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August 29th, 2016:

Hawaii – 2.14.16

Day Four – 2.14.16 – 20th Vow Renewal and Feast at Lele

Our 20th Anniversary day is here! I’d been in contact with Anita at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Kihei since August. She had it all set up for us to renew our vows on our anniversary, which just happened to be the first Sunday of Lent. I called when we got to Hawaii to make sure everything was good, but didn’t get any return calls. Just to be safe, we showed up to the church about an hour early to make sure everything was set and to find out if we needed to anything specific.

They had NO CLUE we were coming! Turns out, Anita had left and moved to Texas in November and didn’t tell them anything about our vow renewal. Of course I had all the information with me, so they found Candi, the church administrator, for us. She was AMAZING and got everything set up and ready to go.

The mass was crazy long because it was the start of Lent, there were tons of visitors, they introduced the Catechumens that morning, and there were lots of announcements.

Finally, after Communion and what seemed like the longest mass ever, Father Watanabe told everyone he had one more announcement. You could feel the near silent groans from the congregation – they’d already been there FOREVER. Then he announced that they were doing a wedding blessing for a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary. More near silent groans as I’m sure they all thought we were just some couple vacationing over Valentine’s Day and decided to renew our vows for an anniversary that was happening sometime this year.

We all 4 walked to the front of church, and when Father Watanabe introduced us and mentioned that we had been married right there at that church exactly 20 years ago to the day by Father Jack, the mood changed. People got a little more tolerant, and the older people got all happy and clapped and smiled that we had the kids with us.

The rest went off without a hitch :-)

2014 01


After the ceremony, we spent some time in Kihei, shopping and eating awesome lunch at an outdoor joint before heading back to the house to relax. Jason was content hanging out in the hammock in the backyard watching the waves. Dan, Keira, and I walked into Lahaina to do some shopping at all the beach front shops. It was a lot of fun! We found some cool stuff nestled in among the tourist things. Of course Keira found ice cream to enjoy 😉

That evening, we had reservations for the Feast at Lele, which was the same location as the luau we went to when we got married. It was only a block from the house we were staying in, so that meant we could walk and enjoy the evening. We got cleaned up headed out early so we could enjoy the pre-party. As always, mai-tais for adults and kids were free.


All drinks come with live flowers in them – which Jason had to give to Keira so he didn’t DIE :-) And of course Dan had to give her bunny ears in the photo. Can’t take him anywhere!

2014 02


Not long after we arrived, we were given leis, which Jason respectfully declined, and shown to our table. It was in a great spot so we could see everything – the stage, the water – it was perfect! We were ready for our feast – five courses of food from five different cultures, each accompanied by song and dance of that culture.

2014 03


Drinks were included, so the kids tried one of everything. Yes, we are THAT family!

2014 04


2014 05


Dan and I enjoyed our first mai-tais.

2014 06


Then we tried something else from the menu – a yummy blended something or other.

2014 07


We just celebrated 20 years of marriage. We have our kids with us. The house is less than 2 blocks away. The meal is five courses, and we figured why not enjoy?! So we did. We topped off our evening with some embellished coffee drinks served with dessert just for us.

Here’s to 20 more years, Honey!

2014 08

***I’m pretty sure the kids walked a good 50 feet in front of us the entire way home!