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November, 2015:

Day To Day

I keep looking at the blog thinking I have nothing to blog about, but then realize I have a TON to blog about but am not willing to take the time to do it :-)

Spending a couple days shoveling/snowblowing/plowing out from the storm.

Making sure the horses are warm and fed and not trapped in the barn with their snow drifts.

Keeping the kittens warm and fed and watered and safe in the barn at night.


Going on Girl’s weekend with Mom.

Carting┬áJason to baseball and friends’ houses and movie nights.

Carting Keira all around northern Colorado looking at horses.

Trying (and failing) to keep up with the house chores.

Hangin’ out with the fam relaxing every now and then.

Some day I’ll get around to posting pictures of all the goings on, but right now, life is happening and we’re enjoying it :-)

Happy winter!