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2:00 AM Wakeup Call

So last night, or early this a.m. technically, the phone rings. Of course I BOLT out of bed because the phone never rings at 2:00 a.m. It’s a reverse 911 call . . . apparently some really nice guy from New Mexico kidnapped a woman and drove the 5 hours to my city . . . they found his car about 2 miles from my house. They consider him armed and dangerous, even though they haven’t found the guy yet.

So yay for the call . . . nice gesture. Not yay for the 2:00 a.m. part of it . . . the time on the recording? 11:04 p.m. Really, it took 3 hours for the computer to call my house? I would guess the phone system could call more than one number at a time. And even if it couldn’t, my last name starts with B, so I’m near the beginning. I feel for the Zeldingers of the world; they’ll probably get a call around 3:00 TONIGHT!

Of course we got an email from school saying they’re on a category 1 controlled lockdown . . . meaning none of the kids can go outside unless accompanied by their parent or to get on/off a bus today. Needless to say, Dude stayed in the car at the bus stop until the bus came (it was raining anyway) and I’ll be bolting out of work early today to get home before the bus so he doesn’t have to walk home with some freak on the loose!