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March, 2016:

She’s Better At This Than I Am

We brought Remington home last Tuesday – he’s been here one full week :-)

He and Cowboy spent the first 5 days fighting . . . nipping at each other, kicking, pinning their ears and prancing around, kicking stall walls, getting stuck in the Cameo fencing when they tried to get to each other. All typical stuff for horses when they first meet – figuring out who’s in charge.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised Remi gave it any thought at all! He’s so laid back and passive, we thought he’d just settle in and let Cowboy be in charge.

They’ve stopped fighting and even took naps next to each other yesterday, although I still don’t know who’s alpha. They haven’t been let out in the pasture together yet. We’ll give that a few more days and hopefully let the snow and ice melt so there aren’t any accidents.

Remi came from a very nice boarding facility – he’d lived there for the past 2 years. His previous owner had him there and we left him there for winter so he could get training and Princess could use the indoor arena to ride him. Boy was he SPOILED! Three meals a day, big pastures to run in, temperature-controlled personal automatic waterer in his stall, inches of shavings on the stall floor to sleep in . . . and all the love and hugs and treats he wanted because he’s so darn cute and everybody down there just loved him!

We kept saying he’d be in for a rude awakening when he came home – he’d actually have to behave like a horse!

I have to say – Princess is much better at letting him learn to be a horse than I am.

Me: You should go spend lots of time with him and love and hug on him so he feels comfortable.
Her: I do love and hug on him, but he’s a horse – and I have to go back to school next week. He’s going to have to figure out how to exist without people around all the time.

Me: You should put some shavings in his stall for him to sleep in until he gets used to it here.
Her: No. That will only encourage him to pee and poop in his stall. And besides, Cowboy does just fine without shavings. He has his blanket and is comfortable. If he doesn’t want to lay in his pee and poop, then he will learn to do that outside where he should do it anyway.

Me: You should put his hay in the same place every morning so he knows where it is.
Her: Mom – he spent the past 2 years being fed at the same time in the exact same place. His gate to the pasture was open all day yesterday and he didn’t even go out! He needs to learn to look for food like a real horse. Yes, I will give him hay, but I’m going to move it around in his run and the pasture so he has to do at least a little work and behave like a horse. He will still get his grain inside like Cowboy does.

Me: What are you going to do when we let them out in the pasture together? I think Cowboy will bully him and try to eat all the hay.
Her: He will be fine. I will make a couple piles of hay like I always do. He’ll just have to figure out how to get his share.

And on and on and on. She’s great with her horses. When we first got Cowboy, I figured she’d baby him and try to treat him like a house pet. But nope – she treats him like a horse. A horse that she absolutely loves (and one who still has a pretty cush life here), but like a horse nonetheless. And Remi – just like a horse. Sink or swim, baby. He’ll get the food and love and hugs and work that he needs, but he will not be spoiled, not if she can help it (however, she IS at school all day and I’m here to do with the horses as I please – bwahahahahaha!).

After 2 days of having Remi here, she went online and bought a book – 101 Ground Training Exercises for You and Your Horse. She didn’t like his manners when she was feeding him and wanted to fix it right away. She looked through the entire book the day it came and tabbed the pages of the lessons she wanted to work with him on first.

So ya – Remi will be loved and hugged by his sweet girl as much as any horse should be . . . but he will also have manners and not be spoiled :-)

Can I say how much I love my Princess?

The Bonus of Being Behind

We gave up Saturday in the mountains and with friends to work around the house. We spent the day cleaning up the yard . . . all of it . . . the pastures . . . the woodpile that was here and out of sorts the day we moved in . . . trimming tree branches . . . cleaning the horse trailer . . . picking up trash that has blown into our yard from the neighbor’s construction site . . . throwing out saved carpet that is 3 generations old . . . cleaning the inside of the house.

I’d say we put in our fair share of adulting on Saturday!

Sunday, we took a break. I had 13 loads of laundry to do (don’t ask), so I decided to set up scrapbooking shop in the dining room and scrapbook while I did laundry.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve scrapbooked!

How long?

I was scrapbooking pages from June of 2008.

One HUGE bonus of scrapbooking pages from 8 years ago?

7 and 5 year old Dude and Princess :-)



All at once now – “AwwwWWWWWWwwwww!” :-)

I think I’ll leave the stuff out a little longer – the kids have enjoyed looking at their former selves as well :-)