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37 Days

37 Days – April 1st

The┬ámaximum number of days before Remington comes to live in our barn :-) He’s made great progress in his jumping since he started in November. It’s been great having access to such a wonderful indoor arena and outdoor arena through winter. But the fact is, an hour one-way is a long way to drive. And almost $700/month is a lot to pay in boarding when you have your very own barn, stall, pasture, and trailer.

So April 1st it is.

Remington – while your girl will undoubtedly make you work and practice this:



I promise you there will be no shortage of hugs and love and relaxing and just hanging out being a horse with your Girl, much like this:


Can’t wait to bring you home Professor Holly Doc!

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  1. Shirley says:

    Love the pictures and looking forward to seeing Remi when we get to CS in late March! Love Ya…Mom

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