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August 26th, 2016:

Hawaii 2.13.16

Day Three – 2.13.16 – Snorkeling Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

This was Keira’s must do, even though she does NOT like snorkeling. I feel like an entire day on, near, by, in water was appealing to her. We all LOVED it! Got up fairly early to be there on time. We had yummy Kona coffee and continental breakfast while we waited for everyone to board. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning!

There are definitely worse places to be :-)

01 Boat


On the way to Molokini crater, we saw a TON of whales! We were even fortunate enough to see a giant whale fully breech and then do a black splash on the water. VERY cool to see! Definitely do not have to pay for a specific whale watching tour if you go out on the water for any other thing. It took us awhile to get to the island because we had to slow down for whales, but it was totally worth it.

The snorkeling was really ┬áneat! Molokini is a volcano crater that is just out of the water. It’s a HUGE drop off, which is perfect for snorkeling. It’s calm and the fish like to hang out in there. Jason and Dan liked to actually dive under while Keira and I were content to just float on the top and look down.







While people finished the snorkeling time, the kids decided to have some fun on the water slide off of the back of the boat.

Jason loved it!



Keira did it, but I can tell you that is definitely a look of regret on her face!



We enjoyed an awesome BBQ lunch on deck while we drove from Molokini to Turtle Town for the second half of our snorkeling adventure. On the way, we all saw a Coast Guard helicopter circling something in the ocean. We thought maybe it was protecting some whales or something. There are very strict rules about how close boats and people can get to the whales.


Jason and Keira watching the Coast Guard helicopter.



Everyone onboard was oohing and aahing and taking selfies with the helicopter in the background. Then the captain got on the loud speaker and announced that we’d be making a detour. Turns out, there were a couple kayakers in trouble and the helicopter was out there for a water rescue! Our boat and a half dozen other boats cruised on over and kind of circled around the rescue operation just in case.


Dan decided he’d like to help, too :-)

08 Coastguard Hand


We could hear the Coast Guard radioing about the rescue through our captain’s bridge. We were also close enough to see the guy jump out of the helicopter and catch the basket as it lowered. It was pretty cool to see people get put in the basket and hauled up to the helicopter.


Not something you get to see every day!


When everyone was safely onboard the helicopter, they left. Another boat went to pick up the kayak and haul it to shore with them. At that point, we were off to Turtle Town for more snorkeling! The sea turtles were way cool and big and fun. They’d swim right up to you! You could’ve reached out and touched them if you wanted – but apparently they don’t like that, so we didn’t press our luck. We’d had quite enough snorkeling for one day, so we hung out on the boat, where it turns out you could see more turtles from up there than you could from in the water! It was pretty cool :-)

A great snorkeling trip, for sure!

We got back around 2:00 p.m. Keira LOVES the water and the ocean and kept saying she just wanted to play on a sandy beach and in the water. We all chatted and figured we’re wet, we’re fed, and we’re close to the beach – so we headed over to Kihei to the public beach to cross that item off of Keira’s list :-)

Despite what he may say about the beach, it looks to me like Jason did indeed enjoy himself!



Keira ALWAYS loves being in the water. She definitely takes after her Mom on that one!


Despite all the sunblock he used, Jason was DONE with the sun for the day. We had the top off of the Jeep, so he put his hoodie on and wore his hat crooked so he could block the sun from hitting his face :-)

12 J Car Ride


We decided to walk into Lahaina, check out the largest banyan tree on the planet (fills an entire city block), and find some yummy food. But first Dan and I had to enjoy some Longboard beer on the lanai!

13 Jodie Dan House


Another great day! Another great meal! Looking forward to Day Four – our anniversary!

Good Night :-)

14 Goodnight