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June, 2016:


Time to put up something else :-)

We’ve been enjoying every single second of summer so far! I’ve got lots of photos I’d like to share . . . but haven’t had time to download them.

In short (or not) . . .

Keira – horse shows, riding in our very own arena out front, playing with the horses and kittens, summer swim team with friends, friends staying over, trip to Breckenridge with a friend. Did I mention horse? She’s having a great summer so far!

Jason – baseball, baseball, hanging out with friends, getting grounded for getting home late, baseball, baseball, learning how to drive a stick shift, volunteering to go on every errand so he can drive the Audi now that he’s figured it out, baseball, baseball. Have I mentioned baseball? He’s FINALLY back on the field and having a last! We’re headed to Phoenix this week for a tournament.

Jodie – work, mom taxi, work, mom taxi, muck stalls with Keira, mom taxi, sort and price items for Boy Scout garage sale, mom taxi, mom taxi, mom taxi. 63 more days of mom taxi before Jason gets his license. I. Can’t. Wait. I might even be more excited than Jason is about it . . . and he’s pretty darn excited!

Dan – work, work, work, watch Keira ride, work, watch Jason play baseball, work work work. Business is good and he’s keeping busy – even hired a couple more people last week!

Jared – wait, what?! Jason’s coach is staying with us for the summer. He’s here from Texas for the summer to coach the team and needed a host family – so we gave him Grandma’s room and the truck’s spot in the garage for the summer. While it’s different having a 24-year old in the house, it’s been great. Shakes things up a bit. AND he gives Jason a ride to the baseball stuff . . . I just have to pick him up. So there’s that added bonus. Very nice kid! He’s only been here a week, but we’re enjoying having him around.

So there you have it – our first 10 days of summer break in a nutshell (Seriouly? Only 10 days?!).

I hope you’re all enjoying summer as much as we are!!!