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April, 2014:

Green Metal Roof

As you may know, our house and barn both have green metal roofs. Since we live in the forest (and right NEXT to the forest that burned last year!) this is an awesome thing. Stucco house + metal roof = reduced chance of ignition during a fire.

Anyhoo . . . another benefit of the green metal roof is that it gets cooler at night and warm during the day. When there’s precipitation in the air (geez, I sound like Mr. Science!), it freezes on the roof during the night. Then during the day, it slowly melts. When it slowly melts throughout the day, we get really cool ice formations on the gutters, like the ones in this post. When it melts off the barn roof, we get cool stuff going on like this on one of the pasture fences:

But when it heats up fast and melts quickly, like this morning, Duma better watch out! I’m sitting at my desk and I hear these loud booming noises on the deck. I run over to see what’s up and notice that huge sheets of ice have fallen off the roof and shattered on the deck, right where my 4-legged child usually takes a nap! (Eskews/Costas – too bad this didn’t happen Saturday – we could’ve had ICE for our drinks!)

Ya, we have those plastic thingies on the roof that are supposed to divert the ice and keep it from becoming a large sheet, but really all they do is make many smaller sheets of ice come crashing down all at once.

Anyhoo . . . note to self that the metal roof is really neat, but remember to keep Duma in the house during the “warming up hours” of the day after precipitation and freezing night-time temps!

Wordless Wednesday – 2004 and 2005

A Barn Buffet

Lesson Learned – Always double-check the stall doors after your daughter leaves the barn.

Amara (Princess’s trainer) and her mom are gone for a few days. They asked if we could do the morning feeding for the horses yesterday and today. Of course! Princess and are up and out the door by 6:15 :-) It’s always fun to do morning feeding because the horses are so happy to see you and make all these fun noises and are all cuddly – at least as cuddly as a horse can be.

We fed all 3 horses, gave each of them a little extra lovin’, and hung out and just watched them for awhile. Then Princess and I decided to muck a couple of the stalls because that meant we had more time with the horses.

When we were done mucking, I took the bucket out to dump it. Princess came out, shut the barn door, and we were off – headed home to shower and get to school.

Around 12:30, Pam and Tessa show up for Tessa’s lease ride. I get a call and she says “Just wanted you to know that Cowboy was out in the barn when we got here. We got him back in his stall. He’s knocked quite a bit of stuff over, but I can’t tell what he’s actually gotten into.”

Aw crap!

So I drive out there because I know pretty much what was in all the bins because I was just there.

Luckily, he didn’t eat any of the 8 bales of hay he had access to! He nibbled on one, but nothing much.

He knocked the lids off of both his grain bin and Sunny and Shadow’s grain bin. But, he did not enjoy any additional grain, either. All the cups and other things were just as we’d left them in the bins.

He may have had a little extra Corta-Flx, but not much. At least his joints will be nice and oiled!

He did eat a couple peppermint horse treats, but not the entire bag, so that was good!

The only thing we’re not sure of is a fiber supplement. I hadn’t used that, so I don’t know how much was in the bin before he got there. Amara will look when she gets home today and tell me. If anything, that would’ve at least helped counteract any stomach issues!

The big (or small I guess) baffoon!

Judging by the lack of damage done in the 6 hours he may have had, I don’t think he was out for very long. Guessing it took awhile to finish breakfast. Then he had to bother Shadow a bit. Then he probably looked out his stall door for awhile whishing he was outside. Who knows how long it took him to figure out the inside stall door moved, and then how long it took him to decided to get it open far enough to get out.

I can just see Shadow and Sunny in there stalls going “Dude! You’re not supposed to be out there! You’re gonna be in TROUBLE!” Then, when they saw him dining on treats “Yo. Cowboy. Ol’ Buddy ol’ Pal. Bring us a couple of those, will ya?!”

What I wouldn’t give to have had a barn cam so we can see what he actually did during his free time!

At least he didn’t take a crack at the barn door and end up roaming the neighborhood!

Pam and Tessa watched him for a couple hours while they were there. Princess and I headed out for a check after school. Susie checked on him again when she went out to feed the horses dinner (reduced portions for my escapee!). And Amara’s dad and sister checked on them again before bed to make sure he wasn’t sick.

This morning, Cowboy was good to go. Happy as ever waiting for breakfast.

Feeling lucky! That mistake could’ve been a disaster!

I think I checked each stall door latch 5 times before I left this morning, made sure every lid on every bin and jar was latched and screwed on as tight as possible, and I STILL feel like I’m going to get a call!


We’ve been having a blast with baseball, swimming, and horses :-)

Monday, Dude got hit by a pitch at practice. Smashed into his left hand while he was swinging the bat – ouch! It immediately turned blue and got huge and puffy. Numb fingers. Couldn’t move his fingers. It wasn’t much better Tuesday morning, so I took him to the Urgent Care. Why not the doc, you ask? Because the doc doesn’t have an x-ray machine and we would’ve had to go somewhere else after seeing the doc. I was one-stop shopping!

Anyhoo – doc took one look at it, poked around a bit, and said “Yup. Betting that thing’s broken. We’ll get an x-ray.”

X-ray was negative – woot! She said she couldn’t believe it. He had been hit so hard that his skin broke even through the batting glove! She’s convinced the batting glove absorbed enough impact to keep his hand from breaking. No restrictions – just let the pain dictate the activity – is what she told him . . . while she recommended 5-7 days of no batting or catching.

Wednesday, took him to the regular doc for his regular physical (had I remembered he had this appt., I probably would’ve just made him wait since he wasn’t complaining). Regular doc took a look at it and said he’s surprised it’s not broken. Judging by where the bruise and cut are, the ball hit just the right place so the area between the bones in his pinkie and ring fingers absorbed most of the hit. If the ball was left or right a tiny bit, broken hand.

Of course he tried to put his glove on at practice yesterday and found out that 48 hours does not equal 5-7 days! Also discovered he cannot grip a bat yet (um, duh!). Boys.

So yay! We’re feeling lucky this week :-) He’s bummed he can’t hit or catch, but he can still run . . . which is one thing he does often in the games since he’s the fastest guy on the team. He gets to pinch run for the pitchers.

Looking forward to another weekend of baseball up north of Denver!

Many Hats

I know that all parents out there wear many hats. But some days, it seems like we wear every hat at some point during that day. I got home last night around 9:00 p.m. with the kiddos and was totally wiped out. I couldn’t really figure out why because I’d spent Monday “catching up” after vacation, so yesterday should’ve been pretty routine. Then I thought about my day. I started at 5:30 a.m. because I had lots to do . . . here are the hats I wore in order . . .

Scout Mom – Updated scout records with awards and rank advancements.

Mom – Chatted with kiddos as they got ready for their school day. Recapped what they had to plan for after school.

Human – Morning doc appt. for ears that have been bothering me since last summer. Finally got some meds to hopefully help the pain.

Scout Mom – Trip to Scout shop after doc to pick up awards kids have earned in the past few weeks.

Business Owner – Stopped at post office to ship some books and posters.

Adult – Finished last load of laundry from vacation.

Contractor – Sent out invoices for March work completed.

Wife – Went to lunch with Hubby

Accountant – Worked on 1st quarter taxes for business.

Mom – Picked up Princess from school.

Horse Owner – Took Princess out to see Cowboy. We had a ground lesson to learn how to properly walk a horse, teach a horse who’s in charge, bond with a horse. Fed horses.

Mom – Took Princess to Dollar Tree to pick up give-aways for school function.

Baseball Mom – Stopped by Dude’s practice to see how it was going.

Adult – Target stop for miscellaneous items for laundry, etc.

Home Owner – Stop at Home Depot for new broom for garage and 5-gallon bucket for dog.

Baseball Mom – Back to practice to socialize with the other baseball moms (whom I LOVE DEARLY!) and pick up Dude.

Catcher – Over to the indoor cages with Dude and his Coach for a pitching lesson. I got to catch (Yay! My therapy for the day). Dude is getting GOOD and can throw HARD and has a NASTY curve (when it works).

Bad Mom – Run through McD’s for dinner for kiddos (at 8:45 p.m.!).

Chauffer – Carted the kids around all afternoon and then home at the end of the day. We arrived home at 9:15 p.m.

Mom – Ensure kiddos are showered, all homework is done, they are ready for bed (and ready for Wednesday!).

41 year old – Dragged my old knees, dead shoulder (catching is fun, but ouch!), and sorry ass into the shower to de-horse and de-baseball myself before passing out so I was ready for today’s 5:45 wake up call. Princess was determined to go see Cowboy at 6:15 this a.m. so she see him and we could feed the horses (and sweep the barn!) before school. Yes – we did do this.

Tonight – there is DEFINITELY a couch and some whiskey in my future after I put on my Swim Mom hat for practice and complete the day. I think I’ve earned it :-)