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March, 2014:

Everybody Else Knew

My friends know me well. Very well. Too well sometimes. Here are a few things I’ve said to them over the past couple of years.

I’m NEVER buying a hard-sided camper! I love the popup!

This lovely little thing now lives in my barn


We’re not going anywhere. I love our house. The neighborhood is awesome. We love it here.

As of February 1st, we reside in this dwelling


We are NOT getting a horse.

Um ya – you guessed it. Meet Cowboy!

Yes, yes we did. We bought Princess a horse. She can no longer say we never buy her anything! 😉

He’s a 17-year old palomino pony. His previous owners shaved him so he’d cool off faster after indoor workouts this winter. He’s so cute when he gets all of his hair – he’ll be the color of his legs! Beautiful. We’ve seen him at almost every show Princess has ridden in. He’s a highly trained jumper and very well-behaved. Princess was so comfortable and happy on him when we went to check him out for leasing options. Owners were set on selling him for personal reasons. Hubby and I chatted, did a ton of research, talked to people, and went for it! I won’t bore you with details of our arrangement, but Cowboy will live at Princess’s trainer’s house. While we have a barn, we are not ready for a horse to live here. Princess is a horse girl, we are not a horse family. Cowboy will be only about 5 miles away, which I guess means I’ll be making lots of trips to his house and back in the coming months :-)

We are so excited to have Cowboy! Not something I thought I’d ever say, but it all felt so right and seemed to fall in place. Sometimes you just know.

Horses, Horses, and More Horses!

On Saturday, Princess and I spent the day at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. And by day, I mean we left the house at 8:45 a.m. and got back home at 10:40 p.m. So ya – the WHOLE day. Basically we did whatever Princess wanted to do all day. She’d marked the schedule with a highlighter before we left home.

We walked the Expo for quite a few hours. We bought horse books – fiction and non-fiction (so glad my little lady loves to read!). Princess voted on the best of the horse art on display in sculpture, painting, and photography. We spent a lot of time petting the miniature horses. We looked at tons of random stuff. We got a quote on a large lawn tractor with a mower deck and snow blower from the John Deere guy. We ate hot dogs and burgers and ice cream and nachos and french fries. We attended seminars on how to start your horse over jumps. We spent hours sitting in the main event center watching Polo and Polocrosse. We spent more hours sitting in the main event center watching the Colt Starting Challenge (way fun to watch these guys and gals take an unbroke 3 or 4 year old horse and break it – 8 trainers with 8 totally different methods!). We spent more hours sitting in the main event center watching The Mane Event in the evening . . . English and Western dressage, vaulting, people standing on two horses as they walked, chariot races, synchronized horseback riding (aka drill team), Icelandic pony demonstrations, roping, cutting. Tons of fun!

An awesome day of horse experiences with my Princess.


In other news, while Hubby and Princess headed up to Breckenridge snowboarding on Sunday, I spent the day watching Dude play baseball. It was BEAUTIFUL outside (68 and sunny) and their coach had set up 2 scrimmages. We were at the fields from Noon to 4:30 . . . and we didn’t mind a bit.

He got to pitch the first game . . . pitched only one inning, but allowed only 1 run and got the win – so yay for my Dude who hadn’t really pitched at all! He hit well, played the field well, and scored runs in both games. Fun fun fun! Much better than the previous weekend in the IceBreaker tournament where the temp was 20 with a windchill ~0 degrees!

Next up – heading to Arizona for a tournament over spring break. Woot!

Still Driving

For the past few days, I’ve let Dude drive up the driveway. Down the driveway. Pull into the garage. Use the emergency brake. Back out of the garage. Drive on our tiny little gravel road almost to the highway. Drive from the gravel road into the driveway, up the hill, and into the garage.

He’s learning to be soft with the brakes . . . not look at the brake and gas pedal (sheesh!) . . . signal his turns (now to have him NOT look at the signal turner onner) . . . use the high and low beams . . . come to a complete stop at the end of the driveway . . . not run into our lovely new boulder indicating that YES THIS IS OUR DRIVEWAY . . . and so on.

So today when we left for the bus, I told him to go get in and start the car so he could drive to the end of the driveway. So far this had been our little secret. I knew Hubby was coming with us this morning and I wanted to see his reaction.

When he saw Dude in the driver’s seat, he just shook his head and looked at me like “Can you believe that guy?!”

Then Dude started the car. Hubby held up his driver’s license.

Then I got in the passenger seat.

Hubby just shook his head as Dude backed out of the garage. And to be a smart ass, just when Dude was almost all the way out of the garage, Hubby smacked the front bumper.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Scared Dude to death! I may have done more than giggle 😉

Dude drove us all down to the highway where we performed a Chinese Fire Drill and headed to the bus stop.

I’m not sure if Hubby was nervous Dude was driving or sad to see him in the driver’s seat. I mean, he did get all upset when he discovered Dude was wearing the same shoe size as he does!

Dude still thinks this is the best thing since wireless controllers for the Xbox; however, I’m pretty sure the excitement of the driveway won’t last 2 years until he gets his permit 😉


So it’s been kinda weird this week with Dude heading over to babysit right after school. The other day, he actually planned ahead! While on the bus home, he texted and asked if he could just walk to H’s house after babysitting. We confirmed there was no homework and that it was OK with H’s parents, so I said yes.

Weird. I know I know – he’s 13. I know what I was doing at 13! But it’s weird that I’m not in the neighborhood. Instead of stopping home to ask, he’s texting and just doing it. Hubby picked him up at 7:30 that evening. My Dude was gone for 12 hours on a school day without me seeing him. Just weird.

Then I was in a super good mood the other day, so I stopped at the end of the driveway and told him to get in an drive. He couldn’t believe it! Figured he’s not going to hit anything now that we have space, so why not learn?

He did fine – we only had a couple times where we could’ve gotten whiplash from his braking skills (or lack thereof). He pulled into the garage without hitting anything.

The thing that made me giggle was when he yelled out in the middle of the drive up the hill:

“This is sooooo cool! Driving is so fun! I can’t wait until I can do this all the time!”

Um ya – pipe down Skippy. You hit a top speed of 5 mph. I don’t think you’re ready to win any races yet!