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February, 2015:

Quick Learner

So ya. 2+ hours to plow the yard and driveway on Sunday, not to mention the gravel I moved by accident, etc.

Monday? 45 minutes start to finish and it looks pretty darn good.

I DEFINITELY learn better by doing and making my own mistakes than having someone tell me how to do something.

Note To Self RE: Plowing the Driveway

Dear Self

I know this was your first time plowing with the tractor. And since Hubby was gone, you can forgive yourself a little bit for some of this, but c’mon, really? For next time, please remember the following:

  • The tractor drives much better without the parking brake on
  • If you can’t get the parking brake off, ask Dude instead of calling Hubby
  • The tractor will NOT go in reverse with the ballast box down
  • The tractor drives much better with the ballast box raised
  • You can raise and lower the blade while you’re moving, which actually saves time
  • The float on the blade actually works – trust it and use it
  • Duma will happily run along side, behind, and in front of the tractor the entire time, but this does not mean she will move out of the way if you’re about to run her over or hit her with the blade
  • Snow clears better if you turn the blade the right way and don’t plow snow into the just cleaned path
  • No matter how hard you try, you will NOT be able to get “John Deere Green” out of your head while actually driving a John Deere tractor

I hope these hints will prove useful next time you find yourself at home without Hubby during a snowstorm.

Your Self

Need More Bubble Wrap!

A couple Saturdays ago, we were up in the mountains snowboarding. It was foggy and snowy and the ground was “flat” in those conditions, even with clear goggle lenses. Dude and I were in the trees. He decided to go over a jump. Bummer was, there were TWO jumps. He didn’t quite clear the second one and his board flew out from under him. He fell back, put his hand down, and bam, broken wrist (told him many times that his wrist braces do no good in the car!). So he’s in a cast for a few weeks, then a splint, then we’ll see. The ultimate natural consequence to not wearing your wrist braces . . . you miss the baseball season you’ve been working all winter for.

Yesterday, Princess comes home from school holding her right arm weird. She was playing tag, stepped in a hole, fell, and put her hand down. Sore wrist. We iced and rested and iced and rested last night. No change this morning, so took her to the Urgent Care. Doc said that while she can’t see any breaks on the x-ray, she’s not convinced it’s NOT broken. The fact that she can’t move it up and down is a tell-tale sign. Also, the area of pain is where the nevicular bone is – which is hidden behind another bone and doesn’t show well on x-rays. Usually need an MRI to see that. She said to treat it like a bad sprain for 10 days – wear splint, ice, rest, raise, lather, rinse, repeat. If after 10 days there isn’t marked improvement, then we do an MRI.

This is in my office:

 Yet, I still feel like I need MORE bubble wrap for my kids. Sheesh!