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May, 2015:

The Mystery of the Whiteboard

Yep – it’s been awhile since the Trailering Success occurred. We’ve been BUSY getting the barn ready, stuff bought, stall panels built, fences installed . . . etc. etc. etc.

One thing Princess has been obsessing about is having a whiteboard for the barn . . . to write the horse feeding schedule and important phone numbers on (farrier, vet, us, etc.). So I finally took her to get one.

She was so excited! That morning she filled it all out and had it just how she wanted it.

Then she joined me and Hubby for breakfast out – we let Dude sleep in (teenagers!).

When we came back, this is what her whiteboard looked like:



Oh boy was she MAD! She got all over Dude wanting to know why he would erase her board and did he know how hard she worked on that and now she had to do it all over again!

He stood there dumbfounded . . . insisted that he did NOT erase her board and would never do that.

Minutes later, the cat came upstairs . . . with blue and red highlights in her fur! Seems she thought it would be fun to hop onto the whiteboard on the table and roll around a bit.

You can’t HELP but laugh at that!

Trailering Success!

We’ve had a crap load of rain the past week. Love LOVE LOVING it! Everything is so greeeeeeeeen – and not on fire :-)

The rain meant we had to trailer the horses to the indoor arena for the girls’ group riding lesson yesterday. 5 horses total for the two lessons . . . one 3-horse trailer and one 2-horse trailer.

Guess what that meant?

Yep! I “got” to haul Princess’s and Alex’s preciouses (is that a word???) to the indoor arena.

Took a couple tries to get Cowboy in the trailer, but once he figured out I meant business and it was not optional, he hopped right in and let me close the divider. Mojo hopped right in behind him cuz “OMG we’re going for a ride and my buddy is already in the trailer woo hoo!!!” He pawed and kicked the entire time he was in there . . . yay for kickboards in the trailer!

I’m happy to say that I successfully hauled 2 horses a whoppin’ 5 miles one way without incident . . . this included very soggy gravel, small 2-lane, highway, and dirt.

The big bonus came when it was time to load ’em up after the lessons and take them back home . . . they got right in! I’m hoping that means that my driving skills on the way to the arena were acceptable to them and I didn’t scare them out of the trailer.

42 years old and had another first.

Love it when the kiddos continue to introduce new stuff to us :-)

Thanks, Mom and Dad

My parents taught me a lot growing up – the list is way too long to even start. One goofy skill I am crazy thankful for them teaching me is how to tow a trailer.

We camped at the lake all summer. If you didn’t know how to hook up a trailer and back a boat into the lake by the time you were 10, well, then you just didn’t get to play! They made me do it and they trusted me to do it.

Made it easy as an adult when I had to pull campers to the campground and back them into the storage spot when we got back.

And with this whole adventure into horse ownership, I am so thankful that I’m comfortable pulling a trailer so that now I only need to worry about pulling a trailer with a 1000 pound baby in it! But at least I’m not worried about the trailer part . . . just the precious cargo inside.

Today I went to a friend’s house, backed up to their 16 foot flatbed, got it all hooked up, towed it home, turned it around in the smallish area in front of our garage, and backed it into its temporary parking spot . . . all by my lonesome. Felt good to know I can do that on my own if I have to!

Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the tiny twinges of satisfaction I get when the silly boys are all dumbfounded when a girl can do all the trailering – “even the backing up part” – on her own 😉

So all you parents out there with the means to do so – a lawn tractor or anything else you can hook even a smallish trailer up to – make your kids do it! Make them back it up into a shed, a garage, any smallish space. Heck, make them back the car all the way up the driveway just so they get used to backing up! You’d be surprised how often that skill comes into play :-)

Thanks, Mom and Dad!