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January, 2016:

Mountain Therapy

I’ve said it many times – a little mountain therapy goes a long way! I love where I live. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. And there are so many ways to enjoy every day.

I dare you not to have a good day when you see this out your back door on cool winter mornings:



Views like this on your way to the mountains for a day of snowboarding make the 5:00 a.m. alarm worth it:


And looking at this out of my home office window makes it pretty easy to work:


I’ve been a lot of places, and can’t think of one that has such stunningly beautiful blue skies 360 days a year:




Spend hours at the barn watching your daughter do what she loves? Sign me up! Can’t beat this amazing background:



Watching your son enjoy the sport he loves, in JUNE? Yep!



And the sunsets, whether it be while driving home:


Or enjoying happy hour on the deck:



A little mountain therapy goes a long way.

Wag more, bark less!


Is It Bad To Laugh At Your Son’s Friends?

We had a blast snowboarding this past Tuesday. Princess was in a lesson all day, so we didn’t see much of her. Dude and his buddy, C, were off on their own all day and had a blast! Dude sent us this photo he took with his GoPro from the lift:




Looks like they were having a good time and enjoying the weather!

When they got in the car, Dude was telling me about the terrain park.

“We were standing on top of the hill waiting for it to be our turn to go off the jump. I turned around and chatted with C. Then I turned back to watch the kid go off the jump. Then I turned around and starting talking to C again, but he wasn’t there. Everyone was dying laughing! I looked down the side of the hill and saw C. He stepped back and fell off the edge!”

In true Boedie fashion, when C asked Dude to help, he said “Sure – but just a minute. I need a picture of this first.”

And that is how we got this . . . and I can’t stop laughing :-)


Life is definitely better with teenagers with a sense of humor!