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February, 2014:


There are all kinds of milestones in a kid’s life. I’m pretty sure those milestones, or at least the importance of each one, are different for the kid and the parents.

My baby got his first babysitting gig.

A neighbor from the “old” neighborhood asked if he’d be interested in watching their 1st grader from the time school is out until Dad gets home from work next week. They ride the same bus, so it’ll be easy.

Dude was ecstatic. He was like “I would totally like to do that!”

I was like “Sure, he’s responsible and can totally do it.”

Then I was like “What?! My baby responsible for another human being all by himself for 2 hours each day!”

He will be fine. He knows lots of stuff. He’s a lot of fun. And I’m only minutes away . . . even though I know won’t need anything.

Dude and mini-Dude will have a blast.

Just one more milestone for Mom to accept even though Dude doesn’t even see it as one.

The Bus

I was never so happy as yesterday to see my kiddos get on the bus.

They were both home all last week with the flu. Missed all 4 days of school.

They both felt very well and better on Thursday, but I had them stay home anyway so they could rest and make sure.


Oh. My. GAWD!










Shoot me now!

Dude had some buddies over Saturday because I told him he could have the guys over during the long weekend (no school Friday or Monday). They were great and fine and had fun and went home Sunday at 1:00.

Princess had some friends over Sunday because I told her she could have the girls over during the long weekend. They were great and fine and had fun and went home Monday at 3:00.

Needless to say – I got nothing done. Yayaya – they’re old enough and know what’s happening when they have the flu, so it wasn’t awful. But both of their bathrooms needed to be cleaned. Then we finished unpacking both of their rooms and hanging stuff on their walls.

Then I finally got my hobby/craft room unpacked and organized (yay organized!).

Then Princess and I made her warm window shades for her room. For those intertwined in the saga – yes I DID find the buttoneer AFTER we got a new one and finished her shades. It was IN HER PAJAMA DRAWER! No, I have no idea why.

Then I finished unpacking and organizing the family room downstairs (DVDs, Wii games and controllers, XBox games and controllers, board games, poker table, Lego table…).


Still have the shed and garage this weekend (no, that didn’t happen last weekend) . . . but that I can handle.

Now to get some WORK done since I’ve been on hiatus for far too long.

And then to get taxes organized and done for personal and business.

Yay me!

I have a feeling my whiskey mug will be making an appearance or two this week again!

12 Years Ago Today – February 14, 1996

Originally posted February 14, 2008

Click here and here to read about our travel to Maui and our meeting with Father Jack :-)

The big day had arrived! February 14, 1996 – the day we were going to get married. We chose this day primarily because it’s somewhat of a family tradition. My maternal Grandparents had gotten married on Valentine’s Day, and my godmother (their oldest daughter) WANTED to get married on Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t work out. Anywho, I really wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day to honor my grandparents. . . . Dan agreed so we did it! And really, what better excuse to get married in Maui? Who would ever want to get married in February in MN?!

Mom and I got up early and headed to get our hair and nails done. We were a little worried because it was cloudy and rainy – February is, afterall, rainy season in Hawaii. The lady doing my hair ASSURED me that by the time our 4:00 wedding rolled around, the sky would be blue and the rainbows would be bright. At 2:00, I wasn’t so sure! It was still cloudy and raining with no end in sight. Did I REALLY go all the way to Hawaii to get married on a beautiful island, only to have to have my pictures taken inside a church, with no sand, ocean, or palm trees in sight?

While Mom and I were getting ready, Dan was off with his family getting ready as well. They’d ventured out to get a Unity candle, the one thing we’d forgotten to get! They found a really fun one – I was happy as a clam with what they chose – a white and blue candle with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on it :-)

After a successful shopping trip to get the candle, Dan figured he’d better start getting ready. He got dressed at the condo in a nice dry room . . . we’ve got TONS of pictures of him getting dressed – including this one, with his Dad helping him out:

Dan Getting ReadyÂ

How many pictures do we have of me getting ready? NONE! And why is that? Because if you remember from the previous post, the library at the church was under construction, so I couldn’t get dressed there. And I didn’t want to put on my dress and then cram it into the back seat of a car for a 30 minute drive so it would get all wrinkled, sooooooo . . . we drove to the church and I got dressed in the parking lot! Yup – I got ready for my wedding while standing in the parking lot of the church. And, it was still raining on and off, so I actually got dressed IN THE CAR! In fact, it was this car . . . as you can see, not really roomy 😉

Jodie Dan By Car

But it all worked out . . . and, just as 3:30 rolled around and we were getting ready to walk in to the church (I still hadn’t seen Dan), the rain stopped, the clouds broked, and the sun came out – resulting in the most beautiful rainbows you’ve EVER seen! It was PERFECT!

The ceremony was awesome – it was so nice to have such a small intimate ceremony in a beautiful location. We got to really enjoy the big step were taking, rather than worrying about guests and food and flower girls and cake and limousines. And, I think if my Dad had to walk me down the aisle of a big church with lots of people, he might have actually fainted 😉 He’s not a real big group type of person!

Here we are during the ceremony. If you look closely, you can see that Father Jack is once again sporting his Burks :-)

Us Al Father Jack

My Mom and Dan’s brother Bob are standing in the background. My maid of honor couldn’t make the trip to Hawaii because quite frankly, we’d just graduated from college and nobody had any money. So, my Mom stood up for me at the actual ceremony. It was REALLY special!Â

Our singer, Al, is also in the background. He was such a wonderful traditional Hawaiian singer. We had no clue what he was going to sing. We’d talked to him on the phone and he said to just leave it to him because he’d done this many times. He was right – it was BEAUTIFUL! He sang a traditional Hawaiian song, then he sang the Hawaiian Wedding Song in both English and Hawaiian – amazing! We were so happy :-) Here’s a photo of us and Al.

 Jodie Dan Laugh Church

Here are me and Dan after the ceremony. This is one of my favorite photos – it’s totally candid and we are so happy!

Jodie Dan Laugh In Church

When we walked outside, it was BEAUTIFUL! You would never had known it had been raining. The sky was beautiful, the ocean was beautiful, and everything was soooo green! Our photographer was hilarious! He owned only a tiny little motorcycle, which wouldn’t start after we left the church. Our videographer didn’t like our photographer, so he refused to give him a ride. As we pulled away in our car to head to a really nice hotel for some pictures, we looked out the back window and saw our photographer pushing his motorcycle down the road trying to pop the clutch and start it. Hilarious! He did get it started and all was well with the world. Here’s a photo of me and Dan on the beach after the ceremony:

Jodie Dan Kiss Beach

After the pictures on the beach, we all headed to the Chart House restaurant for our own little reception. We had our own menu and everything! They made it just for us – it was wonderful. The service was great and the food was amazing! After dinner, we all headed to a local bar/restaurant type place. Our singer, Al, had told us his band was performing there that night, so we went to check it out – we ended up having our own little dance reception. They introduced us and played the Wedding song again for us and everything – it was soooo awesome!

Then off we were to our OWN condo, to spend our first night as husband and wife :-) Check back tomorrow to hear a little bit about our honeymoon.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

So ya – it’s been snowing here a lot since we moved! It’s been great fun trying to navigate the driveway in the blinding white snow since we were so awesomely brilliant and didn’t mark it. I spent many minutes driving up and down the driveway to make tracks that wouldn’t get covered over in new snow just so we had some chance of knowing where it was the next time we left the house!

Please give a big shout out to our plow guy Jeff (we hired him for this winter until we see what we need to buy for our own snow needs for next winter) who happily came to our new house early on moving day and plowed the driveway for the delivery truck and the moving truck. He even went above and beyond and plowed the road to our driveway since the road grader hadn’t been by yet. Yay Jeff!

Having a metal roof is awesome, especially when you’re getting insurance for a house with a zipcode that screams “FOREST FIRE!” It’s also fun because it heats up and cools down with the sunny days, which means very cool icicles!

Like this one, that grew right outside my bedroom window on the East side of the house. I’ve never seen one grow like this! The extra neat thing is that it’s very narrow . . . not thick  like a typical icicle, but thin.

 I like the ones that seem to be growing straight out, too :-)



And then there’s the front deck. The icicles out there could kill someone! Or at least break your glasses and give you a bruised cheek (You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!).

Dude grabbed this one off the deck last week and tried to impale Princess with it before school . . . it wasn’t even the biggest one!


While they’re cool and awesome and fun to look at and play with, they’re really uncool when it comes to our deck. The deck serves as our front door (house is backward on the lot – deck, mountains, views, etc.) and with the giant row of icicles growing off the roof and dripping onto the deck all day long, it creates an awesome skating rink right where people walk! Luckily, you can put that melting salt stuff on Trex decking, and it works wonders.

So for all of you potential visitors, if there are icicles, please be careful on our deck!

What I Learned About Moving – Part Four

We’ve been officially in the house for a week and a half. What I learned about moving Part Four:

  1. Cleaning the “other” house to get it ready to rent SUCKS! There is way more to clean when you don’t have any stuff in the house :-)
  2. Having a green metal roof is awesome as a reference for the movers . . . until it snows. Then the roof isn’t green anymore and looks like every other roof.
  3. Unpacking the main living spaces (kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, offices) makes everything seem comfy and like home in no time at all.
  4. Being comfy and feeling at home makes it difficult to get motivated to unpack the rest of the house.
  5. When you have a 60 degree week, you should mark your new un-straight driveway with those orange pole thingies. If you don’t, then it snows 5 feet, it’s very difficult to figure out where your own driveway is.
  6. Hauling two large cans of trash and the extra boxes down to the end of the driveway through 3 feet of snow in -10 temps is not nearly as fun as dragging them to the end of a 30 foot driveway.
  7. Hauling two large cans of trash and the extra boxes down to the end of the driveway through 3 feet of snow in -10 temps is AWESOME . . . if you’re a dog.
  8. Men will do anything in their power to get the TV and all that goes with it set up so they can watch the superbowl the day after you move.

Love love loving the new house! Amazing how easy it is to get settled in a new space. Looking forward to awesome weather this weekend so we can get the garage and shed organized. Both of those places have been holding zones for all the stuff we didn’t feel like dealing with when we moved.