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Extra People In My House

What I Learned Over Spring Break Part IX – 03/25/10

I learned that . . .

. . . my Mom comes up with the best ideas!

. . . Dude couldn’t have received a better “gift” from Grandma than the promise of half a day of alone time.

. . . my Mom took Dude to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

. . . my Mom hadn’t been to a movie theater in over 25 years.

. . . Grandmas take their grandsons to Walmart and buy them a laser pointer and a movie after a trip to the movie theater.

. . . I will have the honor of watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop a bazillion times in 2010.

. . . Paul Blart: Mall Cop is actually pretty funny.

. . . Princess will sit quietly upstairs and work on Perler Beads while Dude and Grandma play Wii during the last hour of their special time.

. . . my Mom is not very good at video games.

. . . my Mom will play video games with her grandson for an hour if that’s what he chooses to do with his special time.

. . . Dude and Mom laughed a TON during their special time together.

. . . the minute special time is “up” Princess will be all over Grandma.

. . . my Mom loves to play games with the grandkids.

. . . there is always much laughing and giggling when grandma and the kids play games.

. . . Hubby makes AWESOME ribs in reduction sauce.

. . . it’s difficult not to eat too many ribs when Hubby is the cook.

. . . it’s very important that Grandma sits precisely between two grandchildren at meals.

. . . grandkids and Grandmas will go to bed too late when Grandma visits.

. . . I always go to bed too late when Mom visits.

. . . it’s easy to have Mom visiting.

. . . I love having my Mom visit.

Stay tuned to see what I learned in Part X of Spring Break!

Torturous Tuesday

Princess had a TERRIBLE time being stuck at the zoo with Grandma and Great Grandma! I have no idea how she survived the terrible ordeal :-)

Princess Grandma and Great Grandma


It’s been “unnormal” around here lately.

My last day of work was the 31st. I was the only one that didn’t cry when I left the office. That was kind of weird. I could care less about the office . . . or the job . . . or the company . . . I will miss the people terribly.

I drank way too much on NYE . . . actually, all of the women did – the dads ended up taking care of the kids and getting everything cleaned up and all the kids to bed. Oh, but it was a BLAST!

My parents are here to celebrate a late Christmas. It’s been great having them here. But having my Christmas stuff up for almost 2 months now is definitely NOT normal.

I’m officially unemployed since last Friday was not a company holiday. I, however, was planning to be on PTO until the 7th anyway, so to me it’s like nothing is different.

It’ll be different on Thursday the 8th . . . parents will be gone, hubby will be gone flying, and both kids will be in school. My first day as unemployed mommy. That will be weird for me. First time in 22 years I haven’t had at least one job.

I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of spam on my blog . . . one post in particular. For example, 600 spam comments on the post in 5 days. I’ll probably just delete the post.

I haven’t been in the mood to blog. I have tons I would like to blog about, but I’m just not motivated to do it.

I have about 30 pictures of this Christmas. That is absolutely totally unnormal for me!

Anyway – it’s unnormal around here, I need it to get “normal” – I need to find some kind of routine, starting
Thursday the 8th. I like order. I like things where they belong. I like routines. I like schedules and calendars. I need to get something going here.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, an awesome new year, and are looking forward to 2009 as much as I am!

More Fun With Grandma And Grandpa

We’re making the most of every minute . . . we’ve played board games and Disney Scene It!


We got out our Santa hats.


We decorated the Christmas tree.


We played so hard we fell asleep in the most comfortable place in the world.


We snuggled into bed with our favorite person in the world.


Then we got up and drove to The North Pole to see Santa!


We even touched the ever-frozen actual north pole!


We told Santa what we wanted for Christmas.


We rode a sky ride around the amusement park with Grandma.


We got Grandpa on the Tilt-A-Whirl.


And we kept riding that thing until our brains were mush . . . a total of 10 times!


More fun in store for later today and tomorrow! We’re celebrating Princess’s birthday tonight so she can open G’ma and G’pa’s gifts while they’re here. Tomorrow we’re having Hubby’s wonderful Turkey Day Dinner and then celebrating early Christmas with G’ma and G’pa. Fun fun fun!

Fun With Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike came yesterday – woo hoo!! Dude and Princess had a great time messing around with Grandpa last night, and today after I got home from work we went bowling then out for ice cream! Fun fun fun. We also decorated our Christmas tree . . . yes, it’s complete and ready to go with wrapped presents underneath and everything. Not sure what we’ve got planned for Tuesday, but it’s supposed to be nice outside, weo we’ll definitely enjoy our beautiful mountains :-) Off to beat the guys at canasta!