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Weekend Review

Yup – Halloween weekend was a blast once again :-) For the first time in 8 years, we didn’t have one drop of snow, and not one kid had to wear a snow hat or mittens. Seriously – it was amazing! It felt like June instead of the end of October. It. Was. Awesome!

Hangin’ with friends afterward was the best part . . . the kids play so well together DOWNSTAIRS and the adults get to hang out and have a drink and some laughs.

Saturday we got up (not early) and headed to the golf course for a couples scramble with some friends. They’re our golfing buddies :-) We had a great time! The weather was perfect again . . . and my new best friend made an appearance! My new driver – all $30 of her – kicked. ASS! I love my new driver! I even got some pictures taken with my new best friend, but was too lazy on Sunday to download any of them off the camera. Which is also why I have no pictures of my adorable Halloween Clad children to post. Oh, and why was I too lazy on Sunday? Because Saturday night we went to the neighbor’s house for an adult Halloween party. Oh. My. GAWD! These people are hilarious! Michael Phelps in the year 2012 showed up. And I just have to say . . . it takes guts to show up in nothing but a shower cap, spandex bike shorts, and bubba teeth! Oh, and it takes even more guts (i.e. alcohol) to sing I Like Big Butts on the karaoke machine while dressed as Michael Phelps! Just sayin’. But seriously, the costumes were awesome, the food was great, and the beer was excellent! Neighbor brews his own and does a damn good job of it. And of course, since we had to only walk about 10 yards from their door to ours, well, we may have overindulged a bit. Therefore, the lazy Sunday.

Sunday wasn’t a TOTAL bust. I mean, I was up early and headed downstairs to scrapbook (no, I don’t know why I was up early and decided scrapbooking with a slight hangover was a good idea). Dude got up and came to help me since I was working on his album. Then it was in to town! Took our boards in to get ’em waxed and got boots, skis, bindings, and a new helmet for Princess. We do the junior trade program, so everything is used, which means she gets what FITS, not what she WANTS. I thought she was going to have a meltdown because OMG those skis are BOY colored and so are the boots OMG I can’t possibly wear those! Luckily, they had a pair of red boots that fit perfectly. And, hidden amongst all the other BOY colored skis were some red and white ones. Granted, they were NOT the $180 lady bug skis she wanted (HA!), but they WERE red and white, which meant they matched the skis, and well, we all know how important it is to match! Even if your helmet is pink, your jacket is 2 shades of purple, your snowpants are pink, and your gloves are yellow. All that matters is that your boots match your skis :-) But then the real tragedy occurred . . . she realized we couldn’t take her new skis and boats home with us. They had to keep them there to set the bindings blah blah blah. Oh. My. God. Her world almost stopped spinning! Thankfully we had bought the helmet, so she got to take that home with her – whew! Sleep-deprived 5 3/4 year old Princess was on the verge of a meltdown!

Anyway – crisis averted. All boards and boots and skis to be picked up on the 11th so we’re ready to hit the slopes for the first year ever! Yup – I guess when we decide to do something, we do it all the way.

How about you? How was your weekend?

I Broke My Driver

Well, golf was a lot of fun! It was chilly and windy (about 45 degrees!), but we had a great time. AND, I broke my driver. I’d like to be able to tell you that I hit the ball so hard and so far that I broke it  . . . but really, that’s not what happened. I just hit a rather average drive and suddenly my driver had a rattle in it. Something inside broke and is rattling around in the head of the club. I’d also like to tell you that I’m such a good golfer that my game was terribly ruined by this event. Sadly, that’s not the case. I hit my 3 wood as well as I was hitting my driver. I can also hit my pitching wedge as far as my 7 iron . . . see how good I am 😉

So now I have to decide if I want to try to find an end-of-season driver on sale or just go without one. There has to be a great deal out there right now, doesn’t there? And, the last tournament of the season is coming up on November 1st – I can’t hardly play without a driver! Or CAN I?! I think that’s a built in excuse for sucking right there!

Hmmmmm . . . I must now go contemplate my future with or without a driver . . . and also vote. Need to get that ballot filled out and in the mail. I think I’ll need a beer or two while I do that, though.

Public Service Announcement

A public service announcement from the beautiful Rockies . . .

Common Mom had Chipotle for lunch yesterday. Her hubby picked her up at work and bought her lunch. She said it was “yummo!!!”

In related news, Common Mom must work off all of those burrito calories and has decided to spend her day off at the golf course. It’s a bit chilly here in the Rockies, but she thinks she can suffer through it.

This concludes out public service announcement for today, Wednesday, October 15, 2008.

We now return you to your regulary scheduled programming.

Amusement Parks and BBQs and Golf, OH MY!

We certainly didn’t waste a minute this weekend!!! We started off Saturday with a bang by meeting a couple other families at a small amusement park in the mountains. It’s called Santa’s Workshop and is obviously Christmas themed. Santa is available year ’round for the kids to tell him what they want! There’s even a post office, so you can send mail postmarked The North Pole :-)

Here are the kids at the North Pole – this pole is frozen year ’round.


Princess and I took a spin, literally, on the airplane ride. You can steer yourself completely sideways on this thing! It’s kinda freaky!


N and Dude on the Candy Cane Rollercoaster. This is amazing because Dude has decided he does not like fast rides or rides that spin. For him to decide he wanted to go on the rollercoaster was huge! He and N stayed on there 4 times in a row! I was way excited because I really wanted him to get on a rollercoaster before we get to Disneyworld later this year.


Princess and I had to take a couple spins on the coaster as well.


J, Princess, and Ia took a spin in the police car. Princess is usually the only girl. It seems that none of our friends are capable of producing a girl! But she loves it – she fits in great, and the boys are really nice to her.


Especially J – who has to “take care of her” even though she could probably kick his butt if she wanted to 😉 Is this a glimpse into her future???


Dude and Hubby enjoy the chairlift skyride around the park. They look really low in this picture, but they’re actually really high. There’s a point in the ride where you 180 and double back, so I got this picture.

In addition to all of those rides, Princess kept me VERY busy! Hubby doesn’t really like spinning rides, so I get the honors . . . which is fine with me cuz I like ’em. We took one trip on the bobsled, 9 trips on the Tilt-A-Whirl (which is Princess’s favorite ride!), and about 6 spins on the Scrambler along with all the other rides. Now I understand why my parents always refused to go on the spinny rides! My brain was MUSH after all that . . . and doing it at 8000 feet in altitude doesn’t help at all 😉

Princess had been invited to a birthday party Saturday afternoon, so Hubby and Dude dropped us off at the party after the amusement park. She spent the next 2 1/2 hours jumping and diving and hanging and running around at a trampoline party. Needless, to say, she was d-o-n-e DONE at the end of all that! Not even a huge piece of suger-filled cake could keep her awake. She was convinced that the “things” in her goody bag were tattoos, but it turned out they were stickers. That, of course, did not prevent her from putting them all over her arms and hands. And she INSISTED that she sleep in them . . . she wanted to leave them on until school on Tuesday, but I told her she needed to take a bath before then for sure.


Sunday morning was Duma’s morning. She and I walked the mile to the park and worked on some training on the way and while we were there. I was so proud of her! I was throwing the ball with her off the leash and she totally ignored a golden retriever that was roaming around the park. If I told her to come, she would come without a second thought – very difficult for a 9 month old lab for sure! After we did a lot of training work, we walked up to the pond and she got to play around a bit. I take the 20 foot leash for that because I don’t trust her totally yet. And for a lab, she’s a huge chicken! If her feet aren’t touching she turns back immediately – doesn’t like to swim! She’s a great swimmer, but she doesn’t like to – NOT normal for a lab. But she does love splashing around in the water.


She also thought it would be fun to dig in the mud and pull some of the reeds out of the water. This is an “early” photo before she really got muddy :-) I let her hang out in the water for quite a while to clean off a bit before we headed back home.


Sunday afternoon we got to go to a friend’s house for homemade ice cream and a BBQ. YUMMY! The same families that went to the amusement park were there, and we had a BLAST! All 6 kids play so well together, which gives us adults time to just hang out and relax.

Monday rolled around and we were up bright and early for the babysitter that was arriving at 7:15 a.m. She was so nice to agree to get up early on the Holiday and watch the 4 kids while we played in a golf tournament. We didn’t win, but the 4 of us shot a 65 in the bestball tournament. Our team handicap is 11 (The guy on the right is as close to a scratch golfer as you can get . . . the other 3 of us have at least a 30 handicap).

Pretty good looking group if you ask me! I think we should have won just because we coordinated our team uniform :-)

And in between all that fun? We did 8 loads of laundry, finished cleaning out the office closet, winterized the camper, and bought a new Toyota Highlander 😉 I MIGHT show a picture of my new baby one of these days!

How about you? What fun did you have for the holiday weekend?


A bad day on the course is better than a good day in the office :-)

We made it. It was loads of fun!!! Summer is here…