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Still Got It – Sorta . . .

Remember when Dude was working on his last requirements to earn his Eagle Scout rank? The last thing he had to do was complete a 20-mile hike. He picked a nice Sunday, mapped out a route on the Santa Fe Trail, and hiked.

This also meant that I hiked the 20 miles with him.

Now that his elbow is¬†doing well and he’s in rehab mode, he has to work through the Interval Throwing Program before he can play again. Don’t know what that is? Check this out:



If Dude has to complete the ITP, guess who else gets to complete the ITP? Yup – you guessed it. Me.

Why do I have to do it? Because it’s high school baseball season and all of his buddies have games and practice every day. And since I’m the parent that can catch and throw a baseball, I win!

Kinda . . . not really.

We must all remember that not only do I have a bum right shoulder, I also have bum wrists and elbows.

And, quite frankly, I’m 43 . . . not 23.

He has to complete each step of each phase 3 times (although doc gave him a pass on 45′ – he only has to do those 2 times) . . . which means a total of 2380 throws, not including all the warm up throws.


He may have to find a new throwing partner when he gets to the 90′ phase!

There is one bonus – the boost to my old lady dead arm ego. The Dads and Grandpas at the cages are still impressed when I step in there with Dude and catch and throw with him ūüėČ

They don’t need to know that even with the whiskey, ibuprofen, and hot tub remedy, I can barely lift my arm to brush my teeth the next day ūüėČ

The Bonus of Being Behind

We gave up Saturday in the mountains and with friends to work around the house. We spent the day cleaning up the yard . . . all of it . . . the pastures . . . the woodpile that was here and out of sorts the day we moved in . . . trimming tree branches . . . cleaning the horse trailer . . . picking up trash that has blown into our yard from the neighbor’s construction site . . . throwing out saved carpet that is 3 generations old . . . cleaning the inside of the house.

I’d say we put in our fair share of adulting on Saturday!

Sunday, we took a break. I had 13 loads of laundry to do (don’t ask), so I decided to set up scrapbooking shop in the dining room and scrapbook while I did laundry.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve scrapbooked!

How long?

I was scrapbooking pages from June of 2008.

One HUGE bonus of scrapbooking pages from 8 years ago?

7 and 5 year old Dude and Princess :-)



All at once now – “AwwwWWWWWWwwwww!” :-)

I think I’ll leave the stuff out a little longer – the kids have enjoyed looking at their former selves as well :-)

The Kid Turned A Corner

It doesn’t matter what age my kids are, I’ve always said “I love this stage!” And it’s true. They’re a hoot! They can be total PITAs, but they are so fun to be around. It’s so fun to watch them grow and learn and meet friends and change their social lives and really come into their own. So awesome to see them have their Ah Ha moments. Both of them have always made me proud.

Friday, while we were at the surgery center going through all the pre-op stuff with nurses and check in and anesthesiologist, we were asked lots of questions. Dude kept getting asked what grade he was in.

The answer – Sophomore (of course).

They they’d ask “Have you given any thought to¬†where you want to go to college?”

The answer – No, not really.

Then they’d ask “Do you know what you want to do?”

The answer, without any hesitation – “I want to be a neurologist.”

Can you say proud mama?!

Six months ago the answer would’ve been “I’m not sure, but probably something in science.”

One class and one unit on the brain his sophomore year and he knows what he wants to do . . . and it’s neurology.

Another GIANT ah ha moment and corner turned.

So so proud of the young man our Dude is growing up to be.

Is It Bad To Laugh At Your Son’s Friends?

We had a blast snowboarding this past Tuesday. Princess was in a lesson all day, so we didn’t see much of her. Dude and his buddy, C, were off on their own all day and had a blast! Dude sent us this photo¬†he took with his GoPro from the lift:




Looks like they were having a good time and enjoying the weather!

When they got in the car, Dude was telling me about the terrain park.

“We were standing on top of the hill waiting for it to be our turn to go off the jump. I turned around and chatted with C. Then I turned back to watch the kid go off the jump. Then I turned around and starting talking to C again, but he wasn’t there. Everyone was dying laughing! I looked down the side of the hill and saw C. He stepped back and fell off the edge!”

In true Boedie fashion, when¬†C asked Dude to help, he said “Sure – but just a minute. I need a picture of this first.”

And that is how we got this . . . and I can’t stop laughing :-)


Life is definitely better with teenagers with a sense of humor!

Medical Magic

In early October, Dude tore the distal end of his bicep tendon throwing a ball to home from centerfield. Partial tear, which was good! Regular doc said give it a couple weeks.

We did. It did not get better at all. He referred us to an orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic surgeon said yep – partial tear of distal bicep tendon.

Um – thanks. Knew that already.

Ortho Doc said that since there hadn’t been any improvement, he was going to shut the elbow down completely. So he put a brace on Dude’s arm and locked it at 90 degrees for 8 weeks. Said he was giving up mobility for healing. Come back in 8 weeks and we’ll do an MRI and see how it’s doing and if he needs surgery.

I asked why we can’t just do the MRI now and see if it’s a total tear requiring surgery.

Because Insurance won’t allow¬†an MRI until you’ve tried 8 weeks of physical therapy. Apparently physical therapy is totally shutting it down.


We went with it for awhile. There was a tear that needed to heal.

Dude wore the brace religiously for 5 full weeks. His arm still ached, but now because it wasn’t moving rather than not healing.

It felt better with the brace OFF!

We were getting done with it – why wait 8 weeks? Why can’t he see him at like 4 or 5 and assess how he’s progressing?

We were tired of waiting for what seemed like a ridiculous amount of time, so we decided to do something rather than nothing.

A friend had reached out to me with an alternative, so I started looking into it. Did lots of reading and researching and talking to other people about it.

After chatting with Hubby and Dude, we decided to give it a shot . . . the therapy is also used as a pre-surgery therapy to get you ready so recovery doesn’t take as long – figured we had nothing to lose.

All I have to say is¬†ARPWave . . . is . . . MAGIC! It’s PAINFUL, but magic.

In his first session, Dude was able to completely straighten his arm PAIN FREE for the first time in 8 weeks.

I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time!

He only has to wear the brace to bed in whatever position his arm is in when he goes to bed (10 degrees, 20 degrees, whatever he’s at pain free) so he doesn’t accidentally jack it up during the night before it’s strong again. But his arm is free during the day.

Had session number two yesterday. Weirdest thing ever to watch . . . and Dude says “the most awful but awesome thing all at the same time” to go through. I told him we can quit if he wants. He said no way.

After this Thursday (his 5th session) they start him on a strengthening program along with the ARPWave.

10 sessions total and he’ll be finished and ready to work on increased¬†strength and proper throwing motion.

We’re just blown away by the immediate positive effects . . . and I have to admit, if I hadn’t seen Princess go through “traditional physical therapy” last winter for her foot, I may have been more inclined to just wait and do what doc said. But after all the reading and research, this made sense. If it didn’t work, we’d still be done and prepped for the regular doc appt. that may require surgery.

But it’s working. And it’s amazing. And he loves it (and hates it). You’d have to ask him to explain to you what it is and how it feels and how weird it is to feel totally wiped out like you just did the hardest workout of your life when all you did was stand there for 30 minutes and curl a 1-pound dumbbell :-)

Here’s to a happy healthy Dude for 2016!

It’s Not Brain Surgery

Oh wait! It IS brain surgery!

Dude¬†absolutely LOVED his Principles of Bio-medical Science class as a freshman last year. I remember him coming home a month or so into the school year saying “I don’t know what I want to do, but I want to do something in science. It’s so awesome!”

What?! First time since he announced he wanted to be a garbage truck driver that he’s had any clue what he might want¬†to do when he grows up. He knew a lot of things he DIDN’T want to do, but never what he might want to do.

This year, he is taking Forensic Science (yep – just like the show – DNA samples, trips to the morgue, gory videos, class trips to true crime scenes in town, visits from the Coroner), Bio-medical Science, and Biology.

He. Loves. It!

Loves it so much, in fact, that he joined a school club. All on his own. Never mentioned it, just texted after school one day that he’d be late because he was at a club meeting.

“What did he join?” you ask.

HOSA-Future Health Professionals of America (formerly Health Occupational Students of America).

Go here to check out their web site and see what they’re all about. Crazy!?!

They meet at 7:00 a.m. the 3rd Tuesday of every month before school.

He is so excited about it and just loves it.

So excited, in fact, that his request for our evening after Sunday football was to watch a show at 7:00 p.m.

“What show did he want to watch?” you ask.

THIS show – “Brain Surgery Live” on National Geographic channel.

Yep – we all watched a live brain surgery for 2 hours on TV . . . AND LOVED IT!

It was so cool! A patient with severe tremors from Parkinson’s disease was having brain surgery to insert electrical thingies into two specific spots in his brain – one on the right, one on the left. Then they can “turn on” the electrical impulses and stimulate the brain to control the tremors.

The show was the last 2 hours of a 6-hour surgery. At the end of the two hours when everything was in place, the patient held up his hand and it was shaking terribly like in home videos. The doc turned on the electrodes and the shaking STOPPED immediately. Patient cried! Then doc turned off the electrodes and the debilitating tremors returned almost immediately.

Crazy! And so cool.

Dude has found something he’s totally interested in and totally loves in the medical field that does not involve blood, guts, and gore.

I’m so happy for him that he’s found this . . . and so happy that our PUBLIC high school offers these classes for the kids. It’s something I just never would’ve been exposed to in high school.

November 1st

That’s the next time Dude can play baseball – just in time for the season to be over ūüėČ

Two weeks ago, he tore the tendon that attaches to his bicep. OUCH! He’s not allowed to throw or anything until at least November 1st. Of course, being a 15-year old boy, he thought it would be a good idea to throw a tennis ball for Duma the other day. I think the pain that¬†followed was a nice kick in the behind for him to remember why doc said NO throwing.

So last Saturday, he wanted to go to the last games and support the guys – his legs work fine, and he can be a pinch runner! Sounded like a great plan to me.

He got to run the bases once as a pinch runner. One of the times when he dove back to 2nd on a pick-off attempt, the short stop stepped on his right pinky finger with his cleats.

Yep – broken finger. THAT we did not go to the doc for. It’s not deformed – just a little swollen and a bit numb still in the tip (feeling is coming back and he can bend it a bit now). So we just buddy-taped it.

His right arm is basically useless for a couple more weeks.

So ya – my kid comes from clutzy stock – and I can honestly say it’s NOT FROM ME!

I’m throwing his father and maternal grandfather under the bus on this one :-)

PS – Anyone wondering what to get him for Christmas? Bubble wrap would be a fine investment!

I Need (Waves Arms) Space

Sitting at dinner last night with the fam.

Dude says “I need to take a trash bag and bin down to my room this weekend and get rid of stuff. I have too much stuff and just need . . . space.”


While I really do not want him to get rid of anything in his displayed collection (and he assured me he wouldn’t) . . . you all know how his room makes me twitch.

I’m still stunned at his comment . . . happy . . . but stunned :-)

Side Effects

You know all those lists of side effects that drugs have? I’ve always kind of glanced over them . . . we’re a hearty folk who heal quickly and don’t typically have reactions to stuff.

For the first time last week, we had a reaction. And it was kinda weird!

Dude has been on Singulair for a while now – he finally got close enough to 15 over the summer that doc prescribed it for his allergies. With all the rain we had this spring, everything grew, and then it got way dry and everything started blowing around. Yuck! Everyone seemed to have allergy problems this year – even the horses!

Dude started getting extra stuffy and feeling like he had a cold coming on . . . and it wasn’t improving, so doc said there were a few things he could take WITH Singulair. He also said to ask the pharmacist about specific nose sprays that might help. So off to the pharmacy we went! He came home with Afrin, which he LOVED and it worked awesome and made him feel great!

Until it didn’t.

About 4 days after he started taking it, I picked him up from school and he said “That was weird. I was standing there talking with the guys and I suddenly got all dizzy then my vision went black then it came back.”

Um – not right! He said he felt fine and we chalked it up to dehydration – tough baseball workouts plus hot weather plus dry weather plus lots of school and homework – drink more water and eat better food!

Two days later, he texted me and said “My eyes are doing that funny thing again.” He asked me to get him a doc appt. So I called the eye doc cuz VISION is impt.! She looked in his eyes and dilated him and all that jazz and everything looked fine (whew!). She referred us to an eye specialist guy just to make sure. The appt. was two mornings away.

No big issues that Thursday – yay!

Friday morning, we’re headed to his appt. and we’re chatting and we have an ah ha moment. The only thing that’s changed in the past week is that he started taking Afrin (which the pharmacist said to not take for more than 7 days, so he was cutting back already).

Eye doc asked all the usual questions . . . and looked at his eyes  . . . and said all was well.

Way glad that his eyes were fine.

Then we went online and looked up Afrin side effects and lo and behold . . . dizziness – temporary loss of vision – vertigo . . . all the things he’d been experiencing.

He immediately quite taking Afrin and hasn’t had anything happen since.

I will definitely read the labels more carefully on all new meds anyone starts taking!

And I will also be more persistent with docs – we mentioned over and over to eye specialist guy that he had started taking Afrin (because he asked what was different) and he totally dismissed it.

So all is good with Dude and his eyes and his melon – except he’s a 15 year old boy who can’t think beyond the next 10 minutes . . . a side effect of being a teenage boy :-)

Coolest Mom Evah!

I’m gonna go ahead and say it . . . because Dude¬†is “thinking” it, but won’t say it.

One of his buddies got his permit the week before Dude did.

Dude was telling his buddy how he gets to drive everywhere and has been on the busy streets during lunch hour and on the interstate and has driven at night a few times and has driven to school in the morning.

Buddy was all like “My mom won’t even let me drive hardly at all. Barely down the driveway. And totally not on the interstate. She’s making me wait until I get my hours in with the instructor at Master Drive.”

Yesterday when I picked Dude up from baseball, I let him drive to the Sky Sox game (cars, traffic, event parking lot – OMG!). Buddy looked at me sitting in the passenger seat and mouthed “Good luck with that.”

I know what he really wanted to say was “You’re the coolest mom evah!”

At least that’s what I’ll tell myself ūüėČ

Dude is driving very well. Getting better. Still has issues with speed control (eh hem) in busy traffic and judging when to pull out in front of people. But overall, totally trust him to drive pretty much anywhere. Woot!