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July, 2015:

Summer Is What You Make It

The whole fam was in the car last week and chatting about summer and activities and all that jazz.

We are always busy in summer. The kids always have stuff going on. I won’t complain. I love that they are out and active and having fun rather than sitting inside playing video games or something.

Princess has spent a lot of time outside with horses, has Western and English lessons, and has swim team practice every weekday from 10:45-12:00.

Dude has been playing a lot of baseball for the high school team and will have attended 3 summer camps (snowboarding in June, camping in Yellowstone right now, and canoeing in Northern MN with Dan for a week in August).

They’re both headed to MN to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the end of July.

Hubby made the comment that when we grew up, summer was what you made it. You rode your bike to your friend’s house and you found something to do for the day. No organized summer camp. No parents to drive you all over to do stuff. You just found stuff to do with your friends.

We live in a different place . . . we’re not in town. They can’t bike the highway to their friends’ houses. They need a ride until Dude can drive.

But I will say that their summers have been what they’ve made them. Doing the things they love with people they love to be around. Baseball, horses, camping, swimming.

Sounds like a great way to spend summer if you ask me!

A Look Ahead?

The fam went to the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo this past weekend. It’s always a good time! Princess always likes to get gussied up for the rodeo – we curl her hair and she puts on a little makeup even – it’s one time she gets to wear her Western clothing :-) We were walking around looking at the vendors and I saw a tree and an opportunity. After taking the photo, I both loved it and regretted it.



She’s definitely not a baby anymore! A look ahead to her graduation photo for the class of 2021?

Lessons Learned

To my Dude, who was dumb enough to leave his draw-string bag sit out at the water park (with all the others) and get it stolen . . . complete with his shorts, hoodie, phone, and money – lesson learned. All I can say is I told ya so. Been tellin’ ya so for a couple years now. Not everyone is honest. When I tell you to get a locker, get a locker. Now go get me the $100 deductible your phone insurance charges to get a new phone!

To the kid who stole Dude’s bag, Karma is a bitch.

The Parade

Princess’s trainer entered their group into the 4th of July parade in our little town. It’s a giant parade in a tiny town – always a ton of fun! I must say I was surprised when Princess said she wanted to ride Cowboy in the parade, but she was adamant that was going to do it. There were 5 horses with riders in her group and about 10 girls walking with the banner and flags.

We had a great time getting him all gussied up for the parade. She had a blast riding around with her friend, Alex, before the parade started. All was right with the parading world :-)


The parade was awesome! Our group rode right behind the Rangerettes, which was fun. They’re so classy and awesome! Cowboy did great with the people and noise and starting and stopping . . . until the last 2 blocks. Our little pony decided he was D.O.N.E. with this parade stuff. He wanted to move around. He wanted nothing to do with this starting and stopping and slow walking in a crowd.

So he tried to trot ahead of the group. Princess of course reigned him in. And that’s when Cowboy got his pony on! He started doing mini kicks and bucks to let her know how he felt. She hopped off and tried to walk him the rest of the way. He didn’t even want to do THAT! All he wanted was to trot off into the sunset. Hubby and I were trying to help her (we were pulling the muck bucket and raking up horse pooh with Dude throughout the parade route), but Cowboy didn’t like that either. He kept doing little side kicks to let us know to just let him be.

We finally got him settled enough when the parade started moving at a little bit quicker pace. And because I’m me, I just HAD to have a little giggle at my hard-headed Princess walking her hard-headed pony back to the trailer at the end of the parade.

Pre-parade picture below shows the awesome beautiful and confident team of Princess and Cowboy ready to walk the parade.


Picture below shows the aftermath of the battle of the wills . . . Princess isn’t riding anymore, her shoulders are drooped, and her number is falling halfway off her back as Cowboy sashays down the road with his tail flicking behind his glittery butt, feeling lighter because he lost three bows out of his mane during his tantrum just a couple blocks back.


If you could see the look on Princess’s face at this moment, you’d most certainly turn to stone. Cowboy is lucky cute ponies are immune to the icy stares of their girls!

She was upset, but mostly she was mad.

I told her that I was proud of her for doing this. That asking a show jumper like Cowboy to walk through a parade without showing off is difficult. That she and Cowboy did awesome. That if we didn’t do anything difficult in our lives, we’d never learn or get better at our trade. And that seriously, if Cowboy wasn’t a bit sassy like she was, we probably wouldn’t love him as much 😉

She smiled and agreed, but it didn’t make her any less mad at the moment.

Next try – the smaller community parade in August :-)