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Daisy Scouts

Football Flashback

So how does a girl from MN become a Packer fan? Grab a coffee or beer or whatever and sit back while I make a short story long . . .

I certainly wasn’t always a Packer fan! I remember Sundays when I was little. Every single week we’d go out to my cousin’s farm. So would a bunch of other people (my mom has 6 siblings). All of us cousins would play outside doing anything we could find to do that didn’t involve sitting inside watching stupid football.

At half-time, we’d magically show up at the door. It was kinda weird how we always knew when half-time was even though none of us ever wore a watch, and we would be so far away from the house playing that even a shouting dad couldn’t be heard.

Everyone would go through the buffet line, get their plate of food, and sit down to watch the 2nd half of the game. Go Vikings! It was always go Vikings. It was Sunday; and it was MN. One particular season, I spent my Sundays scratching off these goofy little game tickets. My dad was a pop salesman (yes, I drank more sugar in my youth than you could ever imagine!). Every Saturday, I’d go to the grocery store with him to ride the little hand-truck loader thing and stock the shelves and arrange the cases of pop all nice for the customers and put the little discount tags inside the 6-packs of bottles and make deals with the chip guy across the aisle . . . he’d give us his outdated bags of chips if we gave him our outdated cases of pop (yes, I ate more not-quite-stale chips in my youth than you could ever imagine!). Dad knew all the weekend checkout girls . . . so they always gave him STACKS of those scratch off cards. It was Saturday, after all, and there was no way they would give out enough to the store customers that actually bought enough to earn them.

So we’d go home and on Sunday morning before the game, my brother and I would get a quarter and lay on the floor and scratch off a bazillion game tickets. Each one had a score on it for that weeks game . . . if the game ended up being that score, you won a new car! Or maybe it was just $100 or a case of pop or a bag of chips or a plastic football or something like that. But it sure was fun! That season, we’d take those cards to my cousin’s farm and everyone would draw one (and we got to keep the rest) and see who won the game.

15 years of my life. Good times. Good times.

Then, suddenly overnight, all of us cousins got older and started having jobs. I worked at McDonald’s. One of my best friends and I were the Saturday and Sunday openers, which meant we got to be at work at 5:00 a.m. . . . making biscuits (back in the day when you actually had to make the biscuits, not pull them frozen out of a bag) . . . mixing up pancake mix, stocking milk in the cooler, getting the coffee brewing. We worked the open to 2:00 p.m. shift.

The manager that opened with us was a HUGE Packers fan. And boy did he dislike missing the Packers games on Sunday while we were at McDonald’s. So he got this bright idea . . . he brought in a teeny tiny little TV so he could watch the games. And since he liked us so much, he said that if we promised to cheer for the Packers when they were on, he’d always put us on the grill rather than up front with the customers on Sundays so we could watch the games with him.


I guess you could say it became a habit to cheer for the Packers.

And that’s how a girl from MN became a Packer fan.


Could You Say No?


20 degrees. Snowing. Three little girls bundled up outside the grocery store. Smiles on their faces. Teeth missing.

“Excuth me? Would you like to buy some gool scout cookeeth?”

Got Cookies?

The cookie drop for Girl Scouts was yesterday – so I took an hour off work and headed to the church parking lot where there were 2 large semi-trailers filled to the brim with Girl Scout cookies. I got in line at my appointed time . . . and I ended up being a couple minutes late getting my cookies. Why? Because the lady in front of me had 217 cases to load into her vehicles! OMG! The pictures below . . . my 86 cases in my Highlander.

First, the cargo area. Filled to the brim! I could have gotten maybe 3 more cases in there if I’d taken more time to organize, but the lady THROWING the cases at me and telling me to go faster and “turn only 90 degrees instead of 180 to save time” didn’t really allow time for organization. I did appreciate the help, though!



Next we have the back seat. I had to take Princess’ booster out!



And finally, the front seat. Not packed full, but man, they are not kidding when they say “You have X cases to pick up. You will need the following vehicles to pick up your cases. This means an EMPTY vehicle – no car seats, no animals, no passengers.”


And can I just say that aside from the choice of Tuesday at 9:00 to have the pickup, those Girl Scout ladies know what they are doing! To get 2 full semi-trailers completely unloaded and reloaded into vehicles in less than 90 minutes – DANG!

Hubby is gone, so Dude and Princess enlisted a couple of their friends from across the street to help us bring all the cases into the house after work yesterday. Tonight, the kids and I sorted them all out into the groups for each of the Daisies in my troop.

Surprisingly, I didn’t quite end up with the right amounts of surplus for each kind – ACK! Oh well . . . what can you expect when organizing 1000+ packages of cookies with the help of a 7 and 9 year old :-)

No. You Can’t Ride The Horse

I know you’ll all be terribly jealous when I tell you how I get to spend my Saturday afternoon.

I get to take my 15 Daisy Scouts to my friend’s farm so she can tell them all about horses . . . and somehow tie that into being courageous and strong so the girls can earn their Red Courageous and Strong petal.

We will learn all about feeding and caring and riding and safety and manure and all that fun stuff. The girls will get to hug and pet and love on the horses. The girls will get to feed carrots and bread to the horses. The girls will get to get their shoes muddy without their parents yelling at them.

But they will NOT get to ride the horses . . . it’s against Girl Scout rules for Daisy Scouts to ride horses with the troop on a field trip.

I suspect the following phrase will come out of my mouth approximately 50 times in our 3 hour trip tomorrow:

“No. You can’t ride the horse. No. You can’t ride the horse. Nope. You STILL can’t ride the horse. That’s great that your Grandma’s Uncle’s Cousin’s Daughter’s Best Friend has horses that you’ve ridden before, but you can’t rid the horses here. Nope. Not even if your mom says it’s OK. No. You can’t ride the horse.”

Wish me luck!

A Daisy Sleepover

As you may or may not know, Girl Scout cookie season is almost upon us! Because we’re a new troop, my co-leader and I decided to take our daughters to a cookie rally sleepover that another troop was putting on about 45 minutes away. The rally was in a large shed at a fairgrounds. We knew we’d be sleeping on a cement floor, so we made sure to bring ThermaRests and air mattresses. Here are Princess and K sitting on the airbed while our ThermaRests self-inflate.


After we got our “bedroom” set up, the girls headed to the craft tables to make some fun stuff! Princess models her first craft, a Candy Cane Rudolph.



They were having such a good time with the crafts while the other girls (60 of them ages 5-14!) arrived, that they moved onto the bookmark craft. It’s so fun that Princess is reading so well. Here she is reading the instructions on how to create her Frosty Reading on a Sled bookmark.



And here’s the finished product :-) She did well!



The whole point of the sleepover was to learn about the cookies we’d be selling, learn about the sales incentives, and of course taste the newest cookie – Thank U Berry Much. Princess gave it a thumbs up (they were REALLY good for those of you who buy Girl Scout cookies!).



We of course had to have a see food photo – the cookies were THAT good!



The place was so big that the girls had plenty of room to run around and burn off some steam in their pajamas :-) They had such a good time!



After a yummy spaghetti dinner, the girls relaxed and read a book together.



A little later, we headed over to see what the big girls were doing. They were having at on of fun playing some kind of game, so Princess joined in. They were playing a game called “Frog Catcher” – there is one girl who is the “detective” and has to cover here eyes. Then the rest of the girls in the circle put their heads down and their thumbs up. The leader puts one girl’s thumb down, and that girl is the frog. The detective comes into the middle of the circle and the fun begins! The girls look at each other, and when the frog catches someone looking at her, she sticks her tongue out and kills the other frogs . . . that girl has to lay down. This goes on until the detective figures out who the frog is. The detective gets 3 guess as to who the detective is. It was a lot of fun!



At about 8:00 p.m., they opened up the candy, pop, and popcorn shoppe! It was all included in our whopping $7 fee per scout (adults were free!). They each got a bag of popcorn, some pop, and a full-sized candy bar to have while watching the movie. The movie was Up. The girls had a great time hanging out and watching the movie.



Here’s Princess just finishing her Snickers bar . . . yes, she ate the whole thing . . . and finished it at about 10:00 p.m.! Now that’s a way to end a sleepover 😉



About 11:30, she finally crashed and climbed in her comfy sleeping back on her comfy ThermaRest and went to sleep.



Everyone was up pretty early the next morning for yummy muffins and hot chocolate for breakfast. Then we were off to home.

Our first girl scout sleepover was a huge success! We had a great time and learned a lot about what we’d have to do to have our own cookie rally in the future when our girls are a little bit older.

15 Daisies

Where have I been? I’ll tell you where I’ve been . . . I’ve been starting a Daisy Troop at my daughter’s school. If you’re not familiar with Daisy Scouts, it’s Girl Scouts for Kindergarten and 1st Grade girls . . . one step below Brownies. My neighbor, Becky, and I have girls in 1st grade, so we thought we’d volunteer to co-lead the troop when the Girl Scouts came asking.

What the HELL did we get ourselves into?! Oh. My. Gawd! Talk about hearding cats!

We’ve had a lot of fun getting the girls together and planning our calendar for the year. Thank Goodness Becky is as organized as I am . . . meant I only had to do half the work – probably even less! And she uses Excel . . . ahhhhhh, a woman after my own heart 😉 It’s working out great because she does all the communicating with the parents, etc., and I get to come up with most of the activities that we do. I’m loving having someone to share these responsibilities with!

Our first order of business was to go to the Girl Scout shop and check out all the “stuff” they apparently need.

I should never be left alone in that shop. I would by EVERYTHING because it’s all so friggin’ cute!

But, all that cute stuff costs money . . . so we bought the daisies, and other patches, and pins, and troop numbers (btw – who puts two of the same number in a troop number? We had to buy 30 number 2s! No, they did not have that many in stock.), and leader books, and journey books . . . and left with our bags full of Daisy Goodness.

One thing we decided NOT to buy were the Daisy uniform smocks – they were $13!!! Fleece was on sale at JoAnn, so I volunteered to MAKE the smocks for the girls. Actually, I volunteered to have it be our first craft at our 2nd meeting :-) I figured 8-10 smocks – no big deal.

We ended up having 15 girls sign up – FIFTEEN! That’s FIFTEEN K and 1st graders for 90 minutes every Monday after school. YIKES!

It also meant 15 smocks to make! It was easy, though . . . I cut all the smocks here at home, then the girls helped me use steam-a-seam at our 2nd meeting to make the pockets on the front. We cut out head holes, and cut strips out of the remnants and used them as the ties on the sides. The girls had a BLAST making their smocks – heck, they got to use a hot iron without their mother around :-) And it was so cute to see them all in their matching self-made smocks. I didn’t get a good picture of one of them, but they turned out pretty well and only cost $2 each instead of $13!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was intimidated when I found out we had 15 girls in our troop – we’ve had to turn kids away! 15 is a large number of K and 1st grade girls. I was kind of hoping we could split into 2 troops – one first grade and one kindergarten, but then we decided we wanted to keep them together. It’ll be good for all of them as they learn to help the littler kids who can’t tie shoes or write their names and for the littler kids to look up to the bigger girls and learn about respect and compassion and being helpful to everyone.

I must say that after our first 2 meetings, I’m feeling really good about this. We’ve had a 3rd mom volunteer to be a co-leader with us (yay), which is a huge help. All the girls are so fun and we have such a fun group of personalities (and 3 sets of twins!).

We are going to have a blast earning our daisy petals this year :-) I am sooooo fortunate to have the part-time job that I do so I can be involved with things like this with my little Princess . . . I would hate to miss out on such a fun opportunity!