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May, 2014:


OMG we are SOOOOOO ready for summer to be here. The school year should not include both Labor Day and Memorial Day as holidays on the school calendar. Ugh! The kids are ready to be done . . . but in all honesty, I think I’m more excited for it than they are. We all need a break from the daily routine (just wait – come August I’ll be like OMG I can’t wait for school to start! We need a routine around here!) :-)

A surprise to all of us was when Dude requested a tour of a different high school for next year! I obliged and we did the tour. Loved the school. Loved everything about it. But we also love DCC (where he’s at now and has been since 2nd grade – it’s a K-12 campus). We basically told him that this is his first real-world decision. He’s done the research. He’s got all the facts. There is no way to know how either choice will turn out.

In the end, he decided to stay at DCC. While he loved the other school, he said “It wasn’t that different and if it’s not different, why would I leave my friends?” Good call!

Quite frankly, I would’ve chosen to switch schools just because I liked the vibe at the other one :-) It has a great sense of community. But both schools are awesome and ranked very high and all that jazz, so I didn’t care which one he chose.

On Tuesday the 3rd, he will have his continuation ceremony (don’t get me started on what I think of those!) and will officially be a high-schooler – woot! He has his first high school baseball practice today for the summer team. Should be “fun” juggling high school baseball and club baseball the rest of the summer – ack! But, it’s important that he get himself in front of the coaches with the other freshmen and sophomores, so we’ll do it.


Next up, Princess! She has made HUGE changes regarding her horseback riding. She’s crossed some self-imposed limiting line and moved on to the horse-loving Princess we all know and love. I think the change came when Cowboy started trotting on his own during a lesson. She relaxed, sat back, and slowed him down with no issues. Once she saw that would happen, she was good to go (FYI – we bought Cowboy because he is so well-trained and he will do anything you ask when you ask it – she just didn’t believe us until it happened!). She immediately asked to trot off the lunge line. Then at her next lesson she asked to trot over piles of poles. Then at her next lesson she trotted over baby cross-rails. Awesome! So excited for her :-) Yesterday, she and I had our first “on our own” ride of Cowboy – just the two of us going out there and having her ride him around in the arena. She did GREAT! If she was fearful of anything, she didn’t show it. She did everything awesomely. Woot!

On Tuesday the 3rd, she, too, will have a continuation ceremony and will officially be a middle-schooler – woot! She is so ready for middle school, it’s not even funny. She, too, has requested to change schools to the district we moved to. We told her no – not until 7th grade. The district we now live in doesn’t start middle school until 7th grade. She would IMPLODE if she had to spend another year in elementary school! And there are so many things about 6th grade that we love at the current school that she’s going there. After 6th grade, she can take a tour of the other school and make a choice.

But a middle-schooler and a high-schooler – yay! I’m trying so hard to be all sentimental about leaving elementary for good, but I can’t do it. All I keep thinking is THANK GOD! FINALLY we are out of there! It’s been great for both kids, but again, so ready to move on to bigger and better things.


Things have changed around the home-front, too. We lived in the forest for 10 years. We didn’t need a lawn mower or a weed wacker or anything. All we needed were rakes for the pine needles and shovels for the snow.

Well, when you move to the edge of the forest and increase your acreage 10-fold, guess what – you have grass, and a long driveway.

We have replaced our rakes and shovels with a tractor with a front loader/blade/large mower deck, a push mower, and most recently a trimmer.

Now you’re all going to think I’m crazy, but I’m having to fight my son for the tractor to mow. I LOVE mowing the lawn. Always have. Always will. Love being outside. Love the straight lines I can make (um ya, a little type A). Love that I can see progress and finish something. Love the SMELL. Oh the awesomeness of freshly mowed grass. I will no longer have to purchase candles that smell like fresh mowed grass (however, I could’ve bought a bazillion of those candles before I covered the cost of the tractor/mower/trimmer!).

I may have to let Dude be the tractor guy and I can take on the push mowing and trimming. Either way, I get to mow the lawn. Yay!


Our lazy lab has found her inner farm dog at the new place. I’m starting to feel like we deprived her of her true calling the first 6 years of her life! She loves to follow us around the yard. Never strays too far. She’s a great companion on the walk down the driveway to take the trash down or get the mail every day. She never goes too close to the highway. She always chases the bunny that lives in our culvert, but never really tries to catch it. She’s discovered grasshoppers and how fun it is to make them jump/fly then catch them in her mouth and eat them after playing with them for awhile. She barks at things in the dark when we can’t see them. Just fun to watch her explore all there is to explore before laying down on the deck for her daily 6-hour nap.


There you have it. Changes are everywhere, and we’re looking forward to all of it.

Bring it on, Summer!

Got Hail? Part Deux!

I guess I should’ve done a more thorough check of the house before I went on and on about how much I enjoyed the hail storm. We got the small part of the storm – not even close to the heavy hail that they got south of us in town. But I guess it was enough.

Apparently Green House + Heavy Hail = Lots of plastic to pick out of the tire grounds


Ket Your Kicks (Pregame)

Princess and I are going on a Route 66 trip in June with QT and Mr. Ed while the boys are on their backcountry backpacking trip.

We’ve got tons of fun stuff planned . . . and just last night, we completed our last sleeping reservation for Cedar City, UT on our way home. Along the way, we’re staying in camping cabins (KOA), hotels, luxury resorts spas (thank you free points!), sleeping in our tent, and sleeping in a tee pee.

Can’t tell you how excited we are! Only a couple more weeks and we’ll be off to get our kicks on Route 66!

Got Hail?

So ya – it hailed yesterday. The rain was awesome, then the hail. It was so windy and the hail blowing sideways so hard from the south that it pushed my grill about 5 feet on the deck. We have a giant covered deck, so it was great to open the doors and just watch – and smell – the rain. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Oh how I miss those afternoon thunderstorms!

The hail was big and there was lots of it and for me, it was GLORIOUS!

Glorious because when your house has a giant metal roof, the hail is loud on said roof. And it makes it sound like you’re camping. And I love camping.

Therefore, being in my own house watching a great storm while still feeling like I was camping was an awesome afternoon surprise.

What’s Up?!

Fun is up – that’s what!

Clearly I haven’t been posting very often . . . but we’ve been out having fun! The kiddos are in their last month of school (last day is June 3rd – woot!). I’m working extra to finish a freelance project before the end of May with plans to take the summer “off.” Our own business is crazy busy, which is awesome! I plan to do more work for us this summer. And of course we’ve been doing the regular fun family stuff (I’m the chauffer!):

Princess is loving on Cowboy whenever we can. Looking forward to summer so we can get out there more (and yes, she did finally ride him).


 Dude is having a blast with the guys at baseball.

Hubby drive a Nascar car while our business partner was in town for some work.

And me? I’ve been driving everyone around, having fun with horses, loving the baseball, enjoying the new house, and spending time with girl friends during book club, dinner on the deck, craft time, or garden planting (yes, I’m planting a garden!).

Looking forward to summer . . . at which time I’ll officially have a middle schooler and a high schooler. No elementary in 4 weeks – ack!