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October, 2015:

It’s Not Brain Surgery

Oh wait! It IS brain surgery!

Dude absolutely LOVED his Principles of Bio-medical Science class as a freshman last year. I remember him coming home a month or so into the school year saying “I don’t know what I want to do, but I want to do something in science. It’s so awesome!”

What?! First time since he announced he wanted to be a garbage truck driver that he’s had any clue what he might want to do when he grows up. He knew a lot of things he DIDN’T want to do, but never what he might want to do.

This year, he is taking Forensic Science (yep – just like the show – DNA samples, trips to the morgue, gory videos, class trips to true crime scenes in town, visits from the Coroner), Bio-medical Science, and Biology.

He. Loves. It!

Loves it so much, in fact, that he joined a school club. All on his own. Never mentioned it, just texted after school one day that he’d be late because he was at a club meeting.

“What did he join?” you ask.

HOSA-Future Health Professionals of America (formerly Health Occupational Students of America).

Go here to check out their web site and see what they’re all about. Crazy!?!

They meet at 7:00 a.m. the 3rd Tuesday of every month before school.

He is so excited about it and just loves it.

So excited, in fact, that his request for our evening after Sunday football was to watch a show at 7:00 p.m.

“What show did he want to watch?” you ask.

THIS show – “Brain Surgery Live” on National Geographic channel.

Yep – we all watched a live brain surgery for 2 hours on TV . . . AND LOVED IT!

It was so cool! A patient with severe tremors from Parkinson’s disease was having brain surgery to insert electrical thingies into two specific spots in his brain – one on the right, one on the left. Then they can “turn on” the electrical impulses and stimulate the brain to control the tremors.

The show was the last 2 hours of a 6-hour surgery. At the end of the two hours when everything was in place, the patient held up his hand and it was shaking terribly like in home videos. The doc turned on the electrodes and the shaking STOPPED immediately. Patient cried! Then doc turned off the electrodes and the debilitating tremors returned almost immediately.

Crazy! And so cool.

Dude has found something he’s totally interested in and totally loves in the medical field that does not involve blood, guts, and gore.

I’m so happy for him that he’s found this . . . and so happy that our PUBLIC high school offers these classes for the kids. It’s something I just never would’ve been exposed to in high school.


4 months ago, we started with this:

Then the neighbor’s cat “disappeared” a couple weeks ago, and the voles were immediately running over our feet in the barn.

So we got these guys:


Which made the voles disappear from the barn (not the yard) almost immediately, even though they’re not hunting yet.

But then this guy showed up:


Bad cell phone photo from afar . . . but it’s a young coyote. Broad daylight. Alone. In the area out front that we mowed, so he has nowhere to hide. Just hanging out.

(We hear his buddies every night – love the sound of the coyotes!)

Why do I LOVE that this guy’s out there?

Because we have a major vole problem . . . like huge vole problem. And he eats them. Keep eating Wyle E.!

But he will also eat these guys given the chance:


And we can’t let that happen! Just look at those faces!!!

We’re in week 2 of barn kitty ownership. They’re growing, but still tiny. We’re following MS’s four-week “recipe” for training barn cats . . . teaching them that in the barn is safe and where their food is and where their bed is and where FUN is because we play with them daily.

They’ve been locked in their “room” in the barn for the past week. We play with them multiple times a day.

It’s week 2, so we let them out IN THE BARN, but put them back in their room at night. We’ve only been letting them out supervised because our barn is less than kitty tight – lots of spaces for them to escape! But today, I let them out for awhile in there unsupervised (we’re on hour 2). Princess texted me from school reminding me to put them back in their room – she’s convinced they’ll get out and get eaten by our friend in the front yard.

If one or both DID get eaten, I would be sad first, then mad. Free barn kitties are only free until you take them to the vet for their shots . . . and when it’s multiplied by two, OUCH!

Please dear coyote, stick to the voles and leave our kitties alone until they’re bigger and can help you hunt those nasty critters!

A List

  1. There are worse things to do first thing in the morning than take care of horses and play with kittens.
  2. Late October rain, oh how do I love thee!
  3. Times are changing! Hubby is gone for the week and both kiddos spent all of last night doing homework. I got to do whatever I wanted – by myself! I liked it for about 5 minutes. The rest of the time was just weird.
  4. Palomino ponies love to roll in the mud on a gloriously rainy day.
  5. Owners of palomino ponies who love to roll in the mud on a gloriously rainy day do not appreciate the grooming afterward.
  6. My Highlander had this horrible smell the entire drive home from town last night – like a hot burning smell. All gauges are normal. Engine looked fine (but did smell when the fan turned on).
  7. I’m not in the mood to deal with a broken vehicle – so I will drive the truck until Hubby comes home and we decide what to do.
  8. I thought I’d hate having to drive the kids to and from school every day. Wrong! I love it! It’s so fun to see all the high school kids enjoying the days as they should. Homecoming week has been especially fun to watch.
  9. It’s frustrating having to wait weeks to get a quote on ground leveling for the arena.
  10. October is not a good time to need to buy hay, but we need to buy hay to get through winter.
  11. Horse shopping is fun, stressful, and incredibly educational.
  12. Large thoroughbred horses will act like they’re freezing to death in 45 degree weather, but find it absolutely acceptable to stand out in the rain and get soaked once you put a waterproof blanket on them.
  13. Irish coffee on a rainy Thursday morning – yum.
  14. I scheduled Senora Boedie and Kaboodle to get their booster shots . . . on Friday, November 13th. Great idea to take a black cat on a car ride on Friday the 13th???
  15. I love that my kiddos are old enough to have real conversations and joke around with us :-)

November 1st

That’s the next time Dude can play baseball – just in time for the season to be over 😉

Two weeks ago, he tore the tendon that attaches to his bicep. OUCH! He’s not allowed to throw or anything until at least November 1st. Of course, being a 15-year old boy, he thought it would be a good idea to throw a tennis ball for Duma the other day. I think the pain that followed was a nice kick in the behind for him to remember why doc said NO throwing.

So last Saturday, he wanted to go to the last games and support the guys – his legs work fine, and he can be a pinch runner! Sounded like a great plan to me.

He got to run the bases once as a pinch runner. One of the times when he dove back to 2nd on a pick-off attempt, the short stop stepped on his right pinky finger with his cleats.

Yep – broken finger. THAT we did not go to the doc for. It’s not deformed – just a little swollen and a bit numb still in the tip (feeling is coming back and he can bend it a bit now). So we just buddy-taped it.

His right arm is basically useless for a couple more weeks.

So ya – my kid comes from clutzy stock – and I can honestly say it’s NOT FROM ME!

I’m throwing his father and maternal grandfather under the bus on this one :-)

PS – Anyone wondering what to get him for Christmas? Bubble wrap would be a fine investment!


October at the Boedie Abode means our favorite season – fall – but also our favorite TV season … baseball playoffs (and some football)!

OK. “Our” might be a stretch.

Dude and I love to watch the playoffs even if we don’t care who’s playing.

Toronto vs Kansas City? Bleh. Dude wants the Blue Jays to win “because I’ve been cheering for them the entire time.” I want the Royals to win “because I really don’t care who wins, but I know people who love the Royals, so I’ll cheer with them.”

Chicago Cubs vs New York Mets? Dude is all for the Mets winning “because c’mon, they CAN’T get beat by the Cubbies!” I initially wanted the Cubs to win . . . but then I thought, it’s been SOOOOO long since they’ve won, would they still BE the Cubs if they won? After 106 years, it’s kinda cool to not win it all . . . would YOU want to be the team that breaks that record? What would the fans have to love and hate at the same time? So I’ll get on board with the Mets I guess. I want the Cubbies to STAY the Cubbies :-)

Princess? She’s grounded from TV (and all electronics) for another week yet, so if baseball is what’s on, she’ll watch without complaining.

Hubby? He’s been tolerating Dude and I switching back and forth between baseball games and football games. Hubby left today and won’t be back until Sunday. Quite frankly, I think he’s happy to get to sit in a hotel room and do anything OTHER THAN watch baseball on TV!

Go Royals! er Blue Jays! er Mets! er Cubs!

Go Baseball!

PS – The Packers haven’t been bad to watch, either 😉 October is lookin’ pretty good!

I Need (Waves Arms) Space

Sitting at dinner last night with the fam.

Dude says “I need to take a trash bag and bin down to my room this weekend and get rid of stuff. I have too much stuff and just need . . . space.”


While I really do not want him to get rid of anything in his displayed collection (and he assured me he wouldn’t) . . . you all know how his room makes me twitch.

I’m still stunned at his comment . . . happy . . . but stunned :-)