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November, 2016:

It’s Cold in the Barn!

You never know what’s going to happen each year when it starts to get chilly out and you need winter gear for the barn and the barn babies.

Water Troughs
We drained them, cleaned them, put the tank heaters in, and actually remembered to plug the heater in last night. Got down to the low teens. Will they work this year?
Yes! Unfrozen water for the big barn babies :-)

Heated Cat Dish
Will it work? Lots of reviews and live people said they seem to have to buy a new one every year, even if it’s unplugged all summer. Did it work?
Yes! Unfrozen water for the little barn baby :-)

Warm Cat Bed
Will Kaboodle be warm enough since he’s by himself? Keira was convinced he was going to be cold out there last night. She said his fur was cold when she went out to feed the horses (I told her it’s his coat – of course it’s cold!). She said he’d be chilly sleeping. I told her no way – he has a cat crate covered in 4 layers of sleeping bags with 2 fleece blankets inside. Was he warm?
Yes! In fact, he wasn’t even in the barn this morning when I went out to feed! He came sauntering in the cat door and rubbed up against my leg. I picked him up and he was so warm under is coat that he warmed up my cold hands :-)

So ya – it was wet and cold yesterday and last night. Everyone is warm and fine . . . all is looking good for the rest of winter.

Bring it on, Mother Nature!


I was happy when Keira wanted to get a costume for Halloween and go trick or treating with her friends :-) As long as you dress up, you can go trick or treating as long as you want to!

She chose to be an elephant. I giggled because it’s a redo. 13 year old elephants are not quite as cuteĀ as 10 month old elephants, but still cute and fun :-)





Loved how much fun she had trick or treating with her friends . . . and that she didn’t mind that a couple moms tagged along (in costume, I might add – although no photos of the big people).