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I am a thirty-something working mother of two beautiful children, Jason 9 and Keira 7 going on 17. My husband and I have been happily married since February of 1996. We live 900 miles away from our family and miss them dearly, but we love our friends, our jobs, our schools, and our playtime and wouldn’t change a thing.

My hope for this blog was to share experiences I get to have with my children while also asking for advice from my faithful readers (all 2 of you!) 😉 All of us mom’s have been through the kids stuff or are experiencing it every day, so let’s share our wisdom!

I’d love to hear from you at jboedie at gmail dot com.

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  1. Karen Vogel says:

    Aren’t 4-year-old girls something else? I’m relieved mine just turned 5. If you want to see what they are capable of, visit my website The More The Messier and click on some of the “Favorite Posts.” I don’t have any wisdom to share, unfortunately; just lots of empathy.

  2. Aleisha says:

    Love reading your blog. I got a kick out of the Thunder post.

  3. just saw your comment on Dad Gone Mad and came to your blog, really like it! I will be sure to keep up with you, thanks!

  4. Moonspun says:

    Hey there, I found your site from Dad Gone Mad and I just checked a bit around your site. It looks great. I liked your second post, last year about your husband, Dan. I am so glad for you both!

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