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September, 2014:


Yesterday while Princess and I were out at the barn so she could ride, she took Cowboy’s saddle off and rode him around the pasture bareback for awhile for a cool down.

Then she asked me to open the gate so she could ride him up to the barn and hitching post for his post-ride grooming.

I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do it bareback (she never wants to ride him out there even with the saddle!).

She said “Ya. We’ll be fine. He’d never do anything to hurt me on purpose.”

I believe we have finally crossed the line from “I’m riding him and convincing myself he won’t hurt me” to “He’s MY horse and I love him and he loves me and he’ll never do anything to hurt me.”

She trusts him (and herself!) enough that she’s been working a lot on cantering cross rail courses and has started jumping 2′ verticals (which is very difficult for a mother to watch – just sayin’!).

I like that we’re back at that place.

It makes me nervous when she gets so comfortable – we have the talk often about how you can’t EVER get complacent on or around horses.

But I really like that we’re finally back at that place where she can ENJOY the horses without fear as much as she loves the horses :-)


***Someday I’ll post a photo or some videos of her jumping. I’ve taken my camera with good intentions many times, but forget to use it because I’m watching to make sure nothing happens! I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a horse show mom.

Moving Truck

Yesterday, I had a nice chat with the neighbors that live up the hill from us. She said she’d keep an eye on the house while we’re gone for a couple days. She joked that “if I see someone driving cars out of your garage or a moving truck pull in, I’ll call 911.”

I giggled and told her that would be awesome.

Today I had to call her back. Why?

Because we have some friends who are moving back to CO from AZ this weekend. I offered up our house as their “in between” home for the weekend since we’ll be gone.

So there WILL be a moving truck in our driveway and they WILL be driving a car and motorcycle out of our shed (they’ve been storing them with us for the past month or so).

I thought it would be a good idea to ask our neighbor to NOT call the cops on our friends 😉

It all just made me giggle.

Happy weekend everyone!

Dear Celebrities

1. Don’t TAKE the nude photos of yourself in the first place!

2. Don’t store them on THE FRIGGIN’ CLOUD!

That’s basically what I told my kiddos after they heard the “news” of the Apple security breach on the radio on the way to school yesterday.

The end.

The Ultimate Lesson

Some very sad news out of the area yesterday. Saturday night around 1:00 a.m., a Mini Cooper with 4 teenagers in it ran a stop sign, went airborn, skidded into the forest, and crashed in our old neighborhood.

Two kids died (both went to Palmer Ridge High School).

One kid was airlifted to the hospital and is in critical condition.

The fourth kid, the 17 year old driver, sustained minor injuries and is currently in juvenile detention center on charges of vehicular homicide.

Alcohol and excessive speed are believed to be partly to blame.

There was outrage on Facebook and other social media that the news channels published photos of the wreck and of the two boys who lost their lives.

Some parents said it was disrespectful to the grieving families.

Other said it was necessary for other kids to see what happens when you make those choices.

Still other said that no kids read those pages and wouldn’t see them anyway.

But here’s the thing – there were 500+ comments on one of several articles.

As a parent, I took that opportunity to sit my teenage son down and show him the photos of the wreck. Show him the photos of the wrestler and baseball player who will never be showing up to school again.

I said “Starting tomorrow, there are two fewer students at Palmer Ridge High School.”

He got a little huffy and said “Why do you talk to me like I did this? I didn’t do it!”

Then I got to explain that while I know he didn’t do it, I want him to realize how awful the ultimate outcome of a single bad decision can be.

I told him to think about it in this way . . .

Two mothers woke up without sons.

One mother woke up to a son fighting for his life.

Yet a fourth mother woke up wondering how her son’s life would be ruined forever and with tremendous guilt over what the other 3 mothers are going through.

Siblings woke up without brothers.

Friends woke up knowing they’d never see their best buddies again.

Classmates returned to school today to two permanently empty desks.

Teammates woke up knowing they’d never get to practice or play with two of their own.


I asked him to consider this thought:

What if YOU woke up today knowing you’d never see H and H again?

What if YOU woke up today in a juvenile detention center knowing YOU were the reason H and H’s mothers would never see them again?

What if YOU woke up today in the hospital, wondering what the rest of your life would be like if you did, indeed make it?


It’s not worth it. NEVER drink and drive. NEVER get in a car with a friend or peer who has been drinking.

If you do decide to take a drink, or your “ride” decides to take a drink . . . ALWAYS know you and any of your buddies can and should call me for a ride, no questions asked.


I can’t imagine being one of those four mothers today. My hear goes out to each and every one of those boys, their families, and friends.


And to Dude’s geometry teacher, who texts each of his students every Friday with the following message – thank you.

***Have a great weekend. Make good choices in everything you do. Until we meet again on Monday.***