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December, 2013:

Needs More Cowbell

On the 14th, we headed up to the mountains for our first day on the slopes this season. Every year since we started snowboarding, we’ve ended up in Breck the weekend of the Dew Tour. Always a fun adventure! This year, we were actually at Copper for the day and stopped at Breck on the way home to enjoy the hot tub at the condo . . . we realized it was Dew Tour day, so we headed up the Gondola to check it out! Turned out to be a lucrative impromptu visit . . . we won 3 Mt. Dew beanies and a pair of MD sunglasses, earned (10 push ups to get this) 2 drawstring backpacks, drank limitless amounts of Mt. Dew, and got to jam with the Mt. Dew band. Personally, I think it all needs a little bit more cowbell 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday Photo

We actually closed on the house this past Monday, so I feel like I can post photos without jynxing anything :-) We met the contractor at the house today . . . and it was so pretty! Love an awesome frosty morning in the trees.

Excuse the crappy cell phone photo. I can’t wait until next December! There are a couple awesome Christmas trees outside that will definitely be getting some giant lights.

The Leg

A recap of the past 7 weeks – from the day of Keira’s horse accident to today :-) The pictures of her leg aren’t pretty, so don’t look if you don’t want to see staples and yucky stuff!

October 27th – Keira enthusiastically accepted an invitation to go hang out with G and ride horses! It was a busy day for us at the house, so I dropped her off and said I’d be back at 1:00 unless they called sooner. 45 minutes later, the phone rang. I knew something was wrong because even though I said “Call if she’s a PITA and you need her to come” I knew they wouldn’t call for that reason. Hubby answered the phone and we headed to their house – Keira had been thrown from the horse.

When the paramedics got there, they were going through the regular questions . . . back hurt? “No.” Head hurt? “No.” Were you wearing a helmet? “Yes.” (Yay!) Are you allergic to any medicine? “Penicillin.” (Woot! I always wondered what she’d say when asked that question by someone when it really mattered!) Does your stomach hurt? “Yes. I’M HUNGRY!” All righty then – I guess she’s mostly fine . . . other than the giant gash in her leg. Nobody really knows exactly what happened . . . MS was shutting the gate after she turned the kids loose in the pasture. G only saw part of it when Keira screamed and then he yelled for his Mom. Best we can tell from the “pieces parts” of stories is that Reggie got spooked, bucked, galloped, and she flew over his head. Keira said he stomped on her leg, BUT, since her leg was not broken, we figure that can’t be it. She had a giant gash way high on her thigh that cut clean through her jeans. Best guess is that Reggie’s shoe clipped her on her way down. No matter what actually happened, she was LUCKY! It coulda been way worse! He could’ve landed on her. He could’ve clipped her stomach, her neck, her face. The gash coulda cut her artery. Coulda cut through nerves. Turns out – there wasn’t hardly even any blood! Lucky lucky lucky!

An ambulance ride, 10 hours, and 23 stitches and 41 staples  later, my horse loving Princess was relaxing in bed waiting for her IV antibiotics before she could go home. They’d cut off her pants (her brand new bling jeans, she reminded me!), so they gave her some scrubs they’d found. They were a bit large, but being the optimistic creative thinker she is, she requested the belt from her pants :-)

Leave it to my Princess to figure out how to get a little bling in the picture even in the ER! G and his brother, I, and shown up a couple hours after the accident with some lovies for her. The dog – because it looked like Duma. The octopus – because it definitely did NOT look like a horse 😉 She loved them and they were great for her while she hung out and waited for – everything. She was the least emergent one in the ER that afternoon, so it took FOREVER! But the nurses and doc were all wonderful :-)

October 29th – We went to her regular doc for a follow-up. He had to take out the Penrose tube that was allowing the yuck to drain from the wound. It was a very large injured area and doc didn’t want it to swell and get uber nasty. It’s interesting when you have a tiny leg with such a large wound – many nurses have business in the room to see it 😉 Keira was great – she didn’t mind when they came to look (although she hadn’t looked at it herself). A couple of the nurses also rode horses and had fallen off and been injured themselves, so they had nice little chats with her. Very appreciated! I had to giggle at Keira. One of the nurses said “So, do you think you’ll ride a horse again?” Keira gave her this crazy look and said “Uh, YA! Why wouldn’t I?!” Love it :-)

This is what her leg looked like 2 days post-accident right after doc had taken out the tube.

 See why we’re amazed there was no “real” damage? No nerves. No muscle. No bones. No break. No pelvis issues. No knee clip. SO THANKFUL FOR HER GUARDIAN ANGEL!

We had to keep it slathered in Neosporin, covered with non-stick gauze pads, wrapped in gauze wrap, and covered in sticky gauze (which we changed to ace bandages after awhile because $$$$! Doc said we needed to keep it covered until it completely healed – 1) to keep infection away and 2) to keep it moist so it wouldn’t really scab over. She was to use crutches for a week to let the stitches (inside) and staples get a good grip.

See the part in the “V” on the right? ER doc and ped were very concerned about that skin dying since it was a funky color, sliced very thin, and didn’t have much blood flow. I believe the ER doc said “She might not care now, but I have teenage daughters, and when she puts on a bathing suit she will be PISSED!” :-) They both told us to prepare for plastic surgery.

October 30th – Keira was on some pain meds, but decided to quit a few days after the accident. She wanted to go to school and I told her she couldn’t go if she was on pain meds. So she quit! I wasn’t sure, but she did – Advil did the trick for her, enough anyway. I gave her a ride down the hill to the bus stop. Love how she rigged mini pillow pets on the crutches for some cushion :-)

She wanted to try a half day, so I went to get her at noon. She came clomping down the hall and asked if she could stay the rest of the day. She felt great! Um – OK. For some reason I felt like a bad parent . . . but then I left and remembered who exactly she is :-)

After school that day, her swim team friend came over with some goodies from the swim team to see how she was doing. Keira also got lots of other get well lovies from friends and families. See the big dog? Jason spent the entire game night for Boy Scouts trying to win that thing out of one of those claw machines!

From here on out, it was clear sailing – mostly. We had to clean and wrap her leg every day. After the first week she pretty much did it herself. We went out and saw the horses at her trainer’s barn. That was fun! Prince was very excited to see her, but very leary of the crutches. So we put them down and let him sniff away. He was great after that and loved to nuzzle Keira and get hugs from her. She ditched the crutches after a week and was limping around just fine. It was still tender to the touch if she bumped it, so she was extra careful.

November 11th – I came back from a trip with my Mom and SIL that morning. Hubby is not real fond of medical stuff, so I scheduled her staple removal for that afternoon after I got home. She was SOOOOO excited to get those staples out! We were going to Atlantis for a beach vacation in a couple weeks and ER doc had told her that her leg would most likely be healed – IF that piece of skin made it.

Let’s just say staple removal was very unpleasant :-( The “better” side had the staples in too long. They told us to wait 14 days because of the size of the gash so the stitches and staples could really hold the skin together. The better side the staples were really stuck in there. Most came out pretty well, but a couple bent and had to be convinced to come out. It wasn’t great, but Keira was also super nervous about it, so she was not happy. We took many “breaks” during removal. Doc used that time to go see other patients. The worse part of the gash was fine. The staples came out great, and along with them, that flap of skin. It didn’t make it :-( So after all this time, she still had a giant open gash on that side of her leg. Looked like it had never been “fixed.” She was so bummed :-(

Doc said we should come back in a few days so he could see how it was doing.

So we went back. Surprisingly, it had started to heal a bit on its own, in only 2 days! He had the name of a plastic surgeon all ready for us. He said when he took the staples out, he was quite convinced we’d NEED to go see the plastic surgeon. But now that he saw the wound trying to heal itself, it was up to us. We could go get it taken care of now while she was still healing – get a skin graft from her butt and make the scar a lot smaller. Or we could wait and see if it healed itself, but the scar would be much larger.

Keira wanted nothing to do with more stitches and surgery and stuff. He said great and sent us on our way with instructions to come back in a week for a follow-up. In the car, I mentioned to Keira that even with a scar, her leg would work just fine. But if she ever chose to get it lessened until she was 195 years old, to just tell me and we’d take care of it. She said “Mom. I had 14 stitches in my lip and have a huge scar on it. Clearly I can still talk just fine! My leg will be fine how it is.”

All righty then!

We stopped back at doc’s office one more time before vacation. It was healing amazingly well, and he wanted to check it before we left to give us final instructions for our week in the Bahamas. Keira was so hopeful it would be healed so she could go in the water – she is part mermaid afterall! No go :-( There still were two open spots, so she just couldn’t risk infection from the ocean water. The water park was definitely out of the question. She was bummed, but such a trooper. She never whined about it while we were there. She did what she could in the water, up to her knees, played with Jason on the beach (such an awesome brother) and happily watched as Jason and Hubby went down some large water slides (I wouldn’t have gone down them anyway!). Her biggest bummer was that she wouldn’t get to swim with the dolphins. That was WAY expensive, so we used that money in other ways and still saved!

It was almost a whole week since we’d seen doc by the time our last day at the beach arrived. Her leg was looking great! Not totally healed, but much better and looking awesome. So we tripple wrapped her really well before headed out for the day. She splashed around up to her knees as always, but wasn’t quite as quick to run from the large waves 😉 One or two may have “accidentally” gotten her a “little wet” as she said.

She took a long shower and rinsed her leg really well when we got back to the condo, and that was that :-) She got to enjoy the waves a little and I wasn’t too worried about infection.

December 2nd – As instructed, we headed to the doc right when we got back so he could check it out and make sure it hadn’t gotten infected while we were on vacation. While it looked nasty, it looked great considering! It was healing very well with only a couple open spots left. He mentioned again how impressed he was that it was healing how it was and complimented Keira on being a healthy active person because that was allowing her to heal well.


She had hoped to be able to start riding and swimming again in December, but he told her to wait a couple more weeks to make certain it was healed. He did say she did not need to come back again because it was doing so awesome! Woot!

December 14th – We were headed up to the mountains for Scout Ski Day! It would be her first real activity since the accident. Doc had given her strict orders to let it rest so the skin could get a good tight hold before she started running and stuff. It was finally healed, so we headed up to the mountains. For her peace of mind, we kept it wrapped really well. She was a bit nervous her first run, but after that, she got in the groove and forgot all about it. She even went over some baby jumps with Jason! So proud of her!

After we left the mountain, we headed to the condo in Breckenridge for enjoy the hot tubs (always a nice treat after the first day of the season for us old folks!). She was a little nervous about the water hurting her leg, so I agreed to put some giant waterproof band aids on it. She was SOOOOO happy in the water! She just kept saying “It feels so good to be in the water. I can’t wait to start swim team again!”

Since that moment, her mood has changed DRASTICALLY! She’d been a whiny, bitchy, crabby, PITA for the past month. I guess I would be, too, if I was used to being so active and had to sit around and watch everyone for 6 weeks! She missed her horse time and her lesson friends. She missed swim team and her swim team friends. She saw them, but it wasn’t the same as “doing” with them. She has been very pleasant the past few days – FINALLY my Princess is back!

December 16th – Here is the last photo of her leg. It is all healed, and she’s agreed to let it go unwrapped (yay!). She said it feels awesome unwrapped. It’s getting a little dry, but any skin would after being slathered in Neosporin and covered up for 6 weeks! She’s keeping it very clean and trying lotion, although the lotion stings the rash she got from the 2 days she wanted to still wear giant band aids after she quit wrapping it.

Believe it or not, I think the scar will be much smaller than I’d anticipated. All the docs said how big it would be (to me, not her), etc., so I was imagining this giant thing. But it’s really not going to be bad. And, it’s so high on her thigh, that shorts will pretty much cover it. The only time it will be noticeable is when she’s swimming.

We’re so looking forward to 2014 and a new start! Weather permitting, she’ll get to ride before the end of the year. She starts swim team again in January. Swim team will be the first time anyone besides us and our close friends get to see her scar. She says she doesn’t care. We’ll see how it all goes with the kiddos on swim team. They’re all so nice and good kids, so hopefully it’ll be a positive experience for her.

Thanks to all who have sent her will wishes and called and stopped by to see how she’s been doing. It’s meant a lot to her (and to us!).

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The new Bass Pro Shop is way too close to our house :-) We had a good time wandering around last week! Merry Christmas everyone!

Dish Towels

February 2014, Hubby and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage.

So, not quite 18 years ago, we received some awesome and very useful shower gifts. One of these was a giant stack of green and white dish rags. They’ve moved from MN to an apartment in CO to our first house in CO to our 2nd house in CO – the house we currently live in.

This is what’s left of the awesome giant stack of green and white dish rags:

 1 and 1/2 rags . . . kinda.

On Tuesday, we close on our new to us house . . . house #3 in CO.

In honor of the move, this came out of the laundry today . . . here’s to you Mom and QT :-)

 Yes – the Boedies are livin’ large and gettin’ crazy!