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October 21st, 2015:

November 1st

That’s the next time Dude can play baseball – just in time for the season to be over 😉

Two weeks ago, he tore the tendon that attaches to his bicep. OUCH! He’s not allowed to throw or anything until at least November 1st. Of course, being a 15-year old boy, he thought it would be a good idea to throw a tennis ball for Duma the other day. I think the pain that followed was a nice kick in the behind for him to remember why doc said NO throwing.

So last Saturday, he wanted to go to the last games and support the guys – his legs work fine, and he can be a pinch runner! Sounded like a great plan to me.

He got to run the bases once as a pinch runner. One of the times when he dove back to 2nd on a pick-off attempt, the short stop stepped on his right pinky finger with his cleats.

Yep – broken finger. THAT we did not go to the doc for. It’s not deformed – just a little swollen and a bit numb still in the tip (feeling is coming back and he can bend it a bit now). So we just buddy-taped it.

His right arm is basically useless for a couple more weeks.

So ya – my kid comes from clutzy stock – and I can honestly say it’s NOT FROM ME!

I’m throwing his father and maternal grandfather under the bus on this one :-)

PS – Anyone wondering what to get him for Christmas? Bubble wrap would be a fine investment!