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October 28th, 2014:


As a fam, we love to “do” – we love being out there doing things, seeing things, being active, being together.

But my GAWD this fall of a lot of “nothing” has been AMAZING! Very therapeutic.

The minute we got back from our last baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, we bought the Audi.

Driving around in a convertible you’ve wanted for years is definitely good therapy.

We ordered our hot tub and have had it installed for a month now. TOTAL therapy.

We’ve come home after school and – TALKED. Have done homework without time stress. Have spent time at the barn with one awesome horse. Eaten dinner AT THE TABLE – TOGETHER. Watched some favorite shows on TV together. Done whatever tickled our fancy on the weekends.

It’s been a great break that we all desperately needed.

With that therapeutic break in crazy comes a renewed anticipation of one of my favorite times of year – THE HOLIDAYS!

Instead of feeling like just one more thing I HAVE to do, I’m downright excited!

We decorated for Halloween.

I’m looking forward to decorating for Turkey Day.

I’m anticipating decorating for a party with some friends.

I can’t WAIT to decorate for Christmas.

And, I’ve wrapped a couple Christmas presents already.

Yep – you read that right. She who groans audibly when walking into any store that has Christmas stuff out before Halloween has wrapped gifts. Two of ’em – sitting right there in my hobby room all wrapped and ready to go under the tree that may or may not make it out of the box before Thanksgiving.

Yes – we’re a little excited for the holidays this year.