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My Princess rode in her first horse show this past Saturday! OMG she was so friggin’ cute I can’t even stand it. She’s been taking lessons from awesome Miss Amara since May and was ready for her first show. Amara took Princess and 3 other students to the show with two horses – Sunny and Shadow. Sunny is the horse Amara rode in shows when she did them and Shadow is the older horse that is not a show horse, but loves to be out doing stuff. She can be a bit lazy during lessons, but she is totally a gamer! When you get her in the large arena with all the people and horses, she holds her head up high, smiles, and has a blast with my little half-pint riding her.

We love Miss Amara for many reasons, but one of my favorite things about her is that she teaches the girls everything about horse ownership. So Friday night, we had a 2 1/2 hour lesson that involved 1 1/2 hours of preparing the horses for the show (brushing, cleaning, braiding manes and tales, trying on costumes and walking them around to make sure they would tolerate them) and 1 hour of practicing jumping the poles.

Princess was sharing Shadow with another girl, H, in the show. Since the show was in October, there was a Costume Class that the girls were entering. They decided to dress Shadow up as a hippie horse and have the girls dress up as hippies, too. H’s mom owns a dance studio, so she had awesome shirts for the girls. Princess and I made a large Peace necklace for shadow and bought some tie dye and flower ribbon for decoration.

Here’s Shadow tolerating the costume the girls are trying out on her.

We were totally lucky on Saturday – an 80 degree and sunny day in late October!¬†The girls had to get to Amara’s at 9:00 a.m. to re-brush the horses, get all of their stuff together, and get them trailered to take to the show. Once at the facility, they got the horses settled in their stalls and started dressing them for the Costume Class, which was first. Here they are in the stall, waiting for it to be time to head on out.

Since Princess was the smaller and younger of the two, she got to ride Shadow while H walked Shadow. We had to modify Princess’s helmet to have the matching flower bandana on it.


The girls and Shadow did awesome! They earned a 5th place ribbon in the Costume Class. They give out ribbons up to 6th place, and there were 13 horses in the Costume Class, so they were pretty excited!


The girl in the Santa hat is Princess’s riding partner at lessons. A and T shared Sunny for the show. They dressed Sunny as a reindeer! They took a 6th place ribbon – how fun!

We had to hustle back to the stall to undress the horses and girls and get everyone ready in formal clothes for their jumping classes. Princess was riding Shadow in both of the Piles of Poles classes. They are technically jumping classes, but it’s a beginner class, so the poles are just lying on the ground :-) More of a little hop for the horse than a jump.

Princess was a little nervous once she got out there, but she was happy she wasn’t the very first person to ride in her first Piles of Poles class. She had a chance to watch a couple other girls do the course first so she could memorize it.


H rode Shadow before Princess, so Miss Amara and her Mom¬†cruised out to the arena with Princess to change Shadow’s number and give my half-pint a boost onto her horse.


Princess and Shadow make their courtesy circle before starting the course. Look at her awesome posture!


And they were off! Shadow can’t really feel Princess on her, so she doesn’t adjust well to the posting between jumps and 2-point over the jumps, so Princess just rode 2-point the entire course. She was so friggin’ cute!


She did so great – we were so proud of both of them! She decided to sit on Shadow while she waited for the rest of the girls to finish before she was called to ride in the 2nd Piles of Poles Class. She was first this time, and was happy when they told her the course was just the reverse of the first course.


Since it was her first show, we’d chatted about how she should just go out, enjoy herself, learn some things, and not expect to win any ribbons. We were so excited when she won 5th place in her class! She and Shadow rocked!

My Princess and her beautiful Shadow :-) Oh how this girl loves her horse!


We hung around until the last class to watch Miss Amara ride. She rode Sunny in the class with the 2′ 6″ jumps. She and Sunny got 1st place in both of their classes – how awesome! After that, it was off to the barn to load all the tack, trailer the horses, and clean the stalls before heading home for some thorough hot showers.

We all enjoyed our first horse show and are looking forward to more lessons and hopefully more shows.

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