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October 20th, 2015:


October at the Boedie Abode means our favorite season – fall – but also our favorite TV season … baseball playoffs (and some football)!

OK. “Our” might be a stretch.

Dude and I love to watch the playoffs even if we don’t care who’s playing.

Toronto vs Kansas City? Bleh. Dude wants the Blue Jays to win “because I’ve been cheering for them the entire time.” I want the Royals to win “because I really don’t care who wins, but I know people who love the Royals, so I’ll cheer with them.”

Chicago Cubs vs New York Mets? Dude is all for the Mets winning “because c’mon, they CAN’T get beat by the Cubbies!” I initially wanted the Cubs to win . . . but then I thought, it’s been SOOOOO long since they’ve won, would they still BE the Cubs if they won? After 106 years, it’s kinda cool to not win it all . . . would YOU want to be the team that breaks that record? What would the fans have to love and hate at the same time? So I’ll get on board with the Mets I guess. I want the Cubbies to STAY the Cubbies :-)

Princess? She’s grounded from TV (and all electronics) for another week yet, so if baseball is what’s on, she’ll watch without complaining.

Hubby? He’s been tolerating Dude and I switching back and forth between baseball games and football games. Hubby left today and won’t be back until Sunday. Quite frankly, I think he’s happy to get to sit in a hotel room and do anything OTHER THAN watch baseball on TV!

Go Royals! er Blue Jays! er Mets! er Cubs!

Go Baseball!

PS – The Packers haven’t been bad to watch, either 😉 October is lookin’ pretty good!