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Is It Bad To Laugh At Your Son’s Friends?

We had a blast snowboarding this past Tuesday. Princess was in a lesson all day, so we didn’t see much of her. Dude and his buddy, C, were off on their own all day and had a blast! Dude sent us this photo he took with his GoPro from the lift:




Looks like they were having a good time and enjoying the weather!

When they got in the car, Dude was telling me about the terrain park.

“We were standing on top of the hill waiting for it to be our turn to go off the jump. I turned around and chatted with C. Then I turned back to watch the kid go off the jump. Then I turned around and starting talking to C again, but he wasn’t there. Everyone was dying laughing! I looked down the side of the hill and saw C. He stepped back and fell off the edge!”

In true Boedie fashion, when C asked Dude to help, he said “Sure – but just a minute. I need a picture of this first.”

And that is how we got this . . . and I can’t stop laughing :-)


Life is definitely better with teenagers with a sense of humor!

Boarding in Breck

Last year was a snowboarding bust for the Boedies! The snow was terrible all season and we had so much going on with baseball and other things that we just didn’t make it up to the mountains nearly enough. So this year, we’re determined to get up there a LOT! We started by taking Dude and a friend up during Thanksgiving break. Princess was going to just take a shot on the greens with me to see what she remembered from 3 years ago, but she got sick, so she and I hung out in the lodge while Dude and his buddy boarded all day. They had a blast! Great early season snow. This photo of them in South Park on the way home makes me giggle :-)

 Last weekend we were determined to get up there and have some fun and get Princess a lesson. Dude and Hubby headed up on Saturday since it was Dew Tour weekend. It was way warm out, but they still went and had fun! You can tell it was warm because Hubby is NOT wearing a jacket – only a hoody! This is the guy who’s dressed for a -50 degree blizzard every time we board no matter what the weather forecast.


Dude has ALWAYS wanted to snowboard in shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t know why, it’s just been a dream of his. So he took a couple runs in his new (Thanks QT and Ed!) hoodie with shorts to test it out.

He determined he could indeed do some runs in just a t-shirt and shorts . . . and being the 14 year old boy that he is, he did it!

42 degrees or not, BRRRRRRRR!

Princess and I came up later that night after her horse riding party and met them at the condo. A nice early night to bed before waking up to 7 inches of snow on the vehicles! It was going to be a GREAT day on the mountain! Even Dude bundled up for this one! What a difference 12 hours can make :-)

 We dropped Princess at her lesson. She’s determined to get good enough at snowboarding so we can all go have fun in Whistler, Canada in March. She did AWESOME! She lucked out and got a private lesson all day. She and Mike had a great day and she worked hard. She even asked if they could skip snack breaks because she wanted more time on the mountain. So proud of her and all she accomplished in one day. She’s looking forward to getting up there again when we get back from our Christmas vacation.

 The rest of us had a good day on the mountain. Dude was always waiting for us at the bottom, but it was fun. When Hubby and I were ready to take breaks (old people alert!) Dude would just cruise up the lift and do another run by himself. He was having a blast trying new tricks on the jumps and through the trees. He’s discovered that with trying new stuff, you wipe out a lot! He got cheers from the lift on many occasions . . . some for awesome jumps and tricks, others for spectacular wipe outs :-) Some photos of the 3 of us boarding.


Of course we found some time to visit the Dew Tour booths. Dude and I even got to hang out in the Rav4 Photo Booth with the Toyeti! Fun :-)

Dude and Hubby left early to head back so Dude could make it back for his hitting league. I got to hang out at the base of Peak 8 and watch the Slopestyle Snowboarding finals of the Dew Tour. Got to watch most of the runs on a giant outdoor screen and then got to see the riders do their last 2 ginormous jumps live right in front of us. There were some SPECTACULAR tricks and some even MORE spectacular wipe outs. Amazes me how high they go, how hard they fall, and how quickly they just pop right back up.

Princess and I enjoyed a relaxing drive home with awesome burritos and sopapillas at Dorothy’s in Fairplay.

An all around awesome weekend!

Snowshoes Rock!

I mentioned that dude and Hubby went on a fun winter outing with the Boy Scout troop a couple weekends ago. Dude wrote a post on his blog about it, but he didn’t post any photos and he didn’t tell you everything he told me. I think a list of what Dude said is in order:

  1. It was the awesomest bestest day ever!
  2. My snowshoes were smaller than everyone else’s. (but they worked great)
  3. Snowboarding in powder is awesome!
  4. Hiking in powder is hard.
  5. Snowboarding down the trail along the road while everyone else drove down was awesome!
  6. I can’t wait to do it again!
  7. We need to take the whole family up there to do this sometime.

And on and on and on.

Here are some photos of the fun (that Princess and I missed out on because the little guy wanted a guy’s day with the big guy!).

Princess and I can’t wait until we can all go up as a family to enjoy the semi-back country!

Hittin’ The Slopes!

Yesterday, the Boedies logged our 3rd day on the slopes this season. One of the bonuses of both of us being self-employed and working for our own company – Thursdays on the mountain!

We typically avoid the slopes during holidays, but Hubby was feeling a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders since quitting his “other” job, and I wasn’t ready to actually do any real work yet, so we packed up the kiddos and headed to Breckenridge for the day. It was CHILLY out there! When we got to town, the thermostat in the car said -24! Cold? Yes! But it was sunny and there was no wind, so we were good to go. At this point, I wish I had a photo of how differently the 4 of us dress for a day snowboarding.

No matter what the temperature . . . Hubby and Princess wear:

  • Long underwear
  • Another pair of Underarmourish pants
  • A 3rd pair of warm pants
  • A pair of super warm wool snowboarding/skiing socks
  • An underarmour shirt
  • A warm sweatshirt
  • Another warm wool shirt or sweatshirt
  • Snowboarding/Ski Boots
  • Toe warmers inside boots
  • Boarding/Ski pants
  • Boarding/Ski Jacket, with liner
  • Mittens
  • Hand warmers inside mittens
  • Head covering fleece gator thingy
  • Helmet
  • Goggles

Those two can single-handedly fill up the back of the SUV with their stuff.

Dude and I, on the other hand, were born polar bears. No matter the temperature, we wear:

  • Sweatpants (him) / running pants (me)
  • Underarmour
  • T-shirt
  • Regular boarding socks
  • Boarding pants
  • Jacket, without liner
  • Mittens – without hand warmers
  • Snowboarding boots – without toe warmers
  • Helmet – without fleece head cover gator thingy
  • Goggles

Hey – whatever gets you on the mountain, right?

Back to yesterday … -24 when we arrived, but sunny and no wind. Our oldest Colorado friend, E, brought his daughter, L, up to ski with us for the day. We had a blast! E was a huge skiier before Hubby and I got into it. Then he got married and had a daughter at the exact same time Hubby and I started snowboarding with Dude and Princess. This was the first time in the 17 years we’ve known E that we got to spend the day on the mountain together. It was awesome! L is 6 and sooooo cute in her little outfit! She and Princess had a blast cruising down the runs together, with E skiing right beside them trying to take pictures – most of which are blurry because the girls were going too fast! Fearless – I love it!

Dude had fun trying out all the little jumps and moguls on the sides of the runs while Hubby and I enjoyed cruising down the runs without injuring ourselves :-) For the first time I can recall, the Boedies didn’t head down to lunch at 11:00 on the nose. It was 12:30 before any of us even realized we were hungry! Then we looked at the lift line and realized everyone else had gone to lunch, so we couldn’t resist another quick run with such a short line during the Christmas holiday season.

After an awesome run with the mountain pretty much to ourselves, we actually decided to have lunch. A quick gondola ride and short 2 block walk to Subway and we were all refuelled and ready to go! We did one more run before calling it quits. The sun was setting behind the mountains, so half of the lift ride was FRIGID with no sun – and half the run was shaded, too. Hubby, Princess, L, and I all got our boards and ski’s off to head to the Gondola for the ride down, then realized Dude and E were heading up for one more run. E hasn’t gotten to “ski ski” as he puts it for at least 10 years. And we all know that the rest of us are just holding Dude back 😉 So they headed up for one last last frigid ride on the lift and run down in the shadows. Of course it was a race . . . the almost teen-aged snowboarder against the 40-something skiier.

Alas, my Dude was outsmarted yet again by the older wiser Uncle E. They had agreed to go through the moguls to see who could do them faster . . . but E was sucked in by the steep icy slope and couldn’t resist a bomb down the empty run while Dude navigated his way through the moguls as quickly as he could.

Had it been a warmer day, I’m sure the 4 of us would’ve been sitting at the bottom of that run while those two raced each other until they were kicked off the lift.

We were pretty chilly at that point, so we got a lift to the lodge on the shuttle for some hot tub time! After everyone was sufficiently thawed, E and L headed home while the Boedies headed to Dorothy’s in Fairplay for some bigger than your head bison burritos smothered in bison chili – soooooo good!

We had a great day and can’t wait for it to snow so we can get back up there again!

What did you do on one of your last days of Christmas break?

Bucket List

Even 12 year olds have bucket lists! Dude got to mark one item off of his list . . .


Boarding in his t-shirt. He was bummed he couldn’t do shorts and a t-shirt, but he didn’t bring shorts with last weekend (and it really was not that warm! One run was all he could handle!). He was feeling like quite the boarder with his Colorado Burton t-shirt and a Mountain Dew in his pocket 😉

Spring Fever?

The Minnesotan in me loves winter. I love snow and cold and fires in the fireplace and game nights with the fam on nights that get dark way too early.

Here on the front range, we didn’t really get winter. It’s really quite a bummer. And this past week, it’s been in the 60s. Yes 60s. No snow. Kiddos wearing shorts to school! It actually rained the other day instead of snowing.

Last weekend, Dude and I spent the weekend at the baseball field for Little League tryouts, and we didn’t freeze to death! It was beautiful out. No hot chocolate. No stocking caps. No gloves. No long underwear. No fleece pullovers. No little kids so bundled up they can’t even swing the bat. Just regular old short-sleeved baseball jerseys and baseball attire.

We couldn’t take it anymore, so despite the warm temperatures they’re having up in the mountains, we decided to spend a day on the slopes with some friends on Sunday. Apparently, we were slightly challenged packing for this trip – or at least I was. The problem was that I had all day Saturday while the boys were at Scout training and Princess was at a friend’s house. Instead of going through my regular packing routine, I meandered around, getting distracted do other things in between packing our stuff. I didn’t forget anything important, but we did forget the two-way radios and a camera. After a slow start in the hotel after the time change, we finally made it to Copper, where I discovered a screw had fallen out of my binding on the drive up. I went to get that fixed while Hubby and the kids waited for our friends to text back where to meet them on the mountain. The fix it shop didn’t have the right stuff to fix my binding, so they jimmy-rigged it for the day. Turns out our friend’s phone battery ran out that morning, so we couldn’t get a hold of them either since I forgot the radios. We decided to head up the lift and see what happened. We did hear from them a while later, and were able to meet up right before lunch :-) It was great to be able to hang out with them on the mountain for the rest of the afternoon after our incredibly inefficient start to the day.

It was rediculously warm, there were  a lot of people, and the snow was craptastic, but a day hurling yourself down the mountain on bad snow is better than a good day in the city any time :-)

Spring is in the air . . . and the baseball gear is in the car right along side the snowboards . . . life is good!

Snowboarding Sunrise

One of the many reasons I don’t mind getting up early to go snowboarding.


A Glimpse Into The Future?

Dude and his best friend have known each other since Dude was 8 weeks old. I love that they are still best friends. I wonder if this photo will be recreated in about 10 years when they’re on their own in Breck? :-)


The Girl Boards

Princess decided that she wanted to try snowboarding again this year now that she’s a couple years older, bigger, and stronger. Dude, Princess, and I met some friends up in Breckenridge last weekend and had a BLAST! Dude and I hung out all day on the slopes while Princess took a lesson all day. She totally rocked her board!

In no time at all, she was a pro at taking her board off…



She really liked her instructor – Peet. He was great with the kids! Anyone who knows Princess knows that this whole helping hand holding stuff didn’t last long because “I can do it by myself!”



After a morning practicing in the lesson area, they actually got on the lift in the afternoon!



Dude and I had gone over to the little hill near the end of the day to see how she was doing, and her instructor sent her up the lift with me since she was doing so well.


Anyone else think it’s funny they made her put sunblock on when this is what she always looks like on the slopes? Wouldn’t want her to look like Rudolph, I guess :-)


She was a little apprehensive her first time down the mountain. But she made it in one piece, even after getting rammed into by one of the other kids in her class (she was in class with 2 other kids – a 10 year old boy and a 12 year old girl)



Her second time down, she looked like a pro – a falling leaf pro anyway :-) Still not making any S-turns, but she made it down the hill in record time with no huge wipeouts. She even did well when she had to skate and had just one foot in her bindings.



Isn’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen on a snowboard! She loved it so much that she gave it a thumbs-up – she would’ve given it 2 thumbs up if “you didn’t make me carry my own board!”


When we returned her rental board, we took her skis and ski boots with and traded them in for a snowboard and boots – gotta love the Junior Trade program at Colorado Ski and Golf! We’re headed back up this weekend, with Hubby (yay!), so she can have another lesson and we can play some more. Oh how I love snow and family time!

What I Learned Over Spring Break Part VI – 03/22/10

I learned that . . .

. . . when you expect crappy snow on the slopes, you may be pleasantly surprised.

. . . when you expect large crowds and long lift lines during spring break, you may be extra pleasantly surprised.

. . . 9 year olds will not listen to you when you tell them they need to take it easy the first run or two to get the feel of a brand new board.

. . . 9 year olds will whine and complain and fall a lot when they refuse to adjust to their new board.

. . . it takes approximately 2 runs for a 9 year old to relax and just “feel” the board instead of trying to control it.

. . . trying out lots of new runs is a TON of fun!

. . . boarding with friends is always great.

. . . getting random calls from friends who happen to be on the same slopes on the same day is awesome!

. . . the more kids you have in a boarding/skiing group, the funnier it gets.

. . . my kids are fearless.

. . . my friends’ kids are fearless.

. . . it takes a lot of self-control to let your kids be fearless and experiment on the slopes.

. . . kids love to go through the trees and launch themselves off the jumps on the other side.

. . . kids are very flexible.

. . . kids bounce and bend when they fall.

. . . boarders and skiiers can have a great time together on the slopes.

. . . skiiers are awesome for being patient enough to wait for you to strap in at the top of the runs every single time.

. . . 1 fruit cup and a Gatorade costs $8 on the mountain.

. . . $8 is enough to instantly rejuvenate a drooping child near the end of a full day of boarding/skiing.

. . . my kids LOVE the mini terrain park.

. . . Dude thinks that because he rode a small slope up onto a wide rail and rode the rail to the end that he can “grind.”

. . . Princess gets pissed when she doesn’t go fast enough to make it across the entire rail and has to jump off in the middle.

. . . Princess will not make the same mistake two times in a row.

. . . it’s so fun to see your kids so excited about something new.

. . . I’m so glad my kids are willing to try new things.

. . . my Hubby will go in the terrain park with the kids.

. . . I was not willing to go into the terrain park on my last day on the slopes.

. . . I was SOOOO excited to end an entire boarding season without the slightest injury!

. . . we have wonderful friends who will invite us to their condo for awesome spaghetti dinner after a long day of boarding.

. . . friends are priceless.

Stay tuned to see what I learned in Part VII of Spring Break!