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August 23rd, 2016:

Drive Time

With Jason driving himself all over now, I figured it was time to get started with Keira :-) She’ll be 14 in December, which means she can start driver’s training in June (yes, I really said that – next summer!!!). I had told her she could start driving the driveway when she was tall enough to safely reach the pedals AND see over the dash.

Well, she’s been growing all summer like there’s no tomorrow and her legs are officially as long as mine – which isn’t saying much, but the girl’s got legs up to her neck!

Yesterday, we borrowed Jason’s car to go buy grain for the horses . . . on the way we filled it up with gas and I fixed Lola’s skirt when we got home . . . so I figured I had “purchased” some extra time in Jason’s baby.

So Keira put on shoes and moved the seat up and forward and we were off! She did great – up and down the driveway a few times, complete with backing up and stopping at the end and blinking and driving around the cul de sac before coming back up the driveway.

The first trip was a little jerky, but by trip #3, she was doing great!


Looking forward to more trips up and down the driveway to get my Princess some practice!