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13 Days

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted – even longer if you consider that I cheated by reposting my wedding day posts :-)

We’ve been busy here in the land of Boedie!

Swim team is going awesome, and keeping us busy.

My Mom and Step-Dad came to visit us for a long weekend over President’s Day weekend. We didn’t venture out to do many things, but Princess was happy they could see her swim meet! We had a great time just hanging out, playing games, and spending time with them.

Boy Scouts is keeping us very busy as well. Dude’s troop just had their troop elections for the next 6 months. He didn’t get Bugler, which he REALLY wanted, but he did get elected as the Troop Scribe (his 2nd choice) and also as his Patrol Quartermaster. So he’s happy. This photo of him with some of the guys from his troop kills me. They were doing their tree recycling pick up after Christmas. My Dude is in the middle . . . and yes, the boy to his right is a Scout – a 16-year old one at that :-)



Girl Scouts has been keeping us busy as well! It’s cookie season, and the girls are going strong selling with their cuteness :-) Princess has sold 322 boxes of cookies – her goal was 350. The sale ends this Saturday – we’ll see if she can sell 30 more boxes this week! Here’s a crappy cell phone photo of her selling at Safeway earlier this week. She’s wearing a “vintage” Brownie uniform (I just called MYSELF vintage – the Brownie uniform is from 1973). I love it! The white shirt lookes like 70s wallpaper, but it’s actually got little Girl Scout emblems all over it. And the elastic sock holder uppers with the orange tassels just kill me! She loves it – it IS  a dress afterall 😉 Thanks, Mish, for letting us borrow it!



Planning our Alaska trip for this summer has been keeping me busy! I can say that as of 9:53 a.m. today, I have EVERYTHING reserved and scheduled . . . and payed for for our entire 2 week trip. And believe it or not, even with me along on the trip, we’ve got 4 days of “nothing” scheduled where we can do whatever we want. And 2 other days involve the awesome nothingness of sitting on the deck of the ship watching the amazing glaciers go by as we cruise through the Inner Passage. Oh we are all sooooooooo excited!!!

This stupid cold has been keeping me busy! It’s actually kicking my ass . . . sinus nastiness for the past week. Throat and cough started yesterday. I think being so busy all last week made me kinda forget about it (better living through pharmaceuticals!) . . . but I did cancel my working a cookie booth yesterday and did nothing but hang out in my fleece jammies working on the computer. No manual labor or real pants were required all day. It was a HUGE help! Better today, but still nasty . . . I think I may finally be on the downward slope of this stupid thing. I can’t complain, though – it’s the first sick we’ve had in the house since school started (knocking on wood!).

This week isn’t going to let up at all either . . . Girl Scouts and a cookie booth today after school, swim team and Boy Scouts Court of Honor tomorrow, trumpet lesson and Little League Board meeting Wednesday, swim team Thursday, Horseback riding lesson Friday, baseball tryouts and merit badge session Saturday, baseball tryouts again Sunday . . . then my week of actual working starts :-) I need to catch up on my paying gigs!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week :-)

280 Pounds

Our awesome Brownie troop smashed last year’s personal best with their donation of 280 pounds of food and toys to Tri-Lakes Cares with this year’s food/toy drive. So proud of them!


Experience Should Count For Something

I spent my ENTIRE childhood camping. Memorial Day weekend, my family moved out to the lake/campground in our camper. Labor Day weekend, we came home. We were with a bunch of other families that camped all summer, too. It was awesome. The parents went to work during the day while us kids did whatever it is kids do. In our case, we got up at 5:30 a.m., hopped in the bed of my cousin’s pickup truck and walked beans until noon. Then we went back to the lake and played all day. Boating, swimming, skiing, wakeboarding. Amazingly enough, we were responsible for feeding ourselves, making fires to cook food, entertaining ourselves with volleyball and softball and fishing. We had to catch and clean fish. We slept outside by the fires some nights even though we had comfy campers right next to us. Our parents were awesome to trust us and to give us that responsibility.

Now that I’m a Girl Scout Brownie Troop Co-Leader, we want to take the girls camping. Before we can do that, you know what I have to do tomorrow? Spend an entire day, from 8-5:00 p.m., getting “trained” on camping and cooking.

No, I’m not joking. They won’t let me “test out” of the class. I’m pretty sure I could TEACH the class. And I’m pretty sure I’d rather be doing a bazillion things on a beautiful first Saturday in October . . . like watching Princess’ soccer game, going on a bike ride with the family, eating out on the deck, going on a hike. Instead, I get to “learn” how to camp and cook safely outdoors. The kicker? We’re learning how to cook outdoors and we don’t even get to cook our own lunch on a fire! We have to bring a sack lunch. That’s just wrong.

The bonus is that I only have to do the training once for the rest of my Girl Scout Leader career. I’ll grin and bear it. I’ll be happy to be outside on a beautiful day in Garden of the Gods with some other ladies who love leading their Girl Scout troops. But underneath, I’ll be a bit annoyed all day.


This weekend is Boy and Girl Scout spring campout weekends for us. Princess and I will be going up to the mountains with her troop for our very first campout – we’re staying in cabins, but there isn’t any running water or electricity, so it should be good! They told us the cabins were heated (it IS April in CO afterall!). We found out today that the “heat” is a small wood stove! Sure, I can make fires and it’ll be fine, but that woulda been nice to know before today! Anyhoo – we’re way excited, even though the forecast is for 34 degrees and snow :-) Might as well break in the girls early!

Dude is going on his first Boy Scout campout without his parents tagging along. He’s way too excited about that last part for my taste 😉 He volunteered to take the tent for his group. Problem – he doesn’t know how to put up the tent. So he spent the past week practicing putting up the tent and taking it down. We’ll see what kind of shape the tent comes back in! He’s at least supposed to have nice weather where he’s going . . . 50 and sunny :-) They’re going where they have to dig their own latrines and cook their own meals (his patrol is in charge of breakfast on Saturday). He is BESDIE himself with excitement.

Let the camping games begin!


I haven’t talked much about Brownies this year . . . but yes, I’m leading Princess’ Brownie troop again. We have 15 second graders :-) We’re having a blast so far! Earning try-it badges, going on field trips, attending cookie rally sleepovers – we’ve been working hard and having fun.

But the thing I am most proud of them for? Their food/toy drive for our local small-town food bank. Last year, the girls brought about 15 toys total to the food bank in December. This year, with the girls older, they thought of ways to raise more food, including doing extra chores to earn money to buy food and toys, asking neighbors, and putting boxes out at church, just to name a few.

And what did the girls do this year? They brought 207 pounds of food PLUS 3 large boxes of toys. I. Am. So. Proud. Of. Them!


They’re already talking about ways they can get even more to donate next year. I have to say that leading the Brownie troop is one of the most fun and rewarding things I’m involved in with my kids :-)