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Bad Mojo

It’s Not Your Stuff

To the¬†thief who feels the need to break into cars of people working hard to make a living – STOP IT! It’s not your stuff! Leave it alone!

In the past 2 weeks, a number of cars have been broken into in the parking garage underneath the building I work in, as well as outside in the parking lot, in broad daylight. Have I mentioned that our building is MADE OF WINDOWS? Yet nobody has actually seen this happen. Anyhoo . . . no, people shouldn’t leave valuables in their car. But sometimes, you just do. And that does not give anyone else the right to break your window and steal it.

And to The Thief who broke into my coworkers car and stole the zippered envelope WITH HIS SCRIPTURES IN IT . . . how disappointing it must have been for you when you ended up getting a wad of scriptures instead of a wad of cash. I guess you got what you deserved . . . and I’m sure you will¬†end up with what you deserve later as well.

Yes, times are desperate for some people. No, that does NOT give you the right to steal other people’s stuff.