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January, 2014:

Moving – Things I Learned Part Three

We’re down to our last few days before the final move . . . 5 more nights in this house.

Things I’ve learned:

  1. There is no reason to get rid of “stuff” just so you have less “stuff.” We’re moving to a bigger house with more space. After the fires, lots of people (me included!) came to the conclusion that we have too much stuff. A major purging effort took place for lots of folks (me included!). Then I realized, if we already have the stuff, there’s no need to get rid of it (unless it’s broken or doesn’t fit). The goal should be to not accumulate MORE stuff that you don’t need.
  2. Four people use a lot of stuff in 2 weeks. While we keep wanting to pack and move more things, we actually need to use these things until we can totally move.
  3. Disassembling and moving a trampoline is more of a PITA than assembling one. I moved the fire pit bricks and decided to just go ahead and move the trampoline. It was nice out, so why not? OMG what a friggin’ PITA! Getting springs off of a 15 year old trampoline is no easy task. But it’s disassembled and sitting in the shed at the new house, just waiting to be reassembled. This time I know how to do it!
  4. No matter how ready you think you are to move out of the house you’ve lived in for 10 1/2 years (since Dude’s 3rd birthday and Princess was only 8 months old!), when you actually have a date to move, you will spontaneously burst into tears while walking through King Soopers, buying the last groceries you’ll ever take to that house (or apparently when you’re typing about said impending move – sheesh!).
  5. Just like when you moved in and everything was a first, you will mention the “last” of everything you do at the house before you move . . . last movie we watched her (moved the DVD player), last video game played here (moved the XBox and Wii), last time friends have come over to hang out (Thank you for coming over, Eskews!), last time you had pizza delivered (new house does NOT have pizza delivery – ack!), and so on.
  6. Baseball practice and swim team practice don’t care that you are moving. You still “get” to transport your kiddos to these events 4 and 3 times a week respectively the week you are trying to actually move.
  7. Friends are awesome and willing to help with anything you need . . . I already knew this, but I really appreciate it :-)

We’re coming into the home stretch and can’t wait!

How To Get A Teenager To Pack

After 6 weeks of packing and moving a boatload of stuff while being unable to convince Dude that he really should get started, I finally figured out the best way to get a lazy teenager to pack his room:

  1. While he is at school, take everything out of his drawers, closet, desk, bookshelf and put it on his bed.
  2. When he gets home from school, tell him he has to do his homework then come see you.
  3. Let him answer the door when the UPS guy delivers his new airsoft gun and scope (Thank you UPS tracking!).
  4. Tell him he is NOT ALLOWED to touch those boxes until his room is packed.
  5. Sit in his room and direct the packing, cleaning, donating process (my only piece of advice . . . this is your stuff. Do with it what you want, but if you touch something, you either pack it, donate it, or put it away).
  6. Tell him that it’s time for baseball practice after he’s just finished cleaning out his room.
  7. Tell him that TOMORROW after school, he’ll be in there with you again going through his clothes.

When tomorrow comes and he realizes there’s a 2-hour snow delay, the lazy teenager will get up at 7:00 a.m. anyway and in record time filter though all of his clothes, donating, packing, and putting away. At precisely 8:00 a.m., he will be out in the living room inspecting his new airsoft gun.

Amazing how fast a boy can pack when given the proper incentive – 1hour and 40 minutes total once he put his mind to it :-)

8 days!

Finally got the contractor to commit to a date . . . woot!

He will be finished January 31st. In the 24 hours since we’ve known this:

Hubby ordered the blinds for the windows downstairs.

We scheduled the movers to come on February 1st to move the few large things out of our current house to the new-to-us house. YAY!

We scheduled the phone to be switched.

Hubby got on the horn with the new TV cable satellite people (no clue what his plan is) and got them scheduled.

Princess and I spent moolah on her new bedroom stuff (bedding since she’s getting a queen bed to replace her twin, warm window shade supplies, fun box wall hanging shelf things).

I cleaned out the beer fridge and the gatorade/water/pop fridge so they can be moved.

I moved almost everything out of the kitchen and unpacked it in the other house.

I moved the deck chairs and random decorative pots to the other house (can I just say how sad and lonely our small deck furniture looks on the ginormous deck?!)

I hired a painter to paint two bedrooms and an office after we move out of this house so we can get it rented.

We donated another car load of stuff to Goodwill.

We set up plans to pick up a trailer from a friend so we can move bookcases and a few other items this weekend.

Motivation – the end is in sight and I can’t wait to get into the new house! This Saturday will be our LAST SATURDAY NIGHT in this house . . . the house we’ve lived in since Dude was 3 and Princess was 8 months old.


Wordless Wednesday – There Are No Words

Eternal Easter

The new-to-us house is coming along . . . hoping to move in sometime in the next 7-10 days.

I’ve been able to unpack most of the kitchen since nothing is changing in there. All we’ve kept at the current house is stuff we need to use while we live here for another week or so instead of going out all the time. Love having a room unpacked and ready to go for when we move in! It’s fun to see our own stuff in there . . . makes it feel like home.

While I LOVE the kitchen, one thing I want to change is something I probably never will. The previous owners were very proud of a painting they had done on the tile backsplash to the commercial grade Viking oven. They spent a lot of time and money all over the house making it “Colorado” – the wood on the stairs is from Woodland Park and the tiles around the fireplace have Colorado animals carved into them. Previous owners did not want to leave the kitchen out of All Things Colorado, so they hired an artist from Manitou Springs to paint the backsplash with Colorado wildflowers, mountains, birds, and animals. Apparently, this artist from Manitou Springs also painted something in Oprah’s kitchen – which according to the previous owners means it’s a big deal 😉

Colorado Mountains – check.

Native Wildflowers – check.

Local Birds – check.

Rabbit – check. (Instead of moose or elk or mountain lions or something cool, there is one single rabbit)

Basket – check.

Wait – what?! A basket?

Yup – the artist took something that could’ve been really cool and made it Eternally Easter in my new kitchen.


Moving – What I’ve Learned Part Two

And the move continues! In the past week or so, I’ve learned that . . .

  1. . . . we own approximately 47 glass lids for our Corningware dishes. OK, maybe not quite 47, but a lot. They were hiding in the back of a weird cabinet. They had about 10 inches of dust on them – one inch for each year they hid.
  2. . . . we own 8 sets of chopsticks. We also own 7 funchops, which is weird since everyone in the house with thumbs is proficient with chopsticks.
  3. . . . molasses has the shelf-life of a Twinkie. The last time I made pancakes with molasses was about 8 years ago. The molasses in the back of the pantry is STILL good until 2015!
  4. . . . my office (aka the room of requirements) is like a bottomless bowl of spaghetti. No matter how much stuff I take out of it, it will never be empty. Pretty impressive the amount of stuff I had in this tiny little dungeon!
  5. . . . even though I don’t “do” plants, I own a boat load of pots, both indoor and outdoor. I’ve chosen to move them rather than donate them because the new-to-us house has a greenhouse, which I’m sure will make me better at not killing plants :-)
  6. . . . I’m REALLY going to miss my mud/laundry room :-( I have a feeling that will be the next project on the new-to-us house to do list . . . sacrificing some of the ginormous garage to expand the laundry room into an awesome mud/laundry room like we have now (complete with dog washing tub if I have my way!).

Let the final weeks of moving commence!


We have been very fortunate, so we donate lots of stuff . . . clothes, housewares, sporting equipment, furniture, etc. If we grow out of it and it’s in good condition, it gets donated.

Sometimes, I think the donation “takers” are a bit too picky.

For example, I once tried to donate 2 wooden saw horses to Goodwill. I’m sure most people, like us, use saw horses for more than just holding boards while they saw them . . . like for laying doors and trim on while painting or staining them.

Goodwill would not accept the two perfectly good saw horses because they were stained. Um ya – we put doors on them and stained the doors ON PURPOSE. Some of the stain got on the saw horse, apparently rendering them totally useless for donation.

Seriously?! I went to the ARC and they were more than happy to take my slightly stained saw horses.

Yesterday, Hubby took down two giant fluorescent ceiling light fixtures that were in our new walk-in closet and replaced them with quieter and not so bright LED fixtures. Both of the fluorescent fixtures and all of their bulbs worked perfectly. Would be great for a garage or barn or even a laundry room.

I couldn’t stand to just get rid of them since they were in perfect shape, so we took them to the ReStore.

They wouldn’t accept the bulbs. They took the fixtures, but made us take the perfectly good 3 and 4-foot bulbs out of them and dispose of them.

Last time I checked, those bulbs weren’t cheap! And WHY take apart a perfectly good light fixture and make someone purchase the bulbs separately?

Anyhoo – perfectly good fixtures donated so I feel good about that, but am a little peeved about them making me take out the perfectly good bulbs that someone really could’ve used.


FunRunner needed an oil change, so I picked today as the day! Washed it first (filthy from snowboard trip), got myself a giant coffee, and got ready to settle in at Toyota for the long haul :-)

They asked the regular questions, including “Do you have an appointment?”

Nope – I don’t.

So they get the next available guy to help me. He puts in the VIN and VOILA! I had an appointment.

Um . . . I didn’t make one, but OK!

As the guy did the walk-around, I called Hubby to see if he called and made me an appointment.


It’s amazing how much nicer the service is when you have an appointment, even though I drove through the “Express Lube” lane.

I guess Karma felt like she owed me a break today!

I’ll take it :-)

Moving – What I’ve Learned Part One

We’ve officially own the new house! Yay!

While the contractors finish the basement before we move in, we are gradually moving things from our current house to the new-to-us house. Some things I’ve learned while packing:

  1. I am way more willing to live without things for a few weeks than the rest of the family.
  2. When Princess gets in a packing groove, she’ll pack EVERYTHING in her room, including all of her books, then write on a homework assignment that she couldn’t look up a word because she’s moving and packed her dictionary. She was completely flabbergasted when I told her she could probably find the definition of the word on the Internet.
  3. Dude packs like he organizes his room . . . random and messy.
  4. We have a LOT of glassware.
  5. I’m very willing to keep glassware we don’t use because we now have the space for it.
  6. I’m very willing to donate things to Goodwill instead of move it.
  7. We haven’t worn our motorcycle helmets for 13 years . . . it was finally time to get rid of them.
  8. It’s fun to move when you have a giant shed to organize and store your stuff in.
  9. We have a LOT of whiskey in the liquor cabinet.

Theories on why we have so much whiskey include:

a) I don’t like it so I don’t drink it
b) People buy me more than I could possibly drink
c) I don’t drink enough whiskey
d) my whiskey-drinking friends did not grace us with their presence often enough in 2013

Winners: c and d!

The awesome part? Both of those “issues” are very fixable . . . I think I’ll work on fixing one of those problems right now :-)

Feel free to come join me.