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April, 2016:

He Found His “Thing”

I’ve mentioned before that Jason had an epiphany last year – his Freshman year – that he wanted to do something in Science. He just didn’t know what. He had the opportunity to take Principles of Biomedical Science in school (really? Definitely not an opportunity I had!). He LOVED it.

This year, he took Biomedical Science, Biology, and Forensic Science.

OMG does he absolutely LOVE Forensics! Loved it enough that he joined HOSA – it’s basically club for high school students who want to work in the medical field – Future Health Professionals.

His favorite unit in Forensics so far? The brain. L.O.V.E.D. the unit on brains. Promptly decided he wants to be a neurologist. What?!

Some things he’s said to me and Dan this year that make me wonder “Who IS this kid? And where did he come from?!”


“Mom – can you remind me to get online at midnight Sunday so I can sign up for the trip to the morgue that’s in May? Only a certain number of kids get to go and I want to make sure I get on the list.”

Um – Yes? He’s ecstatic – he got registered and will be taking a trip to the morgue May 13th – from 6-9 p.m. Our doctor friend told him to take the mintiest thing he could find and hold it up to his nose the entire time!


“Hey Mom – are we doing anything from 3-4 on the 5th?”

No – why?

“Well – I signed up to listen to a speaker who’s coming to school. She’s a transplant doctor. She’s going to bring real human organs and everything! I mean, they’re in that preservative stuff, but she said she’s got a couple livers and one of them even has cancer that we get to see!”

The excitement in his voice . . . wow. And Dan is just like, Dude – seriously? That sounds HORRIBLE!


“Um Mom? Now listen before you say no. But can you get me out of school next Friday?”


“Cuz my friend Jack’s Mom works for the CU health department and there’s this giant new medical campus at the University of Colorado and she was invited to go on this tour of it and listen to doctors talk and they get to see all the stuff they can do there and did you know doctors from CU performed one of the first transplants ever? And well, she can’t go but she asked if her son Jack could go because he loves medical stuff and wants to be a doctor and they said sure. They also told her to have him invite up to 5 friends because they want as many people there as they can. So anyway, it’s from 8-2:30 next Friday in Denver. And if I get all my school work done ahead of time and get all my other stuff done can you PLEASE take me out of school so I can go?”

Seriously – who in their right MIND would say no to their 15 year old wanting to take a tour of a brand new medical campus??? I can bet you a million dollars he’ll learn more on that tour than he ever would attending school on a Friday during the last month of school.

So I will be transporting Jason, Jack, and Caroline up to Denver next Friday morning so they can get on the charter bus with the other tour attendees and spend the day at the Medical campus.


The kid came home from school a couple weeks ago excited beyond belief. For Forensics, they have to do a report and presentation on a job in the field of Forensic Science. They didn’t get to choose – they had to draw a card out of a hat.

He drew “Aviation Accident Investigator” – nope – not kidding!

He was telling Dan about it with the biggest grin on his face. Then Dan said “You know, Dude . . . one of my friends up in Denver is an aviation accident investigator. He’s been doing it for years. Want me to see if you can interview him?”

Coolest. Dad. EVER!

So last night, Jason spent an hour on the phone with a real live Aviation Accident Investigator who has spent the past 15 years of his life being the first on scene to aviation accidents involving death (yuck!) and reviewing photos and conducting pilot interviews for non-deadly accidents.

Jason had the BIGGEST smile on his face when he came out of his room.

Told us all about it and got his laptop so he could create the Google Docs PowerPoint shell because today was a work day in class for the projects.

In the car this morning on the way to school . . .

“Ya – I kinda was pretty pumped about my Forensics project and, well, I finished it last night. So now I’m not sure what I’ll do in class all day.”

Then . . .

“Why can’t we just take the classes we like? Like science. Why do I have to take British Literature and French and all that stuff, too?”

Well Dude – that’s what college is for :-)


Can I say how HAPPY I am that he’s found something he’s so in love with? Could it all change? Maybe. But for now, he’s loving it and has a path to start on.

Proud Mama!

Like A Duck

That was me yesterday afternoon – frantically moving and treading underneath, still and calm where the world could see.

I was sitting at my desk working while Keira was out riding Remi in the arena. For some reason I had an urge to go see how it was going. As I got to the sliding glass door, I saw her ask him to canter . . . then I saw him turn his head at her, glare, and proceed to buck her off.

Little shit!

He stood there for a second then trotted off up the driveway to the barn and stood by his stall door.

Keira’s friend was out there with her, so while I really WANTED to bolt out the door to see if she was OK, I just stood there and waited. Keira got up, dusted herself off, said something to Piper, and stomped up the driveway after her horse.

I looked out my office window to see what she’d do. I was HOPING she’d get back on him. Instead, my heart deflated a little bit when I saw her untack him.

Really?! You’re going to just let him get away with that?

Uh – no. I should’ve known better.

Next thing I see is Keira stomping back down the driveway with her horse in tow. The poor guy had no clue what he was in for.

She lunged the crap out of him in the arena! He got to do all the cantering she wanted him to do originally, and then some.

And boy was he M.A.D.! I saw him put his ears back, give a little mini buck, and try to gallop off. Keira grabbed the lunge line with both hands, held on, and made him come to her.

He tried again.

Same result.

He finally put his ears up and started to nicely trot around on the lunge line. Then canter when she asked. Then change direction. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Finally she took the pressure off and just stood there in the middle of the arena.

He stood at the end of the lunge line. When he decided it was safe, he put his head down, slowly meandered over to her, and put his head in her hands.

Good boy.

She wasn’t willing to get on and give him an attitude adjustment without the fence up yet, but she found a way to get her point across without getting back on, that’s for sure!

We’ll see what happens when she gets on him to ride today.


This morning when I went out to feed, I told him that if he hurt his girl again, we’d send him away to the cowboy farm where he’d have to actually do work and not have a cute little girl to braid his hair and bathe him and get him all ready for horse shows where everyone would love on him and give him carrots and treats and ribbons.

He actually looked at me, dropped his head, and nickered.

Good boy.

Ma Baaaay-be!

Dropped Dude off at school last night for a Prom week volleyball fun night.

I get this text around 8:45 p.m. . .

“We’re gonna go get food after and C can drive me to get it.”

After a few more texts, they were all off to Freddie’s.

Hubby picked him and a buddy up at 9:45.

Today at 11:30 a.m. I get this text . . .

“Can I go to the park at 2 to play soccer?”

After a few more texts, I took him to Fox Run Park at 1:00 to play soccer.

Then I get this text . . .

“Hey. It’s crazy snowy here so we’re going to Davinci instead where there is none. C can drive me there.”



If you haven’t guessed, C passed the 6-month mark and can have a non-related passenger in the car with him.

How did this happen?

WHEN did this happen?

When did this guy get old enough to get dropped off at one place and picked up at another place 4 hours later?!

Jason Boedigheimer

Ma Baaaaaay-be! Is growing up :-(



While Dude rehabs his elbow for baseball, he decided to get a job umpiring for Little League.

He’s loving it! And earning some money.

I’m enjoying watching the kiddos play from a completely different perspective than I had when Dude was 12 and playing Little League (oh how I’d love to talk to some of those parents!).

They are so cute and innocent and just out there playing baseball.

To end the game on Thursday, a kid hit a fly ball to center field for out #2. The base runner walked back to 2nd and didn’t make it before the center fielder threw to 2nd and got him out for a double play.

Dude had to call the runner out.

When we got to the car, he said “I wanted to yell to him to run back, but we can’t do that. After I called him out and the other team started cheering, he just started crying. I felt so bad for him! They’re so little!”

I love that my Dude has such a huge heart :-)

Still Got It – Sorta . . .

Remember when Dude was working on his last requirements to earn his Eagle Scout rank? The last thing he had to do was complete a 20-mile hike. He picked a nice Sunday, mapped out a route on the Santa Fe Trail, and hiked.

This also meant that I hiked the 20 miles with him.

Now that his elbow is doing well and he’s in rehab mode, he has to work through the Interval Throwing Program before he can play again. Don’t know what that is? Check this out:



If Dude has to complete the ITP, guess who else gets to complete the ITP? Yup – you guessed it. Me.

Why do I have to do it? Because it’s high school baseball season and all of his buddies have games and practice every day. And since I’m the parent that can catch and throw a baseball, I win!

Kinda . . . not really.

We must all remember that not only do I have a bum right shoulder, I also have bum wrists and elbows.

And, quite frankly, I’m 43 . . . not 23.

He has to complete each step of each phase 3 times (although doc gave him a pass on 45′ – he only has to do those 2 times) . . . which means a total of 2380 throws, not including all the warm up throws.


He may have to find a new throwing partner when he gets to the 90′ phase!

There is one bonus – the boost to my old lady dead arm ego. The Dads and Grandpas at the cages are still impressed when I step in there with Dude and catch and throw with him 😉

They don’t need to know that even with the whiskey, ibuprofen, and hot tub remedy, I can barely lift my arm to brush my teeth the next day 😉