thinking “Hmmmmm . . . we’re going to have all this space in our huge kitchen that I can keep this just in case and it won’t be a burden.”

Maybe we’re going to have too much space at our new place? 😉

The kiddos have done great packing their books in their rooms. They’ve each chosen what to keep, what to keep for storage, and what to donate (85 books to donate!). They made great choices! Their spaces are much less cluttered (although they both have a long way to go!).

So far, I’ve got 8 boxes and 2 trash bags of stuff to donate. It feels good to get rid of some stuff and clean out a bit. We still have a lot to do, but without the stress of having to move in a weekend (we’re keeping our current house and renting it), we can take some time to do this without creating a crazy Jodie for the next 6 weeks! I’ll just be mildly crazy :-)

Stay tuned for more info. on our new space – we are way excited!

One Hour

Yesterday we all had one additional hour in our day. I think I made good use of mine! I actually slept in until my body clock woke me up at the regularly scheduled 6:30 a.m. – which really meant I slept until 7:30 – yay!

Family breakfast for the first time in a long time. We had a FREE Sunday!

Then to Home Depot to pick out doors, trim, and paint for our bedroom (10 years after moving into this house we finally decided to finish the last room of the house!).

Took Princess to Kohl’s right next door to get some new sweat pants – still can’t wear jeans over her staples and she runs out of pants before the end of the week, especially now that it’s getting cooler out (snow right now – yay!). Ended up running to town to get a Kohl’s to get the matching jacket, because we could :-)

Home – learned how to use the chainsaw and cut some of our giant firewood in half so it would fit in the fireplace better. Then stocked the firewood holder closer to the house so we’d have dry firewood for the chilly week.

Then I got out the crowbar and hammer and went to town on our bedroom! I took down all the trim and two doors. The closet door was a pain because the trim inside was slightly behind Dan’s dresser, so I had to detach his dresser from the wall, take the whole thing out, take off the one piece of trim, and put his dresser back. Then I had to take down all my hanging clothes on the other side because that piece of trim was ever so slightly behind the clothes bar. Took that trim down and put all my hanging clothes back – minus a few items that I took to my office for button removal (completed that task as well!). Removed all the switch plates and vacuumed really well on the parts of the carpet where the trim was.

Then I washed all the walls in preparation for puddy and taping today (not a lot of tape when there’s no trim or doors!).

Showered and ready to relax and eat dinner by 7:00 p.m.

Looking forward to getting a start on the primer today, putting my paint sample on the wall, and deciding if we like the color before I buy bunches of it and paint the entire room.

I’d say I made pretty good use of my extra hour!

What did you do with yours?