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April, 2015:

Way Too Young

One of Dude’s friends (girlfriend of a friend) committed suicide yesterday.

How do you talk to a 14 year old about that? Especially when he doesn’t even know how he feels about it himself, except that he wants to cry but doesn’t think he should?

Mommyhood really sucks sometimes.

Oh how my heart goes out to that young lady’s family. Every parent’s worst nightmare. I can’t even imagine :-(

So very thankful that at least I get to have the conversation with my Dude and give him giant hugs.


Thursday 4.16.15
Me: Hubby. I had a thought last night.
Hubby: Um, ya? ***nervous look on his face***
Me: What do you think about selling the camper?
Hubby: Seriously?
Me: Yup. We didn’t get to use it last year because we were gone all the time. We have no plans to use it this summer. The kiddos are older and won’t run around the campground anymore.
Hubby: True.
Me:  If we want to go hiking, we go on a day trip. If we want to go fishing, we go on a day trip. If we want to go camping, we have tent-mahal, the 4-person tent, and the 2-person tent. We can go camping.
Hubby: Huh.

Monday 4.20.15
Me: Well? What do you think about selling the camper (that we just pulled out of the shed to make room for horse stalls).
Hubby: I don’t see why  not. Let’s do it.

Later Monday 4.20.15
Me: Hubby, come look at this posting and see if it’s OK.
Hubby: Looks good to me.
Me: *click*

Tuesday 4.21.15
Emptied and cleaned camper.

Thursday 4.23.15

That’s how we do things here :-) Today, we said goodbye to this gem that I loved:

01 Camper

On to a new chapter of horses and baseball!!!

And tent camping – woot!

The Eagle Has Landed

Dude has been enjoying Boy Scouts since 4th grade. He started as a WEBELOS and continued on from there. He LOVES outside, loves camping, loves making fire, loves building things, loves learning new stuff, and just all around loves the adventures.

This is Crazy Dude trying to be awake after a long weekend of Cub Scout sledding in the mountains. Always makes me giggle :-)




Here is cute Dude at his becoming a WEBELOS II ceremony – 2010



Here’s Dude at his bridging to Boy Scouts ceremony where he received his Arrow of Light – 2011



And just last week, April of 2015, he was waiting in the hallway with Hubby for his Eagle Scout board of review to begin. Doesn’t look nervous at all (but he DOES look too old – stop it!)!


45 minutes of chatting with the Boy Scout Council powers that be and VOILA! He earned his Eagle Scout rank!

Troop 194’s Newest Eagle Scout
2015 April 16 – 1845


Couldn’t be prouder of him! He loves the kids in his troop and truly enjoys the activities, which made earning Eagle in 9th grade at age 14 more fun than work. He’s been on many adventures, including a 12-day backpacking trip at the Philmont Scout Ranch last spring. He’s finding his way as a leader in the troop, helping the younger scouts whenever he can. The troop has grown a lot in the past two years and the direction of the troop has changed. He was getting kind of bummed about it. Even though he had completed all the requirements to earn his Eagle Scout rank, he decided to take matters into his own hands and was elected Senior Patrol Leader this past February – he will continue in this role through August. He’s already made great strides in organizing the troop and enlisting other kids to help get the troop back to where THE BOYS want it to be. So proud of the young man he’s become and can’t wait to see what’s in store for him!


*******I know this is Dude’s time to shine, but I couldn’t look through Scout pictures without running across one of my sweet little Princess . . . get ready for a cute attack!