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August 20th, 2014:

It’s August!

Baseball is over – we’re taking fall off

School has started – middle school and high school this year (yes . . . really!)

I love my new convertible – it has a bigger engine than my FunRunner and uses the same amount of gas as my FunRunner. I don’t care. It’ll be put in the garage for winter in a couple months, so I’m drivin’ it, baby!

Dude is sick – heading to the doc in an hour (yup, missed the 3rd day of school!)

Cowboy is awesome – he and Princess are really bonding well and getting to know each other’s riding style

Princess is working hard – she gave up swimming for fall so she could ride 3-4 times a week to get ready for a special show in September. She’s cantering over cross rails in the pasture – woot! A far cry from the fear of even getting on her horse and walking in April.

My sliding door sucks – it was a custom door, it was expensive, it is still not installed properly, and the company is really unresponsive

Cool Chicks Camp – is this weekend: I. Can’t. Wait!

We’ve been enjoying our evenings and family time – a nice break from the awesome fun crazy that was our summer :-)

There – all caught up. Happy end of August, everyone!