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Thursday 4.16.15
Me: Hubby. I had a thought last night.
Hubby: Um, ya? ***nervous look on his face***
Me: What do you think about selling the camper?
Hubby: Seriously?
Me: Yup. We didn’t get to use it last year because we were gone all the time. We have no plans to use it this summer. The kiddos are older and won’t run around the campground anymore.
Hubby: True.
Me:  If we want to go hiking, we go on a day trip. If we want to go fishing, we go on a day trip. If we want to go camping, we have tent-mahal, the 4-person tent, and the 2-person tent. We can go camping.
Hubby: Huh.

Monday 4.20.15
Me: Well? What do you think about selling the camper (that we just pulled out of the shed to make room for horse stalls).
Hubby: I don’t see why  not. Let’s do it.

Later Monday 4.20.15
Me: Hubby, come look at this posting and see if it’s OK.
Hubby: Looks good to me.
Me: *click*

Tuesday 4.21.15
Emptied and cleaned camper.

Thursday 4.23.15

That’s how we do things here :-) Today, we said goodbye to this gem that I loved:

01 Camper

On to a new chapter of horses and baseball!!!

And tent camping – woot!

Four Oh

So sometime in late September, I apparently had a birthday that allowed me entry into a not-so-exclusive club :-) I don’t have problems with birthdays no matter what the number! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! While my “real” birthday celebration was in July on our two-week trip to Alaska with some awesome friends, I spent my actual birthday doing one of my favorite things – camping.

Yup – I chose to spend my 40th birthday camping. The day before my actual birthday, two of my besties, R and MS, followed me up to the mountains with the campers for a little girls night. We set up the campers, hung out, drank wine, ate crackers and hummus, hung out around the fire, and chatted. Sooooo relaxing! Wouldn’t you agree that this campsite looks relaxing?


Notice the red book on the picnic table – that’s Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. Another of my besties, QT, gave me that for my b-day a few days earlier. Nothing quite like a good book at the campground!

After me and the girls partied into the wee hours of the morning (OK, maybe not, but we enjoyed our evening!), we hit the hay for my first night in my new-to-me camper! Loved it! Friday morning, I woke up as a 40-year-old – woo hoo! Of course my awesome girls had a little surprise for me – they decided to class up the campsite for my birthday :-)


Nothing screams camping in the Colorado Mountains like pink flamingos, shiny foil banners, and duct tape! I love it!

They also had to make sure anyone in the campground who passed our site knew it was a special site from the road…


After yummy breakfast of fruit, banana bread, and camp coffee, we headed out on a nice little 2.5 mile hike from the campground to Panorama Point – where supposedly you can see from Estes Park all the way to Pikes Peak (it was too hazy from the smoke from the Wyoming wildfires, so we couldn’t see all that). We were treated to a quiet trail with few other folks and tons of beautiful golden aspens! Taking pictures of Aspens interspersed with pine trees on a giant hill is kind of like taking photos of the Grand Canyon – you can’t really “feel” it unless you’re there. But here are a few photos from our girls hike.




I love the goofy knot in this tree. It looks like the tree is crossing one of its legs over the other knee :-)

Sadly, R had to leave after lunch to head back to reality while MS and I hung out and read books while drinking a beer or two. Friday evening, the Hubbies brought the kiddos up to the mountains after school, just in time for late dinners and awesome dutch oven chocolate cake compliments of MS. YUMMY! I even got to blow out candles for my 40th – woo hoo! It was a nice relaxing, fun, perfect way to spend my birthday.

Saturday was another beautiful day – we couldn’t believe how awesome the weather was for late September! We got lucky, that’s for sure! After breakfast and more camp coffee (yummmmmmmmy!) we headed out on a hike in search of an old homestead. The bummer was that we (I) chose the wrong trail, so we never got to see the homestead. But we did get to go on a beautiful 3 mile hike through the valley and hills where we saw Dude’s fishing pond and lots more beautiful aspens.


Another afternoon spent relaxing and chatting with the adults while the kiddos rode bikes around the loop and played in the forest, we enjoyed awesome Frito Pie before heading to the Ranger Station for a presentation on Mountain Lions. Next up, a campfire of course! Endless games of Telephone and eating S’mores galore before calling it a night.

Sadly, Sunday we had to pack up and leave in the morning, but we had a great time getting out of town for a few days, and I had a wonderful awesome perfect for me 40th birthday thanks to my awesome friends and wonderful family!

Getting Off On A Technicality

Long long ago in a land far far away, there was a girl – a girl who loved camping. This girl threw out the family’s leaky tent with the blessing of her Husband. The girl then made a reservation for camping :-) The girl was sneaky!

The Husband agreed with the girl that the family should get a popup camper. The Husband and the girl both liked camping in tents, but wanted something with a little more form to it for camping with the bears. A popup was the perfect compromise.

The family got a popup camper. The girl was ecstatic! The girl said thank you thank you thank you it’s just what I wanted!

The Husband said “Yes. Just what you wanted until you want to upgrade again to a hard sided camper.”

The girl said, in front of actual witnesses, that “I will NEVER want a hard sided camper!”

8 days ago, approximately 5 years after said quote about hard sided camper above, the girl and the Husband purchased a different camper.

I think my camping karma is still OK since it’s got tent fold down beds :-) A technicality?


Fishing at Dowdy Lake

Even though the boys went to bed quite late on Wednesday, they were up and ready to go Thursday! The could not wait to go fishing. We were camping at Dowdy Lake near Red Feather, CO. So beautiful!

The grabbed some breakfast, loaded up the kayak, and headed down to the lake. I followed them with my camera, of course :-)

There was a nice little inlet for them to get ready at, before pushing out into the lake. Dude’s arm was a still sore, but some Advil and fresh air helped a lot!



Here they are, giving me a salute as they head out, each with a paddle.



Here’s the non-zoomed in photo. Not a bad place to spend a couple days, huh?



After the boys headed out, I decided to hike the trail around the lake. Having a bright orange kayak was awesome! I could see them from anywhere, like when they went ashore on one of the islands.



They fished on the island for a long time! At one point, Dude hung out on a little piece of land between two islands fishing while H paddled around.



I had no idea how long they’d fish, but I was certain they’d come in for lunch! So I finished my hike and hung out at the camper reading. Around noon, I made a sandwich for lunch, thinking the boys would show up soon – I mean, they’re 11 – they’ve got to be hungry! Then 1:00 p.m. rolled around, and they boys still weren’t back, so I walked down to the lake to see if I could see them. I spotted them standing on a huge rock in the middle of the lake. They’d found a place to wedge the kayak in so it wouldn’t float away, and they stood there and fished :-)

I went back to the campsite and read some more – and apparently took a nap, because I woke up around 2:30. It was SOOO nice! But, still no boys, so once again I headed back down to the lake. Sure enough, they were STILL down there fishing away! So I headed back to the camper, rode my bike around the campground to mark down the sites we’d like to camp in next time, read some more, got the fire pit prepped for the fire to make dinner. Around 4:30 I headed back down to the lake, and the boys were finally paddling in.



 Dude had taken on the role of GPS guidance while H paddled – they were having a blast! After 7.5 hours of fishing, I discovered they’d caught 3 fish, and let all 3 of them go because at any given time, the lone fish they caught was lonely :-) I can’t believe they fished for that long when they only caught 3 fish! And without coming in for food. For me, it was a nice surprise. When was the last time I got to do nothing? I have no idea.

They were of course starving to death, so we got the fire going and made dinner right away – Dude’s favorite – cowboys and indians foil meals :-) We ran out of wood, so I headed down and bought two bundles from the camp manager so they could get their fire fix for the night. It was a beautiful night, and we got to watch a great lightning show from a storm far off. The timing was perfect – we ran out of wood and put the coals out right before it started to rain. So we headed into the camper for bed and fell asleep to the wonderful sound of rain on the roof.

All in all, it was a great day for everyone :-)

Camping June 2012

Continuing on the theme of me finding any excuse to not actually work this summer (sorry honey!), I volunteered to drive Princess and two of her Girl Scout friends to a 3-day mini summer camp. The camp is a 3-hour drive one way, so I asked Dude if he wanted to invite a friend to come along and we’d camp somewhere close to the Girl Scout camp. His best buddy was able to go, and all was good!

We were a little concerned whether or not we’d get to go because there was big forest fire up in the area of the camp, but the fire was far enough away and contained, so camp was open.

Dude and I got up early and packed up the camper. I did most of it since his broken wrist was still quite sore, but he helped out where he could. We got everything packed up and the bikes and kayak secured on top. The girls showed up at 10:30 a.m., and Dude’d buddy, H, showed up shortly after, and we were ready!


Here they are, ready to go! The 3 girls sat in the middle row and the boys hung out in the back . . . for the 3 hour drive. I did my best to ignore anything happening behind my back, and may have turned the radio up louder a few times 😉 The drive was totally uneventful. We dropped the girls off at camp and headed over to set up our own camp. We could see the smoke from the forest fire in the distance, which was pretty amazing.

The boys were very helpful! They couldn’t wait to get out kayaking, so they dragged it down to the lake and paddled around for a while, checking out the islands in the middle of the lake. I got to hang out and relax and do whatever I wanted – in silence – soooo therapeutic!

Dude and H were hungry when they got back, so I boiled water in the camper (Mountain House dinners awaited!) while they started the fire in the fire pit. Dude is a Boy Scout and master fire builder, like his Dad :-)



We enjoyed our Mountain House and s’mores, and, like any boys, they had to have sticks in the fire – constantly! At least they are smart and got long sticks and used a little common sense so I didn’t have to yell at them constantly :-)



Off to bed a few hours later, where they closed the curtains on their side of the camper and laughed and swatted moths and played cards and giggled and laughed some more. I loved hanging out on my side just listening to them have so much fun :-) They could not wait to go fishing on Thursday and had the entire day planned out before they closed their eyes for the night.

Anybody Got Some Cheese?

I need some to go with my WHINE!

We have a popup . . . and I love it. In fact, I INSISTED that we get it becaue it was more like tent-camping than a hard-sided trailer would be. Dude agreed . . . in fact, said he wouldn’t sleep in a hard-sided camper if we got one – he’d take the tent along :-) So for the past 4 years, we’ve been popup camping – even down-sized from our large one to a smaller, newer one a couple falls ago. We camp only a few weekends a year – this past summer was the first time we went somewhere for a whole week! Had a great time :-)

However, as the kiddos have gotten older and we’ve gotten more familiar with the camping opportunities in our awesome state, we’ve ventured away from the limited bodies of water here with clearly defined fun kid things to do. We’re exploring more campgrounds and areas without facilities other than vault toilets and maybe a water pump we can fill our pots with. We love the quietness and the nature and the hiking and fishing and everything else about our “new” camping. But this camping brings with it bear country. We’re not afraid of the bears . . . you just have to be smart about it.

What I have come to immensely dislike about camping in our beloved popup in bear country is that every single night I have to take all the smellable items out of the camper and put them in the vehicle. Coolers, hand soap, toothpaste, food, dish soap, deoderant. All of that stuff. In theory, we’re supposed to put our dirty clothes bag out there as well – nothing like smelling like a giant hot dog while you sleep!

This. Is. Annoying.

And as much as I love our popup, I’m kind of “over” the whole setup and tear down aspect. It’s nice to have a compact little box to pull behind our vehicles, but it’s become a chore to pop it up, unpack it, push the beds out, put the door down, fold the sink up, stabilize the slides, then put everything back in for the camping time, then take it all back out to fold everything down, smash it inside the box, and get ready to go home.

So I may be dramatizing it a bit – it’s not that bad, especially when the kiddos help and hubby is camping with us. But it’s still a pain.

So I made the mistake of going to a camper place (I had to get some parts for the popup – not kidding). Kiddos and I looked in a couple hard-sided trailers just “to see” – I was happily disappointed to see that none of the ones that were light enough for our vehicles to tow had enough space to sleep all of us. So we started to leave – then “the guy” came out to see if we needed help – we were looking for a popup? I mentioned that we had one already that we loved, but were just checking out some hard-sided trailers – and that unfortunately we needed something that our 5,000 lb towing capacity vehicles could tow but that would also fit all of us in it to sleep. I mentioned that we don’t “live” in our camper . . . we sleep in it. We don’t want all that crazy new stuff in campers these days.

Then this mean old man showed me something . . . a brand new “retro” style trailer that they’ve started manufacturing to meet the needs of people like me :-) It’s got a permanent large double bed, two bunks, a small bathroom (not that we use it, but the little tub would be good for cleaning up after a day, or week, of playing in the wild), a small sink and stove, and a table. All contained in a light-weight 20′ box. How light you ask? 2,700 lbs dry weight! OMG we could totally do that! And it really isn’t THAT expensive.

Dude, Princess, and I immediately fell in love with the trailer. And I actually REALLY want to get it. We could use it for a LONG long time (I do see us outgrowing our popup as the kiddos get older).

I’ve been thinking about and dreaming about this trailer and visiting it online for weeks now :-) How awesome to pull into a camp spot, unhook it, and open the curtains :-) I can’t seem to get it out of my head . . . so if anyone has some cheese to go with the “whine” coming from my direction about this trailer, I would gladly take it.

Here is my new “old” love . . . complete with 1970s style brown interior features :-)


Isn’t she pretty? And only 20′ long – the same length of our popup when it’s “popped up” :-) And a beautiful small easy to put up awning that I could actually, um, put up without standing on tree stumps and asking 4 other people to assist me.



What’s this? A bed that I don’t have to store our clothes on during the day and remove at night so we can sleep? And could that be STORAGE space above it? Anda TON OF STORAGE underneath it for fishing poles, firewood, chairs, and all the other stuff we like to take camping – all conveniently accessible from OUTSIDE the camper?



What do I see when I look at the cute little bathroom? Storage space. We had a bathroom in our previous popup (yup, we did!) and never used it. No need to use it when there are vaults right outside, and down the driveway. Wait – maybe I WOULD use this for light duty rather than outrun the bears in the pitch black dark in the middle of the night!



These – the two bunks in the back, are the actual real-live selling point for me (and the kiddos). They both are terrible to sleep with, and the small beds in the popup just won’t fit two of them. Finding a trailer this size with bunks is IMPOSSIBLE. I take this as a sign that I was meant to have this trailer :-)



And a sink, with STORAGE space underneath it? And a little closet to hang things, like rain jackets . . . and maybe a place to store a BROOM rather than lay it across the floor or one of the beds. And an actual refrigerator we could put real food in, rather than an icebox that takes as long to get cold as our entire camping trip lasts.

So to put things in perspective . . . our popup has all of these features EXCEPT the bunks, the storage closet, the bathroom (which we most likely won’t use), and the underbed/outside accessible storage space.

Oh, and the hard side, to keep us from getting eaten by bears and possibly mountain lions (did you know that 1 out of every 3 times you hike in Colorado you are seen by a mountain lion? You don’t see IT, but IT is definitely watching you?)

So simply in the interest of safety for my children (ya, that’s it . . . that’s why I want this), I think I need to replace our popup with this camper.

Anyone got some writing/editing jobs to pass my way so I can earn enough money to convince Hubby we need this?

No? OK . . . then who’s got my cheese?

3 Years and $400 Later

Ever since we got our first popup 3 summers ago, I’ve been trying to find a bike rack that would work on it. We like to take our bikes to ride around the campgrounds and stuff – the kids especially like theirs when we’re just hanging out and they take a 2-way radio and go have fun on their bikes. And depending on where we’re camping, we’ll even head out on a day-bike rather than a day-hike.

My quest for a bike rack has been a PITA! In the beginning, it was OK, because the kids’ bikes would fit inside the giant popup that we owned. Hubby and I didn’t take ours with. But then their bikes got bigger and we wanted to take ours, too. When it was just the kiddos and I camping if Hubby was flying (rarely did this happen) I could stuff all 3 of our bikes in the Jeep with half the back seat down and Dude riding in the front. Couldn’t do that with Hubby along, and we’d much rather have Hubby along :-)

I ruled out a roof-rack for the vehicle because I’ve seen people try to put bikes up there and there is no way my 5′ 2″ self could get our big mountain bikes on top of our SUV.

So we looked for a bike rack that could go on the camper bumper. We had a Jayco popup, which rides very low. No hitch could fit on there and be towed safely. Strike 1.

Then we started looking at roof-mounted racks. We had a couple popup vents, which seemed to be located just wrong. Strike 2.

I found a roof-mounted rack that would have fit on our roof, but it go horrible reviews. And I didn’t want to drill holes in the roof of the popup. To me, that just seemed like I was asking for trouble. Strike 3.

Then we sold our popup and got a different one. This one is smaller, has no roof vents, and is a Coleman, so it rides higher. I was way psyched! So I asked our camper guy to check out the best place to put a hitch on it when he came to wire the new vehicle as well. He said the frame was too lightweight to put a hitch on it. Strike 4.

So I looked around for an adapter for the bumper so we could use our existing vehicle hitch rack. Turns out, you need a solid square bumper for those, which our popup does not have. Strike 5.

Continuing my search, I had accepted the fact that I’d probably have to do a roof-mounted camper rack . . . I didn’t want to drill holes or try to get bikes up there, but it was becoming clear that it was probably my only option. So I found a roof-mounted rack that would fit (no vents to work around). Then I read the reviews, which were HORRIBLE! I found another – same thing – terrible reviews. So I ditched that idea since I wasn’t crazy about holes in my roof. Strike 6.

Then we got another new vehicle and had to get that wired as well, and camper guy told us about a roof rack you glue on instead of drilling holes. Intrigued! So he said he’d check it out for us. Never heard back on it and couldn’t find it ourselves, so no go. Strike 7.

Then finally, I started my search again. There HAD to be something that would work! Lo and behold, I found it. A new design of rack for a popup. And the bonus? It doesn’t go on the roof, there are no holes to drill, and it telescopes so I can leave it on even when the beds are pulled out! YAY! The not bonus? I was stuck and this was the only thing that would work, so I had to pay for it.

3 years, 2 hours of assembly time, and $400 later, I finally have a workable bike rack for the popup :-) I can’t wait to actually go camping with it!



Doesn’t look like it should’ve taken 2 hours (or cost $400!), does it? Annoying that you can’t get ANYTHING delivered even half-assembled anymore.

But, I’m happy. And if I had actually showered today and had someone to videotape me and had a Youtube account, I’d probably let you all see my Happy Dance :-)

Or not.

You’ll just have to use your imagination.

Seeing my lovely working awesome 4-bike popup camper bike rack will have to do :-)


This weekend is Boy and Girl Scout spring campout weekends for us. Princess and I will be going up to the mountains with her troop for our very first campout – we’re staying in cabins, but there isn’t any running water or electricity, so it should be good! They told us the cabins were heated (it IS April in CO afterall!). We found out today that the “heat” is a small wood stove! Sure, I can make fires and it’ll be fine, but that woulda been nice to know before today! Anyhoo – we’re way excited, even though the forecast is for 34 degrees and snow :-) Might as well break in the girls early!

Dude is going on his first Boy Scout campout without his parents tagging along. He’s way too excited about that last part for my taste 😉 He volunteered to take the tent for his group. Problem – he doesn’t know how to put up the tent. So he spent the past week practicing putting up the tent and taking it down. We’ll see what kind of shape the tent comes back in! He’s at least supposed to have nice weather where he’s going . . . 50 and sunny :-) They’re going where they have to dig their own latrines and cook their own meals (his patrol is in charge of breakfast on Saturday). He is BESDIE himself with excitement.

Let the camping games begin!

Sleeping Beauty

I walked in the camper last weekend and started chatting to Princess. She was laying in bed reading with her headlamp. After a couple minutes of getting no response, I walked over to their bed and saw this . . .


How do they do it? I am 100% certain there is no way I could fall asleep with my glasses on, my headlight illuminated, and s’more on my mouth :-) And if I were to actually fall alseep that way, there is no way I WOULDN’T wake up when someone took the glasses off my face and the headlamp off my head.

Father’s Day Camping Trip

We went on our first camping trip of the summer . . . it wasn’t a typical camping trip for us – we didn’t do any hiking! But we did get a lot of fishing in, searched for a few geocaches, and saw a bunch of stuff we hadn’t seen because we went to a part of Colorado we hadn’t been to in the 14 years we’ve lived here. Our trip started with a flat tire on the Highlander about 2 1/2 hours into our almost 4 hour drive. We were in the Pizza Hut parking lot changing the tire – we unhooked the popup, but didn’t lock the raise wheel in place before Hubby started cranking to get it off the hitch. WHAM! The trailer fell to the ground. Nice. Luckily, one of the kids from Pizza Hut came out and helped us lift up the trailer so we could put the wheel down and lock it this time :-) A couple hours later we had the tire changed, got the flat one fixed, and were on our way. Then we got to see and do all this . . .


Hartman Rocks Recreation Area. You really need an ATV for this area, but we still had fun driving around in the Highlander. There is a TON of worthless land, so they let the ATVers and bikers use it for fun. It goes on forever! Pretty cool view.



I baked myself on some rocks like a gecko while the kiddos ran down the trail to climb on those way cooler looking rocks down away from parents.



We tried to find some geocaches . . . we couldn’t find this one, but Dude had a blast climbing on all the rocks while we searched! Did you know that a WWII B52 crashed in the mountains near Gunnison, CO? Me neither. We definitely need to go back and hike up to the crash site!



Our campground was in Taylor Canyon. We drove up the canyon to the Reservoir in search of another geocache. This was the view from where the cache was :-)



Further up the road from the reservoir, way up on 4-wheel drive forest service roads, is Mirror Lake. We headed up there to do some fishing. Hubby and the kiddos fished while I hung out and enjoyed the absolute peace, quiet, and beauty of the mountains. That little bit of snow up there continues to melt and create this fun waterfall that ends up in Mirror Lake. I could’ve sat and listened to it forever!



On the way to the great awesome out-of-the-way fishing lake is a tiny “town” called Tin Cup. It’s so cute and little and old and wonderful! Bill works here . . . and I’m pretty sure Bill knows EVERYTHING that goes on in and around Tin Cup :-) I could totally live here – at least part of the year.



This little cabin is for sale in Tin Cup. I LOVE it. And want to buy it. Except it costs $175,000. For 1,000 square feet. And no yard – just the space the cabin and propane tank sit on. And it’s seasonal. When it snows too much to drive up there, you can’t go. I can’t afford that :-(



Did you know there’s a place in CO called Black Canyon? I didn’t. It’s BEAUTIFUL and huge and big and fun. Dude thought it would be fun to “climb” out of the canyon.



 Of course Princess wanted to go on a climbing adventure as well.



This place is like a mini Grand Canyon in our own backyard! And like the Grand Canyon, pictures do not do it justice. You have to actually be there. We drove down the canyon to the water so the kids could work on their Junior Ranger badges. Had we known, we would have arrived at the park way early in the day and hiked down there. OK, I would have – and Hubby would have – the kiddos might’ve been a bit mad about that since it was around 95 degrees out.



The fam near the edge with the canyon in the background. I could’ve stared at it forever!



There’s a nature trail at the end of the south rim road around the canyon. We weren’t up for a long hike – it was hot and getting late and we were tired. But we did find this awesome spot with this great view! Telluride is way out there in those mountains somewhere.



This is what you get when your brand new Junior Rangers take the camera exploring at the campground.



This is what you get when you send the kids out to gather some kindling. Apparently, they thought there would be kindling way at the top of the rocks behind out campsite. Certain death if they had fallen off the edge. At least they got a good shot of the new-to-us popup that we absolutely loved! So much easier than the other one – we downsized and upgraded . . . we love it! The kiddos were bummed our campsite didn’t have a tent pad. They wanted to sleep in the new tent while we slept in the popup. I was glad there wasn’t a tent pad – it made it easy for me to say “no” to the tent sleeping. The first thing the campground host said when we pulled in was that they have a bear, and they’ve seen it quite a few times. It’s just a little guy, but he’s out there wandering around. Um, nope – not gonna leave the kids in the tent alone if there’s a bear cub wandering around eating things :-) And if there’s a popup, I’m not sleeping in the tent.



I’m not sure what my Junior Ranger Princess is doing . . . but she and Dude were gone looking for kindling for a long time! I’m glad they took my camera with them :-)



On our way home, we headed back to Tin Cup to fish in the kids’ fishing pond. There were SO many fish in there – and the water was completely clear. The kiddos didn’t even have to watch their bobbers . . . they would just watch the fish swim to the worm and then set the hook when the fish took a bite :-)



Princess was a riot. She’d drag a worm out of the bait container, play with it, kiss it, put it on her hook, and catch a fish. She had a blast! Too bad we didn’t have anywhere to put the fish for our drive home . . . it was a catch and release day for us.



Teamwork to get the fish off the hook . . . there was no helping allowed by the big people!



After eating lunch at Frenchy’s Cafe right next to the kid pond, we headed home. We drove the unpaved narrow curvy forest service road over Cottonwood Pass . . . which is right on the Continental Divide. There were so many awesome views . . . and if we weren’t totally pooped and needing to get home, we would have gotten out and done some hiking.

We did drive through a number of campgrounds on our way home and mark down our favorite spots. We didn’t get to do nearly as much as we discovered we could do in that area of the state, so we’ll definitely be going back. We had a great time, and the kiddos absolutely loved actually catching fish for a change :-) But next time, we’ll have to get out on the trails a bit more and check out some more of the back country :-)

How about you? Did you have a good Father’s Day?