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Advanced Planners Anonymous

APA Alert

A fairly large group of my friends, and myself, have big birthdays coming up next year from June 30th – September 21st . . . three 40s and a 50! Being the women that we are, we plan our own parties – no waiting for someone else to do it. For example, on my 25th birthday, my best bud and I (our birthdays are 3 days apart) went skydiving. On our 30th birthday (on which I was 6 months pregnant – dumbass!), we rented City Hall, hired a band, and had a party. On our 35th birthday, we had a 70s flashback skate party at the local roller skating rink, complete with costumes, feathered hair, and more blue eye shadow than Walmart had to sell – we are awesome at embarrassing our kiddos.

For our 40th, we are . . . du du du DAAAAAAAA . . . going to Alaska :-) Yup, we (along with many of our friends and family) are flying to Alaska and taking a 7-day cruise back to Vancouver.

In July 2012.

I may or may not have already reserved our cabin on the ship.

However, in my defense, there are only so many cabins that hold 4 people, so I HAD to do it – 10 months in advance.

Really, I had no choice.

If you want to join the par-tay, lemme know and I’ll send you all the information :-)

It Runs In The Family

I may be a founding member of Advanced Planners Anonymous, but that’s only because I was the first to admit that I have a problem. This curse of mine was definitely handed down to me from my mother (hi, Mom!).

My Mom, SIL, and I have just finalized plans for a mini-family reunion with 7 adults and 2 children . . . for the week of July 18th. We have a place to stay and everything.

Oh, did I mention that it’s in July of 2010?!

The next APA meeting will take place on the 3rd Thursday of June, 2009. I expect you all to be there.

Another APA Meeting

I think it’s time to schedule my next Advanced Planners Anonymous meeting.

We just bought our ski/ride passes for next winter! We are READY – even though we still haven’t put away the skis and boards for summer storage yet 😉

Mom and I are signing a rental agreement for a house for our trip to Savannah . . . in NOVEMBER!

Hubby and I have been making plans to go see some friends in San Antonio – FOR THANKSGIVING!

Yes – we are founding members of APA. Anyone want to join?