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October 26th, 2015:


4 months ago, we started with this:

Then the neighbor’s cat “disappeared” a couple weeks ago, and the voles were immediately running over our feet in the barn.

So we got these guys:


Which made the voles disappear from the barn (not the yard) almost immediately, even though they’re not hunting yet.

But then this guy showed up:


Bad cell phone photo from afar . . . but it’s a young coyote. Broad daylight. Alone. In the area out front that we mowed, so he has nowhere to hide. Just hanging out.

(We hear his buddies every night – love the sound of the coyotes!)

Why do I LOVE that this guy’s out there?

Because we have a major vole problem . . . like huge vole problem. And he eats them. Keep eating Wyle E.!

But he will also eat these guys given the chance:


And we can’t let that happen! Just look at those faces!!!

We’re in week 2 of barn kitty ownership. They’re growing, but still tiny. We’re following MS’s four-week “recipe” for training barn cats . . . teaching them that in the barn is safe and where their food is and where their bed is and where FUN is because we play with them daily.

They’ve been locked in their “room” in the barn for the past week. We play with them multiple times a day.

It’s week 2, so we let them out IN THE BARN, but put them back in their room at night. We’ve only been letting them out supervised because our barn is less than kitty tight – lots of spaces for them to escape! But today, I let them out for awhile in there unsupervised (we’re on hour 2). Princess texted me from school reminding me to put them back in their room – she’s convinced they’ll get out and get eaten by our friend in the front yard.

If one or both DID get eaten, I would be sad first, then mad. Free barn kitties are only free until you take them to the vet for their shots . . . and when it’s multiplied by two, OUCH!

Please dear coyote, stick to the voles and leave our kitties alone until they’re bigger and can help you hunt those nasty critters!