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February, 2016:

The Kid Turned A Corner

It doesn’t matter what age my kids are, I’ve always said “I love this stage!” And it’s true. They’re a hoot! They can be total PITAs, but they are so fun to be around. It’s so fun to watch them grow and learn and meet friends and change their social lives and really come into their own. So awesome to see them have their Ah Ha moments. Both of them have always made me proud.

Friday, while we were at the surgery center going through all the pre-op stuff with nurses and check in and anesthesiologist, we were asked lots of questions. Dude kept getting asked what grade he was in.

The answer – Sophomore (of course).

They they’d ask “Have you given any thought to where you want to go to college?”

The answer – No, not really.

Then they’d ask “Do you know what you want to do?”

The answer, without any hesitation – “I want to be a neurologist.”

Can you say proud mama?!

Six months ago the answer would’ve been “I’m not sure, but probably something in science.”

One class and one unit on the brain his sophomore year and he knows what he wants to do . . . and it’s neurology.

Another GIANT ah ha moment and corner turned.

So so proud of the young man our Dude is growing up to be.

Horsey Home

Our little farm here is not bad. We’ve got 10 acres – 4.5 of which the horses get to roam freely on daily. They’ve got a nice barn with stalls for shelter and large runs for the days we can’t turn them out. They get fed twice a day and also get to graze during the day. They have sunny spots and treed shelter. We’re building an outdoor arena this spring. They get fresh water. They get blankets at night if it’s cold enough. They get to see their girl daily while she loves and hugs on them and cares for them. They are happy. It’s a good place for a couple horses.

This has been Remington’s home for the past 18 months . . . with daily turnout, temperature controlled automatic waterers, 3x a day feedings, night checks, and blanketing:



The fence on the left of the photo (with the girls riding) is the giant outdoor arena. The large red portion of the barn is the giant indoor arena.

As Princess said when we left Wednesday “Remi is going to be in for a rude awakening when he gets to our house! He’ll have to deal with Cowboy and actually get treated like a horse instead of a king.”

LOL! Just one of the many reasons I love her . . . she absolutely loves animals, but is smart enough to know that they ARE animals and need to be treated as such.

37 Days

37 Days – April 1st

The maximum number of days before Remington comes to live in our barn :-) He’s made great progress in his jumping since he started in November. It’s been great having access to such a wonderful indoor arena and outdoor arena through winter. But the fact is, an hour one-way is a long way to drive. And almost $700/month is a lot to pay in boarding when you have your very own barn, stall, pasture, and trailer.

So April 1st it is.

Remington – while your girl will undoubtedly make you work and practice this:



I promise you there will be no shortage of hugs and love and relaxing and just hanging out being a horse with your Girl, much like this:


Can’t wait to bring you home Professor Holly Doc!

It’s The Same Hay

Dear Cowboy,

Every morning between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m., I come to the barn. I dump yummy grain with your joint medicine into your bucket. You let me hug and pet you while you munch away.

Then I go get you a flake of hay, which you ignore. Instead of enjoying breakfast, you come stand outside by your gate to the pasture and stare at me through my office window, occasionally rattling the gate chain with your nose.

Yes I see you. Yes I hear you. Yes I ignore you!

When we leave for school, you yell at me to let you out.

When I get back, you yell at me to let you out.

I let you out.

You trot over to the hay I’ve put in the pasture and enjoy brunch.

News flash – it’s the same hay. Feel free to start snacking on the hay in your stall while you wait for me to take the kids to school and get back. You’ll feel better. You’ll be less grumpy. And I won’t have to endure the laser stare of the cutest 20 year old pony on the planet.


Your Girl’s Mother

Why I Know What 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. Look Like

I’m a planner . . . duh. I like to know what’s going on. If I don’t, our controlled chaos quickly turns into just chaos . . . I do not do well with chaos (or crowds . . . but that’s a different story!).

We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary in Hawaii – leave on the 11th. Taking the kiddos for a 6-day trip (yep – quick, but will be fun!). We’ve got just enough planned to see and do things while still allowing A LOT of down time to just be and enjoy.

We don’t get to our rental house until probably 9:30 p.m. Thursday night. We’ll be up early Friday for our drive to Hana (the only day we can do it).

Now that it’s only a week away, my brain has started to “work” (another word for “wonder” or probably more accurately “worry”).

I’ve been up every night this week wondering and thinking about how will this work? Where is that? What will be do?

So I finally took some work time off this morning to take care of my details and hopefully get some sleep tonight :-) Just a few things I’ve had on my mind:

  1. Did we get all of our reservations in order? Why yes – yes we did! I just checked everyone of them and confirmed :-)
  2. Did we end up with the Jeep with 2 doors or 4? My reservation shows 2! Yep – we got 4. Hubby changed the reservation, and I just didn’t get the new one.
  3. What is the address of the rental house? How do we get there from the airport? Hubby got that confirmation and the details earlier this week – and I now have them, too. Whew!
  4. OMG! We’ll get in there pretty late! We’ll need stuff for our road trip on Friday morning. Where will I ever get that stuff Thursday night?!?! OMG OMG OMG! Safeway. Yep. Safeway. 5 minutes from the rental house and open 24 hours. It’s been 20 years since we’ve been there. The place has changed. Not EVERYTHING closes when it gets dark 😉 Crisis (and hungry teenagers) averted!
  5. Should I call the orthodontist and have them check Dude’s permanent retainer? He said he’s been getting a space in his front teeth ever since they replaced it. Is that right? Shouldn’t the permanent retainer keep his teeth together? I mean, I paid all that money for a pretty smile! Yes – nothing to do with Hawaii. But when it’s 2:30 a.m. and you’re tired and your brain is working, this kind of crap joins the party.

So there you have it. A few of the things that have been keeping me up at night this week.

All taken care of.

Now I can relax and sleep and try to contain my excitement at spending our 20th with Hubby in Hawaii and showing the kids where “it” all started :-)

What I See

A couple weekends ago, Princess and I went up to Breckenridge for a day of snowboarding. Hubby was on the east coast stuck in a snowstorm, and Dude stayed home because he had too much homework (yay for responsible teenager who may or may not have used homework as an excuse to be home alone all day).

The early morning drive was beautiful, and Princess snapped this photo as we came over Wilkerson Pass:



I posted the photo on Facebook – loved the amazing moon and giggled at the fact that I’d looked at this photo so many times and hadn’t noticed the giant elk right next to the road! A photographer friend commented that I should “Crop that down to exclude the road and balance the moon and elk into opposite corners and that would be really nice.”



I agree. It is really nice that way. Moon. Mountains. Trees. Blurry elk from moving vehicle.

But I still like the original better.


In the original, here’s what I see:

  • The size of the prairie. What a panorama you get to see every time you travel west over Wilkerson Pass.
  • The seemingly never-ending road that winds down Wilkerson Pass along the prairie all the way to Hartsel. You can see for miles!
  • A cell phone photo that Princess took out a dirty window as we drove 65 mph down the road. What a wonderful day we
  • A giant beautiful moon that we’d been commenting on for the past 45 minutes – since we started up Highway 24 in Manitou Springs.
  • A giant beautiful moon that had us so distracted that we missed the giant elk on the side of the road. I giggle when I think about how many times we looked at this photo to check out the beautiful moon and snow-capped mountains and didn’t see that giant elk.
  • The snow-covered prairie and amazing snow-capped mountains in the distance. The trees are just a small part of the photo.
  • The vast blue morning sky as the sun rises above the mountains in the east behind us.
  • The memories a Mom and her teenage Princess made on a day trip to Breckenridge to snowboard together.

Yes – the cropped photo is nice, but I’ll keep my original uncropped memories.

It’s all a matter of perspective.